30 Days of… Day 1 “Dancing”

He awoke suddenly, aware of a cool breeze on his skin like cold, airy fingers ticking his spine. He shivered as he blinked against the bright light. As he stretched crisp, fresh cotton caressed his skin. He blinked as he looked around the room, remembering instantly where they were. He smiled smugly to himself, memories of the previous night rushing through his brain.

He sat up as he looked at the rumpled but empty space next to him. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and looked around for some clothes, strewn over the floor in the forgotten in passion. He grabbed his sandy jeans and pulled them on. Not able to find his top he grabbed his wand and made his way to the window. He paused, leaning against the window frame as the smell of food floated into the room. His stomach groaned appreciatively as his eyes took in the golden, sun-soaked beach as the long grass blew in the wind. Clouds floated high above, fluffy and stark white, like something from a children’s story. He turned as left the room, his eyes raking over the clothes again with a quirk to his lips.

Music floated up with the smell of breakfast as he quietly cast a muffling charm on his feet before creeping down the rickety wooden stairs.

Shells littered the wall, embedded into the plaster in intricate patterns, the sun glinting and glittering over the opalescent scallops. Their rainbow colours, shimmering as he silently descended, eager to reach the kitchen. He smiled as he reached the bottom, not hearing any falter or pause in the noise to signal he’d been discovered.

He turned the corner and paused, leaning against the cold plaster of the archway. He crossed his arms over his chest as he appreciated the view before him.

Hermione stood with her back to him, his plaid shirt only just covering her modesty. He could hear her humming faintly in time with the radio as she moved and swayed as she baked, ignorant of his presence.

His eyes followed her shape up her slim calves, and thicker thighs, lingering as the hem of his shirt lifted flashing a glimpse of her curved bottom. He found his silent feet pulling him towards her as he reached out and ran his arms around her waist. She jumped slightly under his hands before she continued to cook.

“Ron!” She giggled as he pressed himself against the curve of her back. He laughed gently into her thick hair, her heady, spicy scent filling his nostrils.

“I missed you” He whispered back to her as he started to sway to the music. She swayed with him as she moved her head to rest on his chest, a contented sigh escaping her, almost inaudible over the music. Slowly she turned under his hands, her deep brown eyes looking up into his. They continued to rock as their eyes searched the others. He loved her eyes, the way her eyelids fluttered as he stroked her skin with his thumbs at her waist. She ran her hands up to his neck as she blushed slightly.

“Do you remember this song?” She asked, her voice a breathy whisper. “our song?”

“Maybe” He smirked back. She rolled her eyes and smiled as they gently moved into the centre of the kitchen. They moved together in gentle circles as the music floated around them. Ron lowered his head, taking Hermione’s lips with his as he pulled her close, still rocking and swaying together. She moaned into him as she ran her fingers up through his hair. After a few moments, they both reluctantly pulled away to look at each other.

“Love you, Wife!” Ron muttered quietly.

“Love you, Husband” she replied with a smile.

They rested their heads together, breakfast forgotten, as they continued to sway to their song.

“Mom?” Came a cry from the other room. “I’m hungry!” They both laughed as their scarlet-haired daughter appeared at the door.

As she saw them entwined, her face screwed up in disgust. “Eurgh! Get a room!”

Ron smirked. “Watch it you!” He then added “And we had one before you came in” She rolled her eyes with a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth.

“Dad’s up, Hugo” She called without turning her head around.

“No, he isn’t, Rose! I’d have heard him.”

“Morning son” Ron called as he let Hermione go to continue with breakfast.

“Dad!” His son called from the other room. “Can we go out on the brooms? You promised to show me some Quidditch moves.”

“Not until after breakfast!” Hermione called, resuming baking.

“You heard mom” Ron called back.

“So hungry” Rose muttered as she disappeared back into the other room, leaving them once again alone.

Ron smiled as he stepped up to her again.

“I’ll never get breakfast made if you don’t leave me alone” she chuckled as she splashed the batter over the work surface.

“Use magic, just this once,” He urged as he pushed her hair away from her neck. He felt her shudder against him as he placed a kiss against her skin.

“Just this once” she sighed as she waved her wand over the food. The kitchen sprang to life, creating the pancakes and boiling the kettle. She turned around to him again. “What’s gotten into you?” She asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

“I just enjoy dancing with my wife! Is that a crime?”

Hermione laughed as he lowered her back towards the floor before scooping her up again and spinning her around.

“Not yet, but if this becomes a ridiculous habit, I may pass a law.”

Ron’s face fell into a mask of mock concern.

“Oh, but of course, Minister!” He whispered as he playfully pinched her bottom. Hermione playfully hit him as he pulled her back into his arms

“Not until Monday!” She said as they rocked to the music once again.


Accio Day 2

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