A Glimpse Of Lace – Chp 5 – Priorities

He collapsed into the chair next to Hermione and winced as his back twinged. The walk back with Hannah had created aches all along his side where he stooped to carry her. “You look awful, Nev!” Ginny said as she looked up from her homework. “Yes, Neville, you look very soggy,” Luna confirmed as she... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 22 Gala

Authors note - I wanted to do something a little bit different. The writing prompt was 'Gala', and with the Met Gala having only just happened it occurred to me that, most of the fun is watching what some of the people are wearing and how wonderful (and sometimes crazy) the people look. I'll include... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 17 Hugs

Luna was a hugger. It was a well-known fact. Every kind of hug was a new experience which she collected. Jump hugs, surprise hugs and backwards hugs being just some of her favourites. Luna wasn’t fussy who she hugged either. If she was at the burrow with the rest of her extended and adopted family,... Continue Reading →

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