A Glimpse of Lace – Chp 3 – Lipstick Smudges in the Dark

He shuddered as pleasure flooded his veins, and heat surrounded his throbbing cock. He didn’t question it when he felt a tongue swirl around the head. He bucked against the bed as the heat surrounded him. Images of dark red lipstick pressing against the base of his length filled his mind as he tried to gain friction. None was forthcoming, and he grunted in frustration.

The mouth sucked and continued to tease him into insanity. He felt his heart and breath speed up as the pleasure began to build. He tried to push his hands into the dark hair, but his hands met empty air. He gasped as a final swish of tongue pushed him over the point of no return. He opened his eyes and panicked as the orgasm wracked his waking body.

Pleasure overwhelmed him as he lay quivering, tangled in his bed covers. He blinked against dawn light glittering through his curtains as he grimaced in embarrassment. Neville grunted as he reached for his wand and quietly cast a cleansing charm on his boxer shorts. Once clean, he fell back into the bed and stared at the virtually pitch ceiling as he lay in the afterglow. For the third time in a week, he’d dreamt the same dream, each time it resulted in him coming in his boxers.

The thought of her wine coloured lipstick smudged against the glossy skin of his cock made it twitch in appreciation as he bit his lip against the image. He rolled over and contemplated going back to sleep. He decided against it. It was the weekend, and that meant he could go and collect wild plants for his thesis. And he might actually get some time alone to himself.

He silently pushed the curtains to the side as he stepped out onto the stone floor. He missed the warm wooden floor of the Gryffindor tower, but he understood that those dorms were now needed for the new first years. The sounds of snores filled the air as he tried to make out the beds in the dark.

As the first-ever eighth year at Hogwarts, they had been integrated into one large house. And with one house came one large dorm for them all to share. The dorm itself was doughnut-shaped with the stairwell in the centre.

Once the battle flames had died away, and thoughts turned to repairs, a tower had been erected and named Lumos tower in honour of those fallen to the dark lord.

The dorms took up the uppermost three floors. Girls had the run of the top level, the common room-the bottom-most, and then sandwiched between the two, was the boy’s dorm. House points were now irrelevant as house identity had been removed. Their uniforms were now only black and white with a thin, mauve thread running through it.

Neville crept out when he heard a sharp gasp. He froze and turned to find the noise coming from Terry Boot’s bed. Most of them now suffered from nightmares, whether they had fought in the war or not. Neville waited for Terry to quieten again before he proceeded to get dressed. He grabbed his herbology things and pushed out into the brightly lit stairwell. He squinted at the lights as he began the climb down the stairs.

He stretched and groaned as he met the common room lights. His muscles beginning to cramp after his dream. He grabbed his coat and started down when he heard a voice behind him.

“Morning, Nev,” he groaned inwardly and tried to hide his disappointment as he turned.

“Morning, Han. Sleep well?”

She smiled, and his irritation eased a bit.

“Yeah, not too bad. The wind howled quite a bit last night, sounded like the shutters were going to come right off the windows. Then the rain changed direction, and we were sure that if the windows hadn’t been magical, then they would have smashed. Kept quiet a few of us up last night. It really did howl and groan! Did you hear it? Then again, the boy’s dorm is a bit lower, isn’t it? Probably didn’t hit you as fiercely. You look tired, did it keep you up?”

His irritation was back as was his guilt as he waited for her to finish. He nodded as his eyes skimmer her pale hair and thin pink lips and knew with certainty that it hadn’t been her lips that he’d been dreaming of.

“No, we were fine.” He said simply as he turned to go.

“Where are you going?” She asked as she stood from her chair, her long pale nightie rubbing her ankles.

“I need to collect some things for my herbology thesis and thought I’d go now.” He cringed inwardly as he knew what her reply would be.

“You should have let me know, you never give me time to get ready. Silly sausage! Let me go get dressed.”

“You don’t need to come,” he offered, but he already knew it was too late. His plans at having some time alone were gone.

“Yes, I do. I’ll be right back.” She kissed his cheek as she brushed past him towards the stairs. Now alone in the common room, he groaned as he threw himself onto one of the tattered old chairs.

The longer they dated, the less time he had to himself. She wanted to be attached to him wherever he went, which in turn meant he had to follow her to do her activities too. He rubbed his face as he contemplated just running out without her. It’s not like she would enjoy herself.

He heard someone yawn and glanced at the stairwell. He groaned inwardly but not in irritation. Pansy gracefully descended, her long pale legs contrasting with the dark grey silk robe she wore. She hadn’t tied it tightly meaning that Neville could see the taught lace triangles of material. The transparent material did nothing to hide the dark circles of delicate skin beneath. The shorts were a similar story; however, at least they were semi-opaque where it counted.

He listened as her feet padded against the stone floor and wondered why she was up. She walked right passed him, and he realised she was heading for the coffee pot. She was out of view now, but he could hear the swish of material and the trickle of liquid before she passed him again and sat down.

He felt guilty as he watched her gracefully cross her legs and sip at the coffee as she stared outside. He cleared his throat.

She turned, surprise etched into her features. Her plump, pink mouth parted and her dark eyebrows raised in perfect arches. Her ordinarily perfect hair stuck out in all directions. She looked like a centre-page spread in an adult magazine.

Her surprise was short-lived as she smirked before taking another sip of coffee.

“Good morning, Longbottom,” She said calmly.

“Morning, Parkinson.” He replied, relieved that his voice didn’t quiver.

“Sleep well?” She asked, and for a split moment, he wondered if she knew.

“Very well,” he replied, “and you?” He asked, wondering if she would give the game away.

“Better than expected.” She smirked before sipping her coffee again. “Are you waiting for Hannah?” She asked, leaning forward to put her coffee cup down, allowing her robe to gape. He swallowed audibly.

“Erm, yeah. She wanted to come with me to collect plants,” Pansy nodded.

“You’ll be waiting a while, she was just jumping in the showers when I came down,” she raised her arms above her head and stretched, again the triangles of transparent lace appeared. He saw the two nubs pressing against the material and swallowed again. He wondered whether she would taste as good as she looked. She moaned into the stretch, and the sound vibrated straight to his cock. She sounded like melted dark chocolate and fire whiskey and everything decadent in the world.

He sat up, hoping to readjust himself without Pansy noticing. He had already started to grow hard at the mere sight of her. He clenched his teeth together as he tried to remember what they had been talking about. Hannah, they had been discussing Hannah.

“I’ll wait and hope she’s not too long,” Neville replied as he tore his eyes away. Pansy leant forward and retrieved her cup before sipping it and throwing her legs over the arm of the sofa. His eyes glanced to hers, and she smiled as if she knew the exact reaction she had on him. After a long stretch of silence, Neville decided that perhaps coffee was a good idea after all.

He stood and poured himself a cup as he felt her eyes on him. He looked out of the window and watched as the clouds rolled closer. It was going to rain soon, and he was going to get caught in it if Hannah didn’t hurry. A noise caught his attention as he turned. Pansy stood up languidly, like a cat as she left her cup on the coffee table. She prowled forward stopping right in front of him. He had never realised how tall she was before, but now as he looked down, and saw her lips, he knew that she was the perfect height for him to kiss. She looked up, allowing him a full sight of her chest and midriff.

“If I were you, I’d go out and come back. It’s important to let a partner breathe in a relationship. Too much time together stifles the flame.” Neville looked up into those smokey grey eye and felt so spellbound, he wondered if she hadn’t put something in the food. He’d never noted the fine dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose before.

“But then again, if you were mine, I wouldn’t want to leave you alone either.” She shrugged with a tilt of her head as her eyes raked over his chest and lower. “Oh well, I’d better get dressed, it would be terrible if any of the boys saw me in my nightclothes,” she winked and smirked before turning to leave.

He watched as she stalked away and felt the blood leave his face in search of lower places. Sweet mother of Merlin she was certainly brazen and knew exactly what buttons to press. He tried to think calm thoughts but knew that he’d better get used to this sensation in his trousers as something told him she was going to make him suffer exquisitely as the months progressed.

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