A Glimpse of Lace – Chp 1 – Something Wicked

It was something about the way her short skirt swished against her rounded bottom that always seemed to draw his eye, not that he tried to look. He knew it wasn’t the gentlemanly thing to do, ogle girls, but Merlin! She didn’t make it easy. The skirt was so much shorter than it should’ve been. He was surprised that McGonagall hadn’t given her detention yet.

He drew his eyes away again. He consciously tried not to look, not only was it impolite but it also wasn’t fair. He was going out with Hannah, so why he needed to ogle Pansy, of all people, he wasn’t sure.

He kept his eyes turned as he watched her in his peripheral vision. He watched as she stood, her head turned to talk to a couple of the other Slytherin girls. She began to walk away, laughing before she paused by him to throw a retort back at them.

The smell of black cherries and violets filled his space, and he tried not to inhale as she turned. He glanced up at her as Pansy looked down at him. Their eyes lingered for a moment before Pansy smirked at him. Without a word, she walked off, her skirt swishing against the satin smokiness of her thighs. Was that the tops of her stockings he could see? Sweet mother of Merlin! He felt his neck burn as he looked back down at his book. Wanting to hide, he pretended to read, but his eyes skimmed over the words without reading them. The Slytherin girls giggled again as Neville rubbed his neck in a bid to get rid of the heat creeping up his face.

He decided that there was something wicked about the full curve of her mouth too, something that promised sinful delights. He closed his eyes as he tried to order his thoughts. He was dating Hannah. He wanted to be with Hannah! He didn’t fancy Pansy at all. He did not want to do all manner of things with the Slytherin. He certainly didn’t want to have lipstick stains in random places either.
He really tried to believe it, as his eyes continued to skim the same line.

Accio Chapter 2

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