All the Wrong Choices (Chp 37 – The Quibbler)

It’s hard to go anywhere or do anything without hearing the name “Harry Potter!” Even 15 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the boy-who-lived-twice is hounded by photographers and the press. Fame from a young comes with a price that Harry Potter knows all too well. From misinformation and smear campaigns, being made into a figurehead for the Ministry and finally being named “Undesirable No1”. That’s is a lot for any teenager to cope with! The Man-who-survived is here with us today to discuss a few things close to his heart. From his split with wife, Ginevra Weasley to rumours of relations with death eaters, Harry tells all.

Harry is an unassuming wizard, but his emerald eyes tell a different story, their ever-wary gaze lingers even in the presence of friends. You would half expect a wizard such as he to be arrogant and egotistical however Harry is the antithesis of all that. We asked him why he chose to do an interview with the Quibbler as he usually shy’s away from all publicity.

“Well, as most people know, I’ve never really seen eye to eye with the Prophet since the Triwizard cup competition. Not naming names, but certain journalists thrived on writing untruths and rumours about me which were hard to dispel and, albeit, the Prophet is no longer run by the same people, I still find it to be an inaccurate source of news. The Quibbler has always struck me as a news outlet that tries its hardest to inform its readers without using discriminatory or defamatory language, nor does it rely on tragic sensationalism to sell its copies regardless of how… interesting its articles are.

Harry smirks at this, Harry and I have enjoyed ongoing conversations about the sort of articles that are usually printed, but that is a conversation for another time. As we laugh and chat, it’s clear to see that his guard is still in place and he only let’s slip what he wants to. Today dressed in a dark t-shirt and jeans, he still looks similar to the boy from school, however, the beard and wrinkles are newer.

He laughs when I point this out, saying that the grey hairs have been coming in for a while. His face sobers for a moment before he pushes on, this is clearly a man who has something on his chest and wrackspurts in his head.


“I wanted to talk about Ginny and myself, put some of the rumours to bed as it were” He takes a deep breath before he plunges in. “Ginny and I had been unhappy for a while. It wasn’t obvious at first, it crept in slowly and soon we were falling apart from within. We fell into our relationship after the war and I think it was a safety blanket for both of us. There had been so much upheaval that we both just wanted a calm and familiar sanctuary. Do I think we rushed into things? Yeah, a little bit. I can’t speak for Ginny, But I personally feel that I was never able to get to know myself. There were always expectations of the sort of person I was supposed to be and who I should end up with. The plan, as everyone else saw it, was to get together, settle down and start a family. That has certainly never been Ginny’s wish, not in the early days anyway. Her career has always been very important to her and children would have gotten in the way. As I grew into myself more, I realised it wasn’t my wish either. We decided to divorce which we finalised at Christmas.”

He pauses, a look of sadness passing over his features. We break for a few moments as he sips his water. He smiles ruefully before speaking again.

“We’re still friends, and she is still very dear to me, but we just aren’t who we each need, and we need to find those who are. I am sorry that she wasn’t the one, but these things happen.”

We gently ask about the recent reports in the prophet. He shakes his head but not as though he is dismissing the article.

“Draco Malfoy had absolutely nothing to do with what happened with Ginny and me. He was in Romania at the Dragon Sanctuary. I had almost forgotten all about him until we bumped into each other at a school reunion.”

He runs his hand through his hair, the scars of war visible at his collarbone. We ask about the other photos and we see his jaw clench in annoyance.

“Those photos are fake, completely and utterly fake. Other than that, there isn’t much to tell. Apparently, the other man is someone who I worked with at the hospital, however, I don’t think our paths had ever really crossed before or since.”

We ask whether a few brows were raised at being faced with his sudden interest in men. He just nods before taking another swig of his water.

“It certainly caused a lot of trouble, that’s for sure. I have recently been questioning a lot about myself. As I said before, I didn’t get the opportunity to discover myself as most kids are able. As most of my childhood was dedicated and, well, groomed to defeat Voldemort. There was never much time to find out what or who I liked or to really analyse what certain feelings and emotions could mean. I always assumed that I was straight because I didn’t really understand or know that there were other options – not for me. I mean, who’s ever heard of a gay hero?”

He cringes when he uses the phrase and it’s clear just how uncomfortable his own fame makes him.

“But when I ran into Draco Malfoy at the reunion, all the school rivalries and teasing and bullying, it suddenly all made sense. I realised that, perhaps, I needed to start looking at what I really wanted and not what is expected. I acknowledge that I may make all the wrong choices, but they are my mistakes to make.”

Artwork by Mad1492
“Harry Potter 13/10/1999” image by Mad1492

A slight smile comes to his face at this point and he scratches absently at his ‘I-must-not-tell-lies’ scar on his hand.

“So I guess you could say that yes, I am romantically involved with Draco Malfoy.”

He pauses again and it’s clear that he is waiting for some sort of reaction before continuing.

“Or at least I was. Things were going really well, however, the photos and report from the prophet have complicated things somewhat. They’ve shaken his trust in me and currently, we have parted ways.”

The pain in his face is visible, even as he tries to reign it in. We ask him to clarify.

“He left, the only information I have is that he is away on business however he is refusing my owls.”

Harry’s unhappiness is palpable within the small studio. We ask what he is hoping for. He smiles sheepishly as he looks up.

“I really want him in my life, I want to show him that his trust hasn’t been broken. Without meaning to get too sentimental, He makes me very happy. I feel as unsteady as a second-year schoolgirl when I’m around him. I hope that I at least get the opportunity to explain and for him to hear what I have to say. I just want to have the opportunity to get to know him and enjoy whatever this could turn into. I don’t think that is too much to ask.”

We nod, feeling that his request is a reasonable one. However, we do wonder about his past and how that could affect their relationship moving forward.

“What about his past?” He asked, his face now set into a determined frown.

“He was seventeen when he became a ‘death eater’ and has never killed anyone. How many people can go back to their teens and say that they never made mistakes? How many people can honestly say that if their families were threatened, they wouldn’t have done the same or worse?”

He shakes his head

“I saw a lot of people do a lot of things that they wouldn’t normally do, [during the war,] however they don’t have to live with the same persecution as Draco. I bet the same people reading this, shaking their heads don’t realise that it was his wand that I used to destroy Voldemort and that he threw it to me as I narrowly escaped death. Nor do they probably realise that he could have handed me over to the dark lord when we were captured by snatchers. This man has shown time and time again that to make mistakes is human but to learn from them and rise above is heroic.”

The admiration in his face is obvious as he remembers back to the war. He looks like he has more to add as he takes another sip of water.

“I just really wanted to do this article to publicise Draco’s good qualities and also just to let him know how much he means to me.”

He laughs quietly for a moment,

“And for anyone wondering, I have been able to fight off the imperious curse since school.”

After hearing this heartfelt confession, we must admit that it looks like the man-who-survived now wants to live, love and move on in his own direction. We steer away from the topic of love now as we look at careers. Harry entered into the Auror training program instead of returning to school, a decision many felt was unwise, however, the Auror life was not for Harry. Too much time surrounded by death had taken it’s tole and Harry was all but burned out. He retired to an office job in St Mungos. A career that Harry himself admits was a dead end job for him.

“It was never my intent to stay in the job for so long. The people were great, and the job was simple which was exactly what I was looking for at the time. Whilst there I had toyed with a few different career ideas however it seemed like it was too late to jump into something new.”

Harry smiles at this, as he sips his water again, we ask him what he intends to do from here.

“I’m going back to school and finally doing my 7th year and see what that takes me. I’ll see what scores I get and go from there”

interview Harry1

Sounds intriguing! Harry has promised to keep us up to date in the future and we at the Quibbler will, of course, publish his scores, with Harry’s permission! Life has not been kind for this wizard, whatever the future holds, we think that this may be a very different and hopefully happier Harry Potter in years to come.


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