30 Days of… Day 20 – Trying Something New

“Mione? You still there?” Hermione stuffed her knuckle into her mouth to stop herself from laughing. She felt almost dizzy with excitement and power as she stood over the bed. Ron lay on the bed, his body forming a cross as he lay tied and blindfolded, naked to the air. “Mi?” Ron called again, the... Continue Reading →

30 Days of… Day 19 – Double Date

“I did it!” Neville breathed excitedly as he rested against the wall. “Did what?” Harry asked, turning to the taller man. “I asked her,” Neville smiled, feeling his hands begin to shake again at the memory. “Asked her? As in marriage?” Harry’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Neville nodded eagerly, unable to hide his lopsided grin.... Continue Reading →

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