30 Days of… Day 17 Hugs

Luna was a hugger. It was a well-known fact. Every kind of hug was a new experience which she collected. Jump hugs, surprise hugs and backwards hugs being just some of her favourites.

Luna wasn’t fussy who she hugged either. If she was at the burrow with the rest of her extended and adopted family, no one was safe. If the children were around, they were her first victims as she rolled around in the tall grass hugging them into submission.

Then Molly would dance around the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, anything as she tried to avoid her advances. It had become a sport and most of the family would sit on the stairs, watching and placing bets on how long Molly could hold out. Luna would stand and watch, repositioning herself with minute movements like a cat ready to pounce. Once Molly thought she was safe, Luna would pounce with a hearty, good-natured hug, bringing a smile and a chuckle to Molly’s flustered face. Luna would then leave triumphant as would George who was usually the richer for the game.

With Arthur, she was forthright and quick, knowing just how nervous and uncomfortable he was with the sudden and unbridled affection of a younger girl. He would usually blush and then rush off, claiming to have left a muggle contraption running in the garage.

The other men would take it in turns to beat her to the punch. Hugging her in different ways, sometimes disrupting her plans for someone else. The conflict on her face between enjoying the hug and the frustration of being foiled was too irresistible to the mischief-loving family to resist.

With the girls in the house, it was different. She would hook arms around their shoulders as they spoke, or resting her chin on their shoulders, treating them like ‘the guys’.

Only Ginny was different. Luna didn’t hug Ginny. Before they’d come out, it had been a point of great curiosity between them. Fearing the worse, they had tried to manufacture situations for them to be together.

When they finally came out to the family, the men were relieved but still confused. They stopped creating situations and left them to it just in case Ginny tried to ‘assist’ them with their relationships. No one dared to risk that!

What the family didn’t know was that they only kept their distance in public. In private it was a different matter. Luna had a top ten hugs list when it came to Ginny, and she would try and fit as many as possible into each day.

Her least favourite was the general hug, face to face. It was nice but boring in her opinion. The sort of hug anyone could give. The only times she didn’t object was when it was followed by a deep, slow kiss.

The next on her list was the backwards hug. Luna didn’t like this one as she would often get a mouthful of Ginny’s hair unless it was quidditch season. As she was shorter than the red-head too, it just felt wrong.

After that was the single armed hug, the half squeeze that you could give someone as you were walking past. In Luna’s opinion, hugs were meant to be experienced, not passed off as unimportant. You had to throw your whole self into the experience.

Her top three hugs were the bath snuggle, the sofa cuddle and the limb muddle.

They had ensured when they purchased their house that the bathroom was large enough to take a wide and deep bath, big enough for them both to share. Some would call it a hot tub, but not Luna, ho called it the love tub. She loved it when Ginny was aching and exhausted from Quidditch training and she could massage her in the steamy water before submerging them both in the bubbles.

The sofa cuddle was almost the same as the limb muddle but on the sofa. Watching old movies, covered in their favourite thick knitted blanket, courtesy of Mrs Weasley. Especially when the rain howled outside, and the world threatened to encroach on their couple time.

But the number one hug for Luna was the limb muddle. It was a great all-rounder for those on the sofa, in bed or even in the love tub. It was her favourite in bed when it was impossible to work out whose limbs were whose, tangled in clothes, hair and bedsheets. Tying them in knots which they could then slowly take their time to lovingly undo each other.

Luna was a hugger, but no one held it against her as she held it against them on a regular basis.

Accio Day 18

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