30 Days of… Day 16 – Recreating the First Date

“Come on you Gunners!” Shouted Seamus enthusiastically, earning himself some dirty looks from the surrounding crowd.

“Hammers, love!” Dean corrected as he tried to cover his smirk.

“Oh, right,” He replied before cheering on the correct team. The dirty looks turned to exasperated and then amused as Seamus waved and clapped enthusiastically.

Dean smiled as he looked at his husband in amusement.

“So how come your mam didn’t want to come?”

“I asked her if she would mind not coming” Dean answered honestly, as he watched the claret and blue figures running around on the emerald grass below. He and the crowd were distracted by a streak of claret darting across the pitch as one of the players was on a beeline for the goal.  The tension filled the stadium only to be dashed by a tackle from the yellow team. The stadium groaned in disappointment.

“Why did you ask her not to come?” Seamus asked, confused.

“Because it’ll be like that first time all over again” Dean replied as he felt his face heat up.

“First time?” Seamus pondered “You mean…?”

Dean nodded as he leant in close to stop them from being overheard.

“I remembered that the first time I brought you to a football match was the first time we…” he paused as he felt around for the right word “made things official” he finished, not sure that it was the best description.

“As I remember, we made it more than official” Seamus snickered filthily.

The tension was up again as one of the yellow players were getting very close to the goal. They shot. The was a collective gasp and then laughs of relief as the ball went wide.

“So, are you hoping for a re-enactment?” Seamus asked as he waggled his eyebrows seductively.

“Maybe not a re-enactment” Dean chuckled, remembering that their first time had been rather rushed, uncomfortable and nervous. “I was thinking more of an ‘honouring of the occasion’ type of thing” Seamus laughed.

“Probably a good thing” He replied, “the first time was bloody awful!”

“Mustn’t have been that bad as you kept coming back for more”

“And Merlin knows how thankful I am that we both improved”

“I’ll drink to that!”

The whistle blew and people started to clear out. Dean and Seamus followed the crowds as they were herded out into the street. Once away from the main crowd, they held hands as they walked the streets back to Dean’s Mother’s house.

“I can’t believe it’s been ten whole years!” muttered Dean with a shake of his head.

“Me neither!” Seamus replied. Dean darted his head around to ensure that no one was watching as he pulled Seamus over to the wall of a house where he shoved the shorter man against the wall. Hands gripping his throat as their lips smashed together. Seamus groaned as he pulled Dean in at the waist.

“Happy Anniversary” Dean whispered as he pulled away, releasing Seamus gently.

Seamus’s eyes were dreamy and dazed as he tried to straighten his hair. Dean smirked at the state of him as he grabbed his hand again.

“Happy Anniversary” Seamus muttered back.

“When we get home, I’m going to erase the memory of our first date from your mind by loving you so well. You won’t know whether up is down!” He saw Seamus shiver and smiled. Licking his lips he led the way back to his mothers, thinking of all the things he was going to do to his husband when they were finally alone again.

Accio Day 17

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