A Glimpse Of Lace – Chp 4 – Walking Boots and Bad Influences

It was over an hour before they were finally outside and as predicted, the weather had moved in filling the air with a fine drizzle. Neville had taken this into account, wearing his walking boots and waterproofs. Hannah, on the other hand, hadn’t. “Are we going to be out here long, Nev?” She asked as... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 28 – Arguments

Ron looked down at his clipboard again, as he counted the stock out onto the shelves. It was like this every evening with little sign of it slowing down. He smiled to himself. He preferred this to being an Auror, any day! Yes, it could be monotonous, and yes, it could be busy and crowded... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 22 Gala

Authors note - I wanted to do something a little bit different. The writing prompt was 'Gala', and with the Met Gala having only just happened it occurred to me that, most of the fun is watching what some of the people are wearing and how wonderful (and sometimes crazy) the people look. I'll include... Continue Reading →

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