30 Days of… Day 20 – Trying Something New

“Mione? You still there?”
Hermione stuffed her knuckle into her mouth to stop herself from laughing. She felt almost dizzy with excitement and power as she stood over the bed. Ron lay on the bed, his body forming a cross as he lay tied and blindfolded, naked to the air.

“Mi?” Ron called again, the worry clear in his tone now. Hermione smirked again. It had been his idea to try some new things in the bedroom. Hermione thought it had something to do with the new range of bedroom toys that Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes had started to stock in the new ‘Adults only’ section of their shop. She nodded to herself as she moved in the outfit he had bought for her, a steel-boned corset and stockings along with some ridiculously high heels which, if it wasn’t for the stabilising charm she had attached, she’d have broken her ankle already.

“Hello?” His voice broke with uncertainty and Hermione gave in. She picked up the feather first, a ‘Phineas’ fiery feather’ which left a trail of heat in its wake. She started at his foot, dragging it from his big toe slowly up past his knee, she slowed down as reached his waist and finished at his next. He gasped and groaned as he bit his lip and she admitted to herself that she didn’t think she had ever seen him look so hot. She moved to the other side of the bed and repeated the action along his right side. Ignoring the parts of him which were begging for the most attention, she would get to them later.

Next, she picked up the new range of ‘everlasting ice cubes’ which she had a sneaking suspicion has been inspired by Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstoppers after she had joked that they were like the crazy genius behind the chocolate factory. She pressed the ice to his lips first before hissing his icy lips. She pressed herself against him, feeling his need pressing against her skin. She slowly pulled away, smiling as she watched his head rise trying to follow her for more. She felt a thrill of power rush through her before she pressed the ice cube against his skin she pulled it down his chest, listening as his breath caught and hissed, and tried not to laugh as his body jerked and strained against the binds as he tried to escape the cold.

“Argh, Mione, mmm” He cried as she ran it around one of his nipples. The sigh escaped his mouth as she moved it again down his stomach before lifting it off completely. She laughed as he seemed to groan in frustration as if he had hoped for more.

She smirked at that and decided to try something else, something neither of them had discussed, but something she had wanted to try for a while. She grabbed her wand and put the ice cube in her mouth, noting within seconds how painfully cold they were against her tongue. She moved to the bottom of the bed and perched on all fours between his legs.
She took the ice cubes out of her mouth as she swished her wand, removing the blindfold from Ron’s eyes. His eyes took a second to focus before they focused on her. He opened his mouth to say something before his eyes widened and closed as she slid him into her cool mouth, his head hitting the pillow with a resounding moan.

Accio Day 21

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