30 Days of… Day 25 – Sex in a weird place.

A loud cheer went up as Ron walked over followed by a floating tray of drinks. They were once again sat in the three broomsticks all laughing and jeering at each other as someone else spun the bottle in the centre of the table. Ron cast a glance around the room and noted how empty it had become. The nights were noticeably shorter now that midsummer had been and gone. Students were due back to their dorms soon. Once they returned, these visits would have to relocate. Ron sighed, knowing that it would probably be their house that everyone relocated to, their garden was the best for barbeques, after all.

He levitated everyone’s drink to them in turn before sitting down on the stool next to Hermione. It was weird how everyone had coupled up in their group. Dean and Seamus had been a thing throughout school, so it was no wonder that they had remained together. Ginny and Harry were a surprise. Once the war had finished, he’d bet George that Ginny and Harry would get back together and start a family. Nowhere in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Harry would come out as Bisexual, and expected it even less when his sister started dating Luna, of all people. Looking at them now, sat together between Draco and Luna, he honestly couldn’t imagine them together.

It had taken him a long time to warm to Draco but he wasn’t so bad. They still had a rivalry going when it came to chess though. Ron smiled smugly for a moment when he remembered he was winning so far.

Another surprise had been Neville and Pansy but watching them cuddling and laughing, completely at ease with each other, they looked made for each other. Ron turned and smiled at Hermione who squeezed his hand before turning back to the group. Ron took a swig of his butterbeer as he jumped back into the conversation.

“So what is the thing that most people think is true but isn’t?” Neville spun the bottle. They all held their breath as it slowly came to a stop in front of Draco. He groaned as the rest of them laughed. Harry looked at him with interest as if his answer could be something he didn’t already know.

“What a question! Erm…” He paused as he pondered the question, his eyes looking at the ceiling. He smiled suddenly, looking at Harry. “Well, according to the Daily Prophet, I have been having an affair with Rolf Scamander since last year when we met at the Ministry fundraiser.”

“That was rubbish Malfoy!” Seamus jeered. “We all know that you would never cheat on Harry. He’d have your balls as earrings” They all laughed. Draco shrugged before kissing Harry on the cheek and leaning forward to spin the bottle again.

“I don’t think they would go with my outfit” Harry added with a smile, causing them all the laugh again.

“So, what is the grossest thing you’ve ever had in your mouth?” Draco smirked as he spun the bottle again.

The group snorted and shook their heads as they watched the bottle slow. It landed in front of Pansy causing the group to explode into fits of laughter. She turned scarlet as she sheepishly looked at Neville and grinned cheekily. Neville chuckled too as she pulled away from under his arm to reach the bottle.

“I once had a Berty Botts every flavoured bean, which I’m sure was rotting meat flavour, put me off meat for almost all of 3rd year” They laughed, the double entendre clear.

“Is that why? I thought you were going through a vegetarian phase,” Draco nodded. She nodded as she pulled a disgusted face. She leant forward as she pondered her own question.

“Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?” She asked as she sent the bottle spinning. Ron smirked as he watched the bottle. They had long since given up doing dares as almost no one around the table was nervous about doing them. It lost the appeal when the stakes were so low. Truths were much more entertaining.

The bottle began to slow as Ron took another swig. It finally stopped in front of Ginny. She smirked as she glanced at Luna. Luna’s dazed face seemed to get a bit pinker as she smiled back.

“On a broomstick” She went to reach for the bottle but they all stopped her. Incredulity on their faces.

“How is that even possible?” Neville asked

“How high up?” Draco asked, his eyebrows raised, impressed.

“Details!” Pansy asked eagerly.

Ron narrowed his eyes and looked at Harry. Harry smirked and raised his hands in surrender.

“Don’t look at me!” Ginny snorted as she opened her mouth to answer.

“About 30 metres up and yes, it’s possible, as long as you’re both flexible” Ginny grinned as she reached for the bottle again. She glanced to Luna again who remained suspiciously quiet.

“Luna!” Hermione gasped in mock shock.

They all laughed as they waited for Ginny to think up her question.

“What would you do if you were the opposite gender for the day?” she smiled as she spun the bottle.

The bottle landed on Hermione this time and she rolled her eyes.

“I’d tell most of the men I work with, the exact same things that I tell them normally and would enjoy them just taking it at face value instead of questioning me about it! I’d get so much more work done!”

“Here, here!” Said Pansy as she Ginny and Luna raised their bottles to toast to it.

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to answer before seeing the grin on his face. She closed her mouth and hit him playfully when she realised he was teasing her.

“The pain is real!” Said Ginny shaking her head in despair.

“Your turn, Hermione,” Said Dean as he threw his arm over Seamus’s shoulders.

“What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve been caught doing?” Ron watched the bottle spinning and said a silent prayer that it wouldn’t land on him. But as it slowed, his fear became reality. He closed his eyes and grimaced as he tried to think. They all laughed, out of all of them, his embarrassing stories were always the best.


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