30 Days of… Day 9 Lunch Date

A knock came at the door as Dean leant over his desk trying to finish off his most recent commission. He stood up, creaking his back with a grimace as he gingerly headed down the corridor towards the front door.

The day outside had started off a brilliant blue however had turned dull, white cloud filling the sky like a duvet. Dean yawned slightly as he reached for the doorknob.

“Took yer time!” Came the Irish lilt as the shorter, sandy-haired man walked in, arms laden with bags.

“Shea?” Dean asked as he closed the door behind him “What you doing home?”

“Only home for lunch. You’ve been working so hard, thought I’d treat you to Lunch, like a date” H smiled as he put all the bags on the kitchen counter. “You’ve not been eating, don’t think I haven’t noticed! It’s always the same when you get a commission.”

Dean rolled his eyes with a smile as he walked up to the counter. He rested his elbows down as he leant over the unit watching Seamus get the containers out of the bags.

“Right, what we got?”

“Never you mind, get the table set” Seamus grinned. Dean snorted as he turned to set the table.  With a flick of his wand, the table dressed itself. Two placemats appeared from the cupboard and floated over as the knives and forks appeared beside them.

Two empty plates floated over from the kitchen, landing squarely on the placemats.

“What are you up to, Shea?” Seamus rolled his eyes as he levitated all the containers over and then followed them.

“Me? Nuthin” He smiled.  Dean narrowed his eyes at the smaller man. “Okay, okay!” He held his hands up in surrender. “You know that we’ve been expanding the ministry further into the underground?” Dean sat down, nodding.

“Well, they’ve decided to reassign some of the offices to a new department called “Magical Construction and Demolition” Dean nodded again, impressed as he helped himself to the Thai green curry before him.

“That’s not all, guess who they have decided will be head of that department” Seamus beamed at him as Dean dropped his fork.

“No!” Dean gasped in astonishment “You?”

Seamus nodded excitedly as he and Dean stood to hug.

“Well done darling” Dean congratulated earnestly. “No one deserves it better!”

“I think old, Minerva McGonagall had me right when she said I had” He cleared his throat before doing a scarily accurate impression of their old professor. “A particular proclivity for pyrotechnics!”

Dean laughed as they sat back down.

“Wow, I’m married to a head of department, I’d better buy myself some better dress robes!”

“Easy now tiger, the offices aren’t even built yet!”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that the head of the department for magical construction and demolition will have something to say about that!” They both laughed as they finished up their lunch.

Dean watched his husband and smiled, he had been working so hard for this, it was difficult to get a job within the magical community when your powers revolved so heavily around pyrotechnics. He had struggled to stay in a number of jobs, often relying on Dean to bring home the rent. Not that Dean minded, he was just happy that Seamus had found his place in society and that hopefully others with the same “proclivities” would be able to find theirs. Seamus stood first, leaning down to kiss Dean on the cheek.

“I’ve got to fire call me mam before I go back. You be alright?” He asked his attention all for him. Dean smiled warmly and nodded.

“Send her my love,” He said as he touched his husband’s cheek.

“Will do” Seamus nodded as he disappeared into the living room.

Dean stood up, magicked all the leftovers into the fridge and rubbish to the bin before he turned to continue his own work, waving to Mrs Finnegan as he passed the living room door, her shrieks of pride travelling down to Deans studio long after he’d closed the door behind him.


Accio Day 10

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