A Glimpse of Lace – Chp 2 – Black Lace and White Cotton Shirts

He loved the smell of Hannah’s hair, like calendula and geraniums. He loved the sound of her laugh when he said something intentionally funny. He absolutely adored her smile, it lit up the room.

Neville smiled at her as she turned to smile at him. Her attention, momentarily drawn from the books in her lap. She kissed his cheek before looking down again. He sighed happily as he looked out across the courtyard.

The sun poured down in golden ribbons as it filtered through the tree. Others shared the space as they relaxed between lessons, stretched out, and enjoying the last days of summer before autumn rolled in. Neville wished he could remove his robes but was enjoying the feeling of Hannah pressed against his side.

A sharp bark of a laugh erupted from the other side of the courtyard catching his attention. His eyes found a small group of Slytherins basking in the sun like the snakes they were. Theo sat hunched over, his dark eyes creased in laughter while Blaise looked on with a small smirk on his face.

Neville’s eyes spotted Pansy, and he felt his mouth suddenly dry up. Her black hair glinted blue in the sun as she lay outstretched on the grass. Her long, extended legs, crossed gracefully at the ankle. Once again, a hint of stocking poked out from under her short skirt. But that wasn’t the first thing to catch his eye.

Her bright white school shirt gaped as her bent elbows propped her up. Two tiny nubs fought against the tight cotton as her breasts squeezed for escape. He caught a glance of black lace from between the gaping buttons, and he swallowed.

He blushed furiously as they met eyes again. She shifted and popped the top button of her shirt, highlighting the soft curve of her small breasts. She kept eye contact with him as she flipped her hair back then, with languid grace, she closed her eyes and extended her neck to face the sun.

The exposed throat and the sensual curve of her parted lips looked so sinful and seductive that Neville forced himself to look away. He pressed his face into Hannah’s hair and closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. He felt so conflicted as his wants warred within him.

He adored Hannah. They had so many things in common. They finished each other’s sentences, but as much as he loved her as a person, and as much as he hated himself for thinking it, he felt bored.

He kissed her head before she could notice anything was amiss. He felt that before the war, had he gathered the courage to ask her out, he would have gone on to marry her and live happily ever after. But so many things had changed. He wasn’t the same person he was before, and he never would be again.

In the gaps between the love and respect he held for her, he felt a yearning for something less vanilla, something more dangerous. His eyes darted back to the Slytherin princess, and he clenched his teeth with want. Dark thoughts flooded his mind of what he wanted to do. He wanted to mark that pale neck as he ran his hands over those nubs.

He wondered what noises she would make-No! This was cheating and wrong. He stood up and was thankful for his robes, knowing that his want would be noticeable without them. Hannah looked up at him, her brown eyes warm and curious. He felt dirty and wrong.

“You alright, Nev?“ she asked, placing her finger in the book before letting it close.

Neville nodded nervously, “Yeah, I’m getting too hot out here. I’ve also got to finish my transfiguration essay.”

Hannah went to follow, but Neville held up his hands. He needed some time alone.
“It’s alright. I want to grab a shower. I’ll see you at lunch?” He asked. She smiled and nodded, going back to her book.

“See you later,” he tried to smile back as he threw his bag into his shoulder. He turned and walked away, passing the Slytherins as he went.

“Need help finding your toad, Longbottom?” Pansy asked smoothly. Neville didn’t reply as he tried to abstain from glancing down the long ‘V’ of her shirt.

Translucent lace met his eyes before he rushed on, determined not to look again.
Not again, he shouldn’t do it again. He couldn’t do it again. The throbbing need under his robes promised otherwise.

Accio Chapter 3

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