30 Days of… Day 4 “Pillow Talk”

“Please?” He begged gently as the sun shone into the early morning room.

“You know, Potter!” Draco replied sleepily “I love you hear you beg, but not at the crack of dawn!”

“Please?” Harry begged again with a chuckle as he nuzzled his lover’s neck. Draco moaned as his skin broke out in goose bumps.

“I said no! Buzz off!” Draco muttered unconvincingly.

“Sure I can’t change your mind?” Harry asked seductively as he threw himself on the bed next to him causing the blond to bounce. His head turned slowly, and grey eyes glared at him from under almost white eyelashes.

“You don’t play fair, Potter!” He muttered grumpily into the pillow.

“And that’s why the sorting hat almost put me into Slytherin” Harry grinned.

“I don’t even think a Slytherin would stoop so low!” Draco stretched, arching his back into the air as his whole body vibrated with tension.

Harry groaned appreciatively. His eyes running along the lean pale lines of the other’s body. “Don’t perv, Potter! It’s unbecoming” He finally said with a self-satisfied smile as he slumped back into the sheets.

“I’m getting it out of my system now. If I don’t perv while I can, you’ll probably distract me later.” Harry ran his hands over the blond’s slender shoulders “And you being you, you’ll probably distract me when I’m about to close in on the snitch!” Draco snorted, his eyes wider now as their gazes met.

“You always did have a thing for shiny objects, I’m not surprised that you joined the Magpies!”

“It’s only golden things,” Harry said as he played with the long golden hair, making it shimmer in the sun. A gold so pale that it was almost silver. He could never describe the exact colour.

Draco hummed in contentment as Harry played more with his hair.

“So, Please?”

“Oh, Potter, you are so very annoying and incessant!”

“You weren’t complaining earlier”

“Oh, I was! Could you not hear me moan?” Draco laughed as he rolled over, his profile now highlighted in the weak sun.

“How could I miss it?” Harry asked, “You always were a moaner!” He laughed as he sat up and got up off the bed.

“I can’t believe that you’re already dressed!” Draco groaned as he sat up.

“I should have left already,” Harry said as he pulled on his socks.

“Just five more minutes?”

“I can’t-” Hey cried out as he was sharply pulled backwards.

Draco looked down at him, clamping him to the bed with his body weight on his chest. Their lips met and Harry’s protests died. Harry reached up and ran his hands through the silken strands of golden hair as it poured around them. Draco’s hands were at his face, gently holding him still as they kissed.

Harry groaned as Draco pulled away from him, still close enough that Harry could see the flecks of blue deep in his eyes.

“Now who’s not playing fair?”

“I was put into Slytherin, remember?” Draco said smugly “We play dirty!”

“But you said that even a Slytherin wouldn’t stoop so low!” Harry laughed.

“What, and let all you non-Slytherins know what we’re up to?” He asked in mock disbelief. “Seriously Potter!”

Harry laughed as he sat up again, bringing them face to face sat in bed.

“I really have to go! Please? will you come?”

“I’ll be there, I’ll even try not to distract you” Draco looked like he was considering something “I can’t promise that though” Harry smiled as he cupped Draco’s face.

“Love you,” He said earnestly. He watched as all pretence and humour dropped from his pale features. The vulnerable and exposed Draco, the face that only he sees. Every time he’s said those words, he’s watched to witness the walls fall down, letting him in.

“love you too!” He replied solemnly before they kissed again. “Win, or we’ll never hear the end of it from the Weaselette!”

Harry laughed as he went to leave the room. “Don’t call her that!” His voice carried as he disappeared.


Later, Harry swooped high above the stadium, keeping an ear open for the commentary below.

“Witches and Wizards, Veela and Vampires, I give you the Holyhead Harpies, Showcasing their new chaser Ginny Weasley!” Harry smiled as he saw a streak of Red hair spin and summersault amidst the roar of the crowd. He rolled his eyes, She always was a show-off. He smirked as he flew a bit closer to the crowd.

“And please give a loud applause for the home team. The Montrose Magpies!” The crowd erupted and Harry decided to do some aerial acrobatics himself. As he levelled out, he saw something glint to his left. His eyes, ready to catch the snitch homed in. He flew closer and realised with a hearty laugh that Draco was sat, wearing a golden shirt, glinting in the sunlight. Harry rolled his eyes as Draco’s gaze met his. He saw the tiny quirk of lips and arch of his eyebrow before the shirt changed to a deep forest green.

Bloody Slytherin’s did play dirty, he thought as the whistle blew. He flew high again as he pushed the blond out of his mind.

Draco was right! He never would hear the end of it if Ginny’s team won this match. He saw a glint of gold high in the sky and he was off!

Accio Day 5

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