30 Days of… Day 7 “Sex Toy”

causing it to clap in its frame. The low ceiling of the pub seemed even lower as voices and bodies filled the space.

“Tell us again how you beat the Magpies, Gin?” Called Dean Thomas from the bar as they brought their drink over to the table.

They had managed to commandeer a couple of tables in the corner of the three broomsticks however even this wasn’t enough for the growing group. The noise from their table was loud and light-hearted and drew looks and curiosity from other patrons, however, Madam Rosmerta hadn’t complained yet.

It probably helped that almost all of them were Hogwarts professors. Draco was Potions master, Neville had become Herbology professor shortly after the war and Luna was currently teaching care of magical creatures while Hagrid was on his honeymoon with Madam Maxime.

“Shut it, Dean!” Said Harry as he threw a withering look at him.

“Yeah, Ginny! Tell us more.” Asked Seamus as he took a seat next to Dean, their hands interlocking.

Ginny grinned as she pushed her cropped bob out of her face. “Well, I actually have Draco to thank” She giggled as she winked at the pair in the corner.

Harry glared playfully at Draco who held up his hands in surrender.

“I apologised already. I cannot help that I want all of your attention all the time!” Harry raised an eyebrow which imitated Draco so closely that Seamus snorted into his butterbeer.

“Only kidding! If that Bulger hadn’t caught Harry’s broom, the game would have been won by the Magpies, we were very lucky, albeit those golden robes were very eye-catching, Malfoy” Ginny winked.

Harry grunted and rolled his eyes before hooking his arm around Draco’s shoulders and giving him a rough kiss on the cheek.

“Get off me, you brute!” Draco complained. They all laughed as Harry threw up his hands

“You want me! You don’t want me!” He sighed with exasperation. “Make up your mind!”

“I am a complicated creature, Potter!” Draco said haughtily before leaning forward and placing a kiss on Harry’s cheek with a small private smile. Harry smiled back warmly as they too held hands.

“When are Ron and Mione getting here?” Luna asked airily. Leaning back as she and Ginny shared their chair.

“They’re waiting for Ted to pop around and babysit,” Harry said as he sipped his own pint.

“And when’s your friend getting here Neville?” Ginny asked teasingly, leaning around Seamus to catch Neville’s eye.

“Soon, I hope.” He said nervously with a smile as he glanced around the crowded inn.

“A friend?” Draco asked, his own brows raised “Anyone we know?” Neville smiled again before taking a sip of his own drink, effectively avoiding the question.

“Here, Neville! Who is this friend of yours?” Asked Seamus eagerly “I thought we was your friends”

“You are!” he said nervously.

“A special friend?” Asked Ginny winking at him.

“Maybe.” He said smiling weakly back. “Hopefully.” He blushed slightly as he pushed his hair away from his face

“You going to tell us who it is?” Asked Harry, all eyes now on Neville, who was squirming uncomfortably under the scrutiny.

“I’d prefer to wait. I don’t know whether she’s definitely coming or not.”

“Aha, so it’s a witch,” Said Seamus exuberantly.

“From our year?” Asked Draco, leaning forward now.

“Please, guys!” Neville implored.

“You more than friends yet?” Asked Dean as he waggled his eyes brows.

Neville didn’t say anything, his cheeks just got redder and redder.

“Oh Neville, you dog!” Ginny smirked leaning across the table

“Neville looks nothing like a dog, I always thought he looked more like an otter or squirrel,” Luna said smiling kindly.

“I know he doesn’t, love” Ginny said with a smile.

“Have you, y’know…?” Harry asked unable to keep the smile from his face. He leant back in the chair, relaxed as he waited for the answer.

Neville’s face turned crimson.

“Is she kinky?” Seamus asked

“Come on, I’m not telling you guys anything,” Neville said with a pout.

“That’s a yes” Smirked Draco as he leant his chin on his hand.

“Ooh, Neville’s got a kinky lass” Seamus mused “How kinky? We talking just being tied up? Or we talking sex toys and stuff?”

“I’m not sitting here for this” Neville stood and went to leave for the bar.

“Come back Neville,” Harry cried with a laugh “We’ll stop”

They were all laughing when Neville sat back down again. “You lot are the worst!” He said with a hmph.

“So, who else is coming?” Harry asked.

“Obviously Ron and Hermione, Neville’s scarlet woman.” Ginny grinned as Neville rolled his eyes. “Think Blaise said he might pop in too.”

Dean and Seamus shared a look.

“What?” Ginny asked

“Nothing,” Dean said with a smirk as he took a sip of his own drink.

“Come on!”

“Dean and I just think he’s fit,” Seamus said without any embarrassment as he too took a swig of what looked like rum. Draco smirked too,

“Draco?” Ginny asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Oh no! I’m not Mr Longbottom, my poker face is second to none!” Draco smiled and nodded before looking at Harry and leaning against him. He looked up suddenly seeing someone across the crowded room.

“Pansy?” He called as he stood. She smiled and waved as she made her way over.

“Good Afternoon” She smiled her trademark smirk as she stood at the tableside.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to be here today!”

“Draco, you are not my mother!” She replied tartly as she smiled. “And anyway, that would ruin it.” She said, her smile growing.

“What?” Harry asked as Draco sat down again.

Pansy leant down and placed a kiss on Neville’s glowing face.

The table went silent for a moment before erupting in replies.

“No!” Cried Harry, Ginny and Dean in astonishment.

“Pansy?” Seamus asked in confusion.

“That makes more sense” Muttered Draco with a nod.

Neville smiled cheekily as Pansy draped herself across his lap and kissed him more deeply drawing everyone’s eye in curiosity.

“Hey, guys. What did we – Merlin’s hairy handbasket!” Ron announced as both he and Hermione reached the table. Neville and Pansy were still kissing, not showing any signs of stopping.

“Come on! Which one of you did it?” Hermione asked.

“What?” Harry replied.

“The love potion, Draco? Was it you?”

“I’m shocked at your accusation, Minister!” Draco smirked, showing that he clearly wasn’t.

“But, then-” Hermione pointed to Neville and Pansy.

“Your guess is as good as ours” Ginny replied as they all sat down again.


Accio Day 8

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