30 Days of… Day 8 “Gifts”

“Ooooh,” Said Luna, enthusiastically as she dragged Ginny over to a stall filled with handmade jewellery and other crafted trinkets. Ginny smiled and rolled her eyes as some carrot earrings caught Luna’s eye.

“What is it with you and food jewellery?” Ginny asked as she hugged the shorter girl, running her arm around Luna’s waist.

“I just feel like once you’ve eaten it, it’s gone, at least if you wear it as jewellery, you can appreciate it a bit longer” Luna replied.

Ginny smiled and rolled her eyes as a divine smell wafted through the air. She glanced around with a satisfied grin. She had come to enjoy muggle London more and more, and even found that in certain placed, they didn’t stand out at all. Camden was one such place. Filled with artisans and new age hippies, even their slightly wacky version of muggle clothing didn’t raise an eye. She spotted what had smelt so delicious. She gave Luna a squeeze as she muttered her excuses as she left her side.

Within 5 minutes she had returned with a tray of delights to find Luna sitting on a bench empty-handed.

“You have got to try these!” Ginny smiled as she pulled out the golden-brown rectangle. Luna opened her mouth expectantly as Ginny pushed the food in. There was a moment where Luna said nothing, and then Luna’s eyes raised in appreciation.

“What are these?” Luna asked as Ginny smiled excitedly

“Halloumi fries, or so the man said” Ginny pulled one out and bit into it herself. “It’s a cheese from Greece”

They both sat on the bench as they devoured the fries before they said anything more. Finally Ginny spoke as she took in the slightly disappointed look on Luna’s face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” Luna replied as she stood slowly, ready to move on.

“Did you get anything from that stall?”


“Why not? I thought you really liked the earrings?”

“Yeah” Was all she said. “Oh, look! Teapots” Luna walked off, gazing into a ceramic shop before getting distracted by a street entertainer. Ginny stood for a moment before making a decision.


It was dark by the time they returned home, bone wearing and sleepy. The house was warm and inviting as they collapsed into their patch-work sofa.

“What a day!” Ginny announced as she leant her head back and rested her eyes.

“It was rather fun wasn’t it?” Luna’s head found Ginny’s shoulder as they cuddled up together.

“Did you really have fun?” Ginny asked, opening her eyes “You seemed a bit out of sorts after seeing those earrings.”

“Mmm,” Luna admitted, her own eyes having fallen closed.

“Care to explain?” Ginny asked, waiting for her explanation.

“It’s nothing” Luna replied. Ginny waited for a long moment, saying nothing.

“You forgot to get your money changed again, didn’t you?”

“Mmm,” Luna agreed softly.

“What are you like?” Ginny snorted “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You may have wanted your money to get more of those Halloween fries,” Luna said looking up at her and smiling gently. Ginny smirked and shook her head before speaking again.

“You are a silly rabbit, they’re Halloumi fries.” Ginny smiled and she cuddled Luna again, capturing her lips in her own. Luna pressed her free hand against Ginny’s face as they kissed deeply and slowly. Ginny turned in her seat to claim Luna’s mouth more fully. Finally, she pulled away and smiled at the dreamy, unfocused look in Luna’s eyes. “Go check my bag” Was all Ginny said as she sat back, pulling her hands through her short hair. Luna tilted her head for a second before standing and going over to the dumped satchel bag. She reached in and before long, she pulled out a little, white, paper bag. She looked at Ginny in confusion.

“You’re supposed to open it,” Ginny said encouragingly.

Luna smiled and then looked down at the bag before ripping the bag open. Out tumbled a muddle of earrings, Luna squealed and hopped on her feet excitedly as she looked at the earrings.

“You got them for me?”

“Of course, I did” Ginny smiled. “I like buying you gifts” What she didn’t say was that she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them, but she remained silent.

Luna didn’t reply as she looked at the different pairs. Ginny had made sure she had picked the carrot ones however she had left the rest up to the man behind the stall to choose.
Luna smiled before putting them down. She turned and climbed back onto the sofa, straddling Ginny as she sat there. Ginny felt her mouth go dry as the pretty blond sat above her. Excitement and lust building within the pit of her stomach.

“Do you like them?” Ginny asked weakly.

“I love them, thank you” She replied as she lowered her head to kiss Ginny again. Her hands threaded into her short red hair pulling her deeper into the kiss, their aching muscles and blisters, forgotten in the sudden surge of passion. “Do you want your gift now?” She asked seductively.

“Mmm, Do I get to open it here?” Ginny asked warmly, as her hands slid up inside Luna’s top. Her thumbs found the swell of her breasts and paused before moving any further. Luna’s breath hitched as Ginny rubbed her thumbs against her skin, feeling the goosebumps rise along the blonde’s skin.

Luna nodded once before Ginny threw her off to slowly undo the buttons on her floral shirt. She loved unwrapping her presents, and Luna was the best gift of all.


Accio Day 9

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