A Glimpse of Lace – Chp 11 – 20

Chapter 11 – Through the Portrait Hole It went on for the rest of the day, and Neville decided that he really didn’t like Thursdays. A double period of Charms, followed by a double period of Runes was enough to drive anyone to despair. Stephen continued to mutter lewd and spiteful comments during Charms and... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. Sorry about that, hopefully will post more often in the new year! I'm currently out of commission with a suspected chest infection and general disgusting malady. In the mean time, I hope anyone celebrating had a lovely Christmas/Yule etc and those not, I hope you... Continue Reading →

Drowning in mid-air

Tears, always close to the surface; Easy to scratch like wet paint. My chest, hollow and echoing with the void, The space waiting to be filled. A oxygen-filled suffocation; Like drowning in mid-air. Just try not to think! Try not to dwell! Try not to be selfish! Don’t dare ask for more. Egg shells everywhere;... Continue Reading →

Holding hands with the sky

I've just found some of my old poems so I thought I would share them. Enjoy. Swooping past, high, over head Her darkened beak doth point the way Her wings outstretched and there she's lead The Gods hold her hands, so she doth not stray You see their fingers within her feathers As they spray... Continue Reading →

Elementally my dear Watson…

I know it's been a few days since my last confession/post but I've been trying to work on my novel to move the story along as I've not been able to get that much done to it recently. I hit 65,000 words recently which was a goal of mine and I'm very happy with the direction... Continue Reading →


Just a quick post tonight because it is late and I've not been getting enough sleep lately... Just wanted to highlight some really interesting posts that I've discovered on Pinterest recently. I love it when you are randomly reading something and its like something waves at you and goes "Hello, I think we're going to... Continue Reading →

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