30 Days of… Day 24 – Parenting

He sighed again as he looked into the mirror for the billionth time. Still blank. Still dark and empty. He threw it back onto the bed as he sighed again. Damn that woman! That short, vindictive, evil poison dwarf! He sometimes wished that he were a dark wizard as he would’ve like to imperio her right off a cliff. He rushed to pick up the mirror again, hoping to see Harry’s face. The mirror remained stubbornly black. He snorted again as he felt fit to burst.

“Still no word?” Came the gentle voice from the door. He shook his head bitterly. Staring blindly out of the window his mind wandered, not for the first time, back to that Halloween night where he had been waiting for James to contact him in the same way. A deep sense of foreboding squirming in his gut.

“He’s probably busy studying, it is O.W.L year.” Remus soothed as he stepped further into the room.

Sirius turned and looked at him. He stood in his tatty robes, his hands in his pockets and a pale smile on his lips. “Do you remember being that age?” his smile broadened as he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around him. “Remember Hogwarts and the fun we had?”

“I remember James.” Said Sirius sadly.

“Harry isn’t James.” Remus reminded.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Sirius pulled away and turned to look out of the window. “He hasn’t got us, he hasn’t got quidditch, he doesn’t have parents. He’s alone!” Sirius felt his voice rise as he struggled to keep the panic controlled.

“He has Ron and Hermione not to mention others, Who, unless I am very much mistaken, are a much better influence on Harry than we ever were on James!” Remus smiled again as he stepped next to Sirius. “And he does have us. He knows we’re here and that we care for him. He’s a strong boy. He’s going to be alright!”

There was a long silence as Sirius ran this through his mind. Remus had an uncanny ability to calm his panic with the simplest of attempts.

“Do you ever wonder where we would all be if James and Lily had lived? Or if I had been able to take Harry?”

“Either way, Harry would’ve been spoilt! Between you and James he would have had the best broom, the full Cannons kit and every prank from Zonko’s”

“Probably every book under the sun from you too” Sirius smiled warmly.

“And if you had taken Harry, I’m sure the only thing different would have been his sass, Lily was always so sassy! I hear it in him sometimes.” Remus smiled fondly.

“Very true.” Sirius’s face fell again. He turned to the bed and picked up the mirror again. “I don’t think he’s even opened it”

“He will. What with everything that’s going on, He’s probably forgotten about it” Remus placed his hand on Sirius’s shoulder and squeezed warmly.

“I just feel so helpless” Sirius turned and sat down with a huff. “And bored!”

“We all do, until something happens, nothing will happen!”

“Well thank you for that inciteful wisdom!” Sirius smirked sarcastically.

“Glad to be of service,” Remus nodded as he pulled Sirius in for a cuddle. Sirius complied as he looked up at him and smiled, the small mirror momentarily forgotten. “No come on, Molly has made us some lunch.”

Accio Day 25

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