30 Days of… Day 22 Gala

Authors note – I wanted to do something a little bit different. The writing prompt was ‘Gala’, and with the Met Gala having only just happened it occurred to me that, most of the fun is watching what some of the people are wearing and how wonderful (and sometimes crazy) the people look. I’ll include some photos at the bottom of some of the outfit inspirations. Hope this all made sense. (I also couldn’t work out who I wanted to write about most as I love all the characters. This way I could write about all of them and include a bit of Lee Jordan’s wonderfully funny humour. – Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Well good evening London and welcome to the three hundred and seventy forth St M’s Gala. I’m Lee Jordan, And I will be your magical eyes and ears as we watch, comment and enjoy this evenings entertainment.  As you are all aware, we’re here tonight to raise as many Galleons we can for the very worthy hospital and the wonderful work they do. I’ve also been told that, by magical decree, a good proportion of the funds will be going to the new ‘Fred Weasley’ research wing which has just been added in honour of its namesake who died during the battle of Hogwarts. Well known inventor and co-creator of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. A Wonderful and fitting honour to a great wizard.

Ho, speaking of magical decree’s, our first guests are arriving. I spy the new Minister – Mistress? Ooh, I’m getting the evil eye, Minister? – yes. I’m getting the nod. Hermione Granger-Weasley. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you won’t know much about this gracious lady. Born to muggles, smartest witch in her school and the best looking third of the famous golden trio who helped defeat the dark lord. Her recent achievements include the success of her inter-species cooperation scheme named I.M.P.E.R.V.I.O.U.S, for those not up-to-date with their acronyms, it stands for the, let me take a deep breath, “Inter-Magical Prevention, Exclusion or Rejection of Villainised Innocents of Unusual Species.” As we can all agree, no one does acronyms like a M.O.M – sorry a bit of ministry humour there.

I’m being given the look again – Sorry Minister. So anyway, The Minister is wearing a Lavender Brown creation. A black, off-the-shoulder, satin ballgown with white flames shimmering from the floor. Very elegant, and for all you witches out there… Yes! I read Witch Weekly regularly, so I know the difference between satin and silk! Anyway, I digress, The Minister is being escorted by Mr Ronald Weasley, another third of the golden trio. He is wearing, actually, I’m not sure who he is wearing, he obviously wanted his wife to have the limelight tonight. I’m getting the look again.

Saved by the bell! Our next guests are the gorgeous Ginevra Weasley, Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and her whimsical wife Luna Weasley-Lovegood, editor and chief of the Quibbler. Both seem to be wearing Cho Chang’s, Weasley is wearing an eye-catching navy jumpsuit coated in star-spawn shimmer. Very chic! Luna is wearing a fabulous gown of what appears to be goblin glass and elven silver. Gosh, that shine is blinding. Well done ladies! Looking fancy! Again, for those who may have been obliviated for the last two decades. Both Ginevra – Sorry, Ginny. I like my nose the way it is, thanks! Gosh, that girl has a look that can rival the Minister – Sorry Minister! Ginny and Luna were both very active during the battle of Hogwarts and have both since helped rebuild the historic and much-loved school, including assisting in therapy sessions and charity quidditch matches to raise money for additional services to the school. What great and worthy girls!

Now, who do we have here? Now, I’m sorry witches but these wizards are not for you. The chosen one and his chosen one, have just stepped out onto the red carpet. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy-Potter have arrived. Draco appears to be wearing A black a red ‘Dragonfire’ suit with flaming filigree, whilst his husband is coolly shimmering in Veela Velvet with icy filigree sleeves. For those interested in muggle television, these pair look like the personification of those well-known books. The ones with the dragons and zombies. Very dramatic! Harry Potter – well what can we say about Harry Potter? Probably nothing which hasn’t been said before, but we’ll keep it nice. Harry is currently the Seeker for the Montrose Magpies, Gutted about the recent loss against the Harpies, Mate. Bet Ginny hasn’t let you live that down yet. Draco Malfoy, heir to Malfoy Manor, is current potions master at Hogwarts. This couple were destined to be together since their first meeting at Hogwarts during their first year, Oh the stories I could tell. Woah Potter, Don’t worry! My lips are sealed. Unsealed for the right price though.

Oooh, who is this? Ah, Finally George and Angelina Weasley. Brother to the late Fred Weasley. They are also accompanied by their children Fred and Roxanne. The family have come colour co-ordinated in Red and Gold. A proud Gryffindor family. Gosh, we really are painting the town red with all these gingers.

Ah, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Parents of all the wonderful red-heads on tonight carpet. Molly Weasley, the epitome of what all mothers should be like, is wearing a Lavender Brown creation and is pulling off the star-spawn shimmer too, like mother like daughter! Looking good Mrs W! Mr W is wearing a very dapper grey suit. Both Mr and Mrs Weasley were instrumental in the Order of the Phoenix and have been parents to most of us. Mrs Weasley started a clothing foundation to help feed and support the orphans of the war. The proceeds from this amazing organisation were able to open up Phoenix Institute, an orphanage for magical, muggle and squib children alike. Mr and Mrs Weasley really are the greatest parents – Sorry Mum! That’s it! I’m grounded!

Who is this arriving now? Another wonderful pair of Hogwarts alumni. Mr and Mr Thomas-Finnigan., closely followed by Mr Blaise Zabini. Seamus is the new head of the magical construction and demolition department at the M.O.M. He and his department was responsible for creating this new wing and his husband Dean was the architect behind the design. Dean has been key in the rebuilding after the war, helping to create a number of new facilities within the very muggle London landscape, including the new street adjacent to Diagon Alley. The new street, Horizont Alley will be holding its own grand opening next week.

Mr Zabini, New editor of the Daily Prophet has been responsible for instilling integrity into, what has been a pretty turbulent history for the failing paper. Working hand in hand with the new minister, the daily prophet now is not controlled nor has no shareholders within the ministry. And let’s be honest, the Zabini family are so rich, bribery will be a thing of the past. Looking very hot lads! The witches will be saving pictures of you for later. Sorry, I know, creepy! Regretted it as soon as I said it!

Ahoy! Is this who I think it is? Indeed! Only the hottest new couple, featured in this week’s Witch Weekly and the Prophet! Mr Neville Longbottom and his fiancée Pansy Parkinson. Pansy appears to be wearing a – Wow Parkinson! Apologies to my radio audience, I am currently lost for words and you know that doesn’t happen often, Let me just pick my jaw from the ground. Pansy is wearing a sheer gown with lace and what looks like leather harnessing keeping the material in all the vital places. That Neville is a very lucky man. Wow. Speaking of the lucky fella! Mr Neville is looking very cunning in his deep green three-piece. I think someone has brought the Gryffindor over to the dark side, and who wouldn’t join him? Sorry, Minister! Professor Longbottom is head of Gryffindor house at Hogwarts and also teaches herbology. His role during the battle of Hogwarts has been understated as he was responsible for gathering forces within the castle walls before the golden trio arrived and helped protect students from the horror that was the Carrows. Pansy Parkinson is currently the financial backer to many worthy causes including the Phoenix Institute and the Fred Weasley research wing.

Please stay tuned for live and hopefully entertaining coverage of the largest event of the year being covered by my counterpart, the lovely Hannah Abbot. This is Lee Jordan signing off.

Accio Day 23

The above gown was the sort of thing I had in mind for Hermione, just with a bit of magic added to it, Apologies for the poor photo quality. Found on Pinterest.(Credit – https://w.tt/2JgH8vQ )

Where else could I have gotten inspiration for Luna’s gown if not from Bjork??? ( Credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/412783122088952663/?lp=true )

Bonnie Wright really rocks this look and I think she would look stunning in something like this with a bit of glitz and glamour on a red carpet. (Credit: https://girlsinsuits.tumblr.com/image/1442244865 )

This just screamed Draco to me, am I wrong??? (Credit – https://www.comercialmoyano.com/en/ )

I thought this would look great for Harry (Credit: unable to locate, will update once known.)

His swagger just screamed Zabini to me. I loved the suit too, very interesting to look at! really like the asymmetrical design! (Credit: http://bit.ly/2VjFBGO )

Neville, I always think of him as an ugly duckly who really blossomed when he was older but kept the core nervousness and kindness that makes his character who it is. (Credit: http://bit.ly/2Ypv1jz )

I have got a great big love on for Pansy and Neville right now, and I try and describe them as close to the actors that played them onscreen. Scarlet Byrne is just stunning and this dress inspired the jaw-dropping (in Lee Jordan’s case – literally) gown. I think these two who be amazing together! (Credit: http://www.lostfilm.tv/news/id4193 )


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