A Glimpse of Lace – Chp 3 – Lipstick Smudges in the Dark

He shuddered as pleasure flooded his veins, and heat surrounded his throbbing cock. He didn’t question it when he felt a tongue swirl around the head. He bucked against the bed as the heat surrounded him. Images of dark red lipstick pressing against the base of his length filled his mind as he tried to... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 15 – Walking Together

“Moony!” James called. The sandy-haired boy paused, looking up from his book, a slightly startled look on his face. “Wotcha doin’?” Sirius asked coyly as he bent down to read the book cover from underneath. Remus laughed as he lifted his book to see Sirius. “I was trying to catch up on all the homework... Continue Reading →

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