30 Days of… Day 15 – Walking Together

“Moony!” James called. The sandy-haired boy paused, looking up from his book, a slightly startled look on his face.

“Wotcha doin’?” Sirius asked coyly as he bent down to read the book cover from underneath.

Remus laughed as he lifted his book to see Sirius.

“I was trying to catch up on all the homework I’ve missed, Transfiguration specifically. Where’s Pete?”

“Detention” Sirius scoffed

“Forgot his homework for Binns” James finished.

It was always like this with James and Sirius, Each finishing each other’s sentences. He loved them and envied them their closeness as the began to walk.

“So? Where were you two off to?” Remus asked as he pulled open his bag to put his book away. He knew there would be no chance of getting work down now that he’d been spotted.

“Hogsmeade,” James said

“Of course,” Sirius continued with a quirked eyebrow. Sirius pulled Remus in, hooking his arm around his shoulders to herd him along with them “And you’re coming with us”

“Come off it, Padfoot, You’re too short for this!” Remus laughed.

“He’s right y’know,” James laughed with a nod “I’m pretty sure Moody grew a good two inches of the holidays”

“I grew too,” Sirius said defensively.

“Yeah, around the middle” James retorted, poking him in the stomach.

“I can’t help that your mum’s cakes are to die for!” Sirius replied as he rubbed his stomach as if remembering the mentioned cake.

Remus looked at the dark-haired youth and certainly couldn’t see any more of him than last year and he had certainly tried. He quickly glanced away as Sirius caught his eye. It had recently come to his attention that he certainly wasn’t as enamoured with the fairer Gryffindors as he was Sirius.

“So where were you wanting to visit?” Remus asked trying to direct the conversation away from Sirius’s body.

“Honeydukes,” They both said together with a laugh. Remus rolled his eyes, he should have guessed.

“I need to stock up on some chocolate” Remus smiled when he saw the other two look at each other and roll their own eyes.

“I’ll not be the only one getting soft in the middle if you maintain this chocolate habit!” Sirius teased as he poked Remus in the stomach a couple of times causing Remus to jump and jerk.

“Padfoot! Leave him alone!” James laughed as they continued to head towards the wizarding village, the smoke from the chimneys floating into the air lazily.


“I can’t believe you went without me!” Whined Peter as they returned to the abandoned common room.

“Believe it,” Said Sirius as he threw himself backwards onto the sofa, his head almost landing in Remus’ lap. “We got you these though” Sirius held up some fizzing whizbee’s. Peter smiled, mollified as he sat down to devour the treats

“Thanks, Sirius”

“Don’t thank me! It was Moony’s idea” Sirius crossed his arms and closed his eyes, he head resting gently again Remus’ thigh.

“Thanks, Remus”

All Remus could do was smile as the heat from Sirius radiated next to him. He swallowed and turned back to his book.

“Where’s James got to?”

“Evans!” Sirius and Remus said in unison. They laughed as their eyes met. Remus felt his cheeks flame as he turned back to his book. Sirius wriggled on the sofa next to him, his head even closer now.

Remus tried reading again, tried to ignore Peter chomping loudly, and definitely tried to avoid thinking about Sirius, whose head was currently using his thigh as a pillow. He read the page again when he realised, he hadn’t taken any of it in.

The Lamps had lit themselves, signalling that the night had started to draw in. Remus was tempted to close the book but needed somewhere to look besides Sirius.

“James” Peter cried as James fell through the portrait hole.

“Hello Peter,” He said in greeting.

“How’s Evans?” Sirius asked, his eyes still closed.

“Still hot for me!” James replied as he collapsed into the armchair.

“You mean she wouldn’t talk to you still?” Remus asked smiling.

“You hex one slimy git, and suddenly you’re the bad guy” James shrugged and laughed as he started to throw Bertie Botts every flavoured bean into Sirius’ mouth.

“I bet you 6 sickles you cant get one in from there,” Said Peter as he watched eagerly.

“You’re on!” James said as he began to throw the beans again. Sirius shifted his head to catch as many as possible. He grimaced after a particularly bad flavour.

“Eurgh!” He cursed “Pretty sure that was Bubotuber pus flavour!”

James laughed heartily as he held his hand out for Peter to pay up. Peter paid sullenly as he stood.

“I’m going to bed,” Peter said grumpily. “Night you lot!”

They all waved as he left them alone. The crackling in the grate signalled that the fire had just lit itself.

James yawned, as he too stood up.

“I’m off to bed too chaps, Got quidditch practice in the morning.”

“You’re getting boring, Prongs!” Sirius muttered without opening his eyes.

James sniggered as he waved at them and climbed the stairs.

Remus felt like he was holding his breath as Sirius wriggled again.

“Why don’t you go to bed too, Padfoot?” Remus asked, happy that his voice sounded level.

“It’s too early yet, the night is still young.”

Remus nodded and turned back to his book, still on the same page it had been when they got into the room.

“Remus?” Sirius asked as he threw his legs off the arm of the sofa and onto the floor and sat up.

“Mmm?” He responded as he desperately tried to read the paragraph he was reading.

“Why haven’t you got past chapter 3?” He asked and Remus felt his face fall as his heart somersaulted.

“I, erm.” He started, very aware of how close the dark-haired guy was. Sirius’ thigh was now pressed against his own. Remus swallowed and tried again, but as he opened his mouth to explain, Sirius jumped up and placed his lips on Remus’s. Remus felt ice run down his back even though he could feel the tingling sensations heating up his front. Remus felt his jaw betray him as his mouth began to move together with Sirius’s.

Encouraged by his compliance, Sirius groaned and pushed his hands into Remus’s hair.

Remus cried out softly as he kissed Sirius, wanting nothing more than to be with him in this moment forever.

Sirius growled possessively as he pulled away gently. They both sat as they panted as if they had been running.

“What?” Remus started.

“I’ve noticed you looking at me when you think I’m not watching you. You want me, Remus!”

Remus felt his mind go blank, as his mouth opened and closed.

“N…no, I don’t” He replied nervously, his book falling to the floor.

“I want you too, Moony,” He said.

The words hung before them as Remus got his mind around it.

“You want me?” Remus asked quietly.

“Mmm, you and that chocolate tang in your kisses!” Sirius replied with a smile as he leant forward hoping to capture Remus’s face again. “Do you want me to stop?”

Remus closed his eyes and let out a sigh before shaking his head.

“No” He breathed. “Please don’t stop!” Remus smiled as he was pulled back in for a kiss, their lips locking and working together as the sunlight died outside.


Accio Day 16

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