30 Days of… Day 14 – Picnic

“No!” Ron moaned as he fell back onto the blanket. “No, no, no!” he cried as he pounded the blanket with his feet.

“I take it Bulgaria won?” Hermione asked with a smirk as she folded her shirt under her before sitting down. The radio blaring the sounds of the Bulgaria crowd going wild.

“Bloody Krum! Bloody Git!” Ron muttered as he sat up running fingers through his hair to look at her.

“When will you get over that?” Hermione laughed as she started to put away some of the food from their picnic.

“I was over it when I made you Mi-nini!” Ron retorted as he did his impression of Krum. Hermione rolled her eyes.

The weather had been wonderful on the hillside by the burrow. The sun was beginning to set as a chill began to fill the air. “I hope they’re having fun” Ron pondered as he lay back again to stare into the darkening sky, the clouds turning vivid pinks and vibrant oranges.

“They’ll be having the time of their lives!” Hermione replied as she lay on the now-empty blanket next to him.  He took her hand, threading his fingers between hers as they both gazed into the sky. “I was really nice of Percy to get those tickets,” she said after a while.

“Yeah, he’s certainly mellowed with age” They looked at each other and laughed.

“I hope the kids are behaving themselves!”

“Come on, Mi! Even if they were utter horrors, I think dad, Harry and the rest of them can keep them in line” Hermione nodded in agreement.

“I dread to think” She paused for a moment before looking tentatively at him. “Are you sure you’re ok with staying home? I know how you really wanted to go”

Ron smiled and nodded with a shrug. “I’m alright, but I’ve got to tell you, it’s been no picnic!”

Hermione smacked him again gently as he laughed. “I’m with my Nini, what more could I want?”

Hermione rolled onto her side as she pressed herself closer. Ron rolled over to face her, pushing his fingers into her hair. Her tanned skin, sun-kissed and flushed.

“Love you My Nini!”

“Bloody Git” She replied as they kissed.

Accio Day 15

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