30 Days of… Day 19 – Double Date

“I did it!” Neville breathed excitedly as he rested against the wall.

“Did what?” Harry asked, turning to the taller man.

“I asked her,” Neville smiled, feeling his hands begin to shake again at the memory.

“Asked her? As in marriage?” Harry’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

Neville nodded eagerly, unable to hide his lopsided grin.

“Well done!” Harry replied with a smile and a gently punch to his arm. “When’s the big day?”

Neville opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted.

“Once we’ve managed to iron out all the kinks” Draco drawled as he arrived with Pansy on his arm.

The restaurant was bustling with people, the chatter loud and indistinct. Neville had wanted to tell one of his best friends about their new and Pansy had wanted to enlist Draco’s help with planning the day, so a double date had seemed like the obvious choice.

“Come on, our table is ready,” Pansy said with a smile as she took Neville’s arm instead. Neville smiled warmly at her as she led the way through the other tables to a booth in the far corner.

“I hear congratulations are in order?” Harry said politely. Pansy beamed as Neville held her bag as she scooted into the corner.

“Why thank you, Potty” She smiled.

“Pansy!” Draco warned; an eyebrow raised in warning.

“Sorry, old habits!” She shrugged “Thank you, Harry”

Neville sat down next to her and couldn’t keep the grin from his face.

“So, when are they getting married?” Harry asked Draco a smile on his face as he nodded thanks to Pansy.

“Well, our diaries are full for all of October and December, to be honest, although both Neville and I will have the Christmas break completely free. How does that work for you, Pansy dearest?”

Pansy placed a delicate, painted nail against her lips as she thought. Her eyes tilted ceilingward as if deciding. She laughed irreverently suddenly as she threw her hands in the air.

“Fine by me, it’s not like I have a job to go to.”

They all laughed. “How does that sound to you?” She asked Neville sweetly.

“Sounds great, if we didn’t care about how big it was, I’d suggest we elope and get married tomorrow” Neville grinned and Pansy blushed slightly.

“Well, luckily for you, Pansy has enlisted my help to get all of this organised so that every pureblood custom is observed. We do not want mother dearest finding some antiquated loophole to annul the whole thing!” Draco said as he glanced at the wine list.

“She wouldn’t do that,” Neville smiled. He turned and looked at Pansy who’s smile wilted slightly. “Would she?”

“Ouch!” Harry verbalised what they were all thinking, then he laughed “Who’d have thought it eh? Neville being the dark horse? Pansy’s lucky to be marrying you”

Neville smiled meekly, ducking his head slightly.

“For once, Pott- I mean Harry, You and I are in complete agreement!” Pansy nodded as she raised her empty glass in mock salute. “When is the waiter getting here, I need some wine” Neville rolled his eyes as she squeezed her hand gently. Her slate-green eyes glistening as she smiled at him her lips fidgeting as if holding back words she wanted to say.

The waiter came over then and took their orders, most of which Draco ordered for them. Pansy pouted.

“What am I on the Salmon salad?”

“We have got less than six months before your big day, you fit into the dress or I will hex you with bad hair!”  Pansy huffed but didn’t argue. Neville squeezed her hand again. A few moments later the waiter brought over the wine again and left without uttering another word.

“So, what have you discussed already?” Neville asked with his lopsided smiled. Harry laughed. “I know! Comes to something when I don’t have any say in my own wedding!”

Harry nodded as he sipped his wine appreciatively.

“Winter wedding, grand setting, the usual pureblood affair really” Draco replied with a smirk, his own hand reaching for Harry’s “Did you have any stipulations? Say them now or forever hold your peace.”

“I was Harry as my best man” Neville said meekly. Harry’s face dropped.

“No, Nev, not me! Please” Harry shook his head. “Why not Ron? Or Dean or Seamus? Or even George?”

“But I want you” Neville felt his face fall. “Will you do it?”

“I would be honoured Nev, but as soon as I am in the wedding, your wedding stops being about you, it’s suddenly ‘The wedding that Harry Potter attended’” Harry paused to take another sip and a breath “I don’t want to ruin your day!”

“He’s right,” Said Draco sadly “We went to Dean and Seamus’s a few years back and you remember the Prophet’s articles!”

Neville sighed as he looked down at his hands.

“Tell you what, I will make your wedding cake” Harry smiled awkwardly, trying to recover the situation.

“You can bake?” Pansy asked suspiciously.

“Remarkable isn’t it?” Draco asked with a raised eyebrow “Utterly useless at potions, however, he is an utter marvel in the kitchen!”

“Can I do that instead please Nev?”

Neville nodded; his shoulder slumped.

“What about Draco?” Harry suggested. Pansy snorted.

“He’s going to be my maid of honour” She smiled slyly and raised her glass to him.  His joined hers before they took a sip.

“Ron would love it if you asked him!” Harry said earnestly.

“His red hair would clash with the colour scheme.” Pansy said cuttingly.

Neville gave her a look and she blushed.

“Sorry, Habits.” She smiled apologetically. “If you really want Weasley, it’s ok by me” Pansy squeezed his hand as she sipped her glass of wine. Her eye moved to Harry again.

“So, P-Harry,” She smiled artfully “This cake you’re going to make for us…”


Accio Day 20

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