For all the right reasons (Chp4 – Overwhelmed)

He heard the air escape in a satisfying whoosh as he slammed the man back into the wall. Finally, free of people watching him, he could do what he wanted. What he needed. His veins were filled with liquid fire, coursing around his body making him one mass of nerve endings which thrummed and vibrated with need.

“Easy Potter!” Draco chuckled as Harry’s mouth had already found its way to his neck. He moaned spurring Harry on. “Slow down! We have all night!” It was close enough to ten o’clock that the stars were out, but the sun still lit up the distance in a faint glow of pale yellow light. Harry paused, pulling away from Draco. He saw Draco’s eyes widen with surprise.

“Are you alright?” He asked holding Draco’s collar, his fingers intertwined in the material. He focused on that, trying to ground himself, distract himself from the cravings he had. Even in the dim light, He could still see the almost liquid-silver eyes looking back at him like pools of moonlight.

“of course, I’m fine!” The blond snapped with a smirk. “You, however, need to learn some discipline slow down!” Harry hadn’t noticed his hands tucking themselves into the front of Draco’s trousers.

“Dray? Please, I need you!” Harry heard his voice whine. It was enough to cool the ardour slightly as he removed his hands.

“Really, Potter! So crass!” Draco looked back at him with a mischievous smile, “Now did you have fun?” Harry reached for Draco’s face, tenderly cupping it between his palms.

“So good, you are so hot!” He smiled, stroking the soft skin just behind Draco’s ears with his fingers, the tips caressing the soft, downy hair at the nape. Draco’s eyelids slid closed, and Harry felt the gooseflesh rise on his skin. He felt a smug satisfaction knowing he could have such a reaction over someone. How the other man studied him from afar, made his nerves leap with excitement, the way they always did. The control he exerted over him, just enough to arouse and excite him.

“Did you have fun?” Harry asked, his eyes lingering on Draco’s parted lips. His eyes opened releasing a hungry look as those piercing eyes gazed down at him. Harry felt the ardour rise again as he tried to swallow it down.

“I can think of better things to do with my evenings, Potter!” He said seductively.

“Please!” Harry whispered desperately, “Please enlighten me!”

Before Harry could catch his breath, Draco’s hand had pulled his face forward into a crushing kiss while his other arm held him close, the lines of their body’s touching. Harry groaned eagerly into the kiss as his hands hooked around Draco’s neck. His body reacted all over, exploding in sensation.

It was always like this, the feeling as if they had been forever separated and were finally able to touch, an eagerness seemed to ignite within them, like magnets rushing to connect.

“Hold me tight, and think of home” Draco whispered, breaking the kiss gently, his hand producing his wand. Harry gasped as the familiar pulling sensation behind his navel dragged them home.

They landed breathlessly outside of their quiet little cottage, their mouths rushing towards each other again. Draco’s hands were in Harry’s hair as his pale lips ignited his nerves. Fire flared again, flowing down his veins as Draco’s mouth kissed down his neck, his blood feeling like touch-paper. He felt his knees weaken with a gasp. He had no fear of falling as Draco’s arm at his waist held him tight.

“Can you last any longer?” Draco asked, his voice strangled and urgent. He raised his head to look at Harry, his pupils had blown wide leaving a beautiful corona of silver around a deep pool of black. Harry swayed slightly, thinking he might fall in. He shook his head, his nerves felt ready to burst.

“Please!” was all he could say.

Harry closed his eyes again as Draco kissed him. Their lips touched, softer this time and Harry felt electrified as Draco’s tongue touched his own tentatively. That seemed to be enough to drive them both into a frenzy. Draco pulled them both down, and Harry could feel the cold damp grass soak into his shirt as their bodies pressed together, Draco’s weight on his.

“Draco” Harry sighed as the blond straddled his waist. His arms suddenly pinned against the cold ground. A thrill of excitement rushed through him as Draco shushed him with a bruising kiss. Draco moved his hands, freeing Harry, to thread fingers through his hair.

Harry ran his hands up the slender thighs of Draco’s trousers to the smooth skin bared under his shirt. Draco sighed as he pulled away, his shiver making them both tremble.

Harry continued to draw small circles on the tender, pale skin as he looked up at Draco. He had to stifle a sigh. In the dim moonlight, Draco’s pale features were contrasted with the stars above them. He smiled as he raised a hand to his fiance’s face. “Draco” he whispered as he cupped his cheek. Draco smiled as he pressed his cheek into the offered palm. “Are you alright?” Draco nodded again.

“Sorry,” Draco breathed.

“What for?”

“Sometimes, when I’m with you, I get so overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed?” Harry sat up nervously, his elbow propping him up so that he could see Draco more clearly, the ardour calmed by this sudden bout of vulnerability. Draco’s eyes had closed and the cool and blank mask he wore when at his most vulnerable had smothered his features. “Dray?” Harry asked again sitting up, he opened his legs so that Draco sat in his lap, their faces level.

Harry brought his other hand up to cup the other cheek, bringing Draco’s face close. He gently began to cover the skin with gentle kisses, feeling the fresh skin beneath. “It’s ok, it’s just us. What’s overwhelming you?”

Draco sighed his mask crumbling as Harry continued to kiss his neck and nibble his earlobe.

“You” he mumbled as another sigh escaped his lips.

“Me? Why me?” Harry asked before taking his lope in between his teeth lightly.

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted. It scares me” Harry felt his heart skip as he pulled Draco into another deep kiss. Arms wrapping around his face as he fell deeper in love. As they slowly parted, Draco’s gaze peered at him from under silver eyelashes making him groan with want.

“Dray? Can I? I need you now!” Harry pleaded, a hint of urgency and need in his voice.

Draco nodded enthusiastically, and Harry didn’t need to be told twice, as his hands rushed to the buttons on Draco’s shirt. Finally, his alabaster skin was unveiled and bared to the moonlight. Harry felt the urgency consume him. He only became aware that Draco’s hands were working on his jeans when he cursed. Harry moaned as he held Draco to him, rising to his knees. Harry could feel the line of Draco’s body pressed against his, their bodies pushing and working against each other in search of their mutual pleasure.

Draco cursed again and immediately after Harry felt the shirt torn from his back. The cold summer air kissed it where the moisture had soaked his skin. Spurred on by this sudden, violent act, Harry couldn’t hold back any longer. He fell forward, pressing Draco into the ground with his kiss as his hands worked at their trousers. Draco gasped as his back touched the ground, arching his back, Harry growled as they pressed together.

Harry looked down at the pale perfecting that was Draco, even the sectumsempra and dragon scars couldn’t mar the beauty. He paused for only a moment before falling deep into Draco’s embrace. The heat stole all the thoughts from his mind as they clung together motionless.

“Please,” Draco pleaded, his voice barely above a whisper as his breath ghosted across Harry’s ear.

Harry began to move, his hands threaded deep into Draco’s moon-kissed hair. The vision of the blond below him was almost his undoing, his chest rising and falling rapidly with each ecstatic pant. The heat was building like an exquisite pain as their bodies moved together. The end was in sight for Harry, he gritted his teeth as he tried to keep it at bay, his eyes focused on the Slytherin prince beneath him.

Draco reached for him, but Harry grabbed his wrists, forcing them above his head. He pressed his lips to Draco’s neck then bit gently, the panting and noises becoming ever more frantic. Harry groaned again as he felt so close to losing control. Suddenly Draco let out a cry as he fell into his own oblivion. Harry held on and felt himself fall with him, his mouth blown open in a silent scream.

It was a long time until he fell back into himself, his muscles felt stiff and sore, and the wind brought up the gooseflesh across his skin, but his soul felt invigorated and content. He pulled up and looked at Draco. His eyes were closed, but his lips were painted into a small smile.

“Still overwhelmed?” Harry asked as he planted a sweet peck on his lips. Draco’s eyes opened slowly as he gazed up at him. He raised a hand and placed it against Harry’s face.

“Always!” He said slowly.

Harry smiled as the love in his chest threatened to explode. Draco smiled and looked around as if only realising for the first time they were outside. “No wonder I’m cold! We’re in the back garden!” Draco tried to sit up, but Harry kissed him again with a chuckle. “Merlin! Potter, would it have hurt you to let me apparate us to bed?”

They looked at each other for a second before they began to laugh.

“Come on, let’s go and clean up then we can go to bed and cuddle,”


It was a couple of hours later when Draco finally finished in the shower. Harry looked up from his paperwork and smiled as Draco walked in, a dark green towel tied high on his head.

“Looking at work again?” grumbled Draco as he sat at the dresser. Harry rolled his eyes with a smile as he closed the folder in front of him. “If those auror’s need help solving their cases, maybe they should take you on full time” Harry crossed his arms and just listened. He had heard this particular grumble several times in the last few weeks. “I know you’re doing research, but they really are taking advantage! They should know better, in fact, Ron should know better!”

Harry watched as the blond slipped the towel from his hair and watched as water dribbled down his neck. He cleared his throat making Draco turn. “Are you even listening to me, Harry?” Harry stood up, the covers revealing his boxers as he stepped over to Draco and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“If you didn’t take so bloody long in the shower, I’d have better things to do with my hands.” Harry straightened up and proceeded to leave the room. He threw the file onto the pile in his office and returned. By the time he returned, Draco had dried his hair and was sat on his side of the bed, the thick band of his pyjama bottoms peeking over the duvet.

Draco smiled at him as he climbed into bed and Harry found himself smiling back as he removed his glasses and lay down, holding an arm out. Draco waved his wand and extinguished the lights. There was a rustling of covers and then, what Harry had been waiting for, a long cool arm stroked gently across his chest, and Draco’s head found the crook of his arm. Harry groaned in satisfaction as he pulled the blond closer to him.

“Are you alright? Draco asked quietly running his fingers through Harry’s hair. Harry nodded as his eyes closed, his mind focusing on the feel of Draco’s fingers.

“I’m good, why?”

“You looked like you had something on your mind as you came to bed.”

Harry opened his eyes to look at Draco before remembering that the lights were off. He sighed as he let his mind wander for a moment.

“Oh, no. I’m alright, just wondering whether the guys are alright at the Night Ministry,”

“I’m sure they’re fine! You really do worry about others too much!” Draco planted a kiss on Harry’s chest. Harry rolled over to face him more, leaning in and placing a distracted kiss against his forehead.

“I know, it’s just that I’m hearing a lot of bad things about that club at the moment” Harry paused for a moment, his thoughts flashing to the reports. He took a deep breath wishing he could fully disclose everything to Draco. “I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I’ll be relieved when I find they all got home ok” He squeezed Draco to him tightly.

“I wish you would talk to me about this case, I can see that it’s bothering you. You and Ron. Hermione and I are worried about you both!” Draco said sullenly.

“I wish I could,” He said with a sigh “We’ve been sworn to secrecy. Do you not think both me and Ron wouldn’t be consulting you both if we could? Hermione was the brains when we were at school, and you are one of the cleverest people I know.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait until school starts again!” Draco chuckled against his chest.

“Know what I can’t wait for?” Harry asked teasingly.


“Our Honeymoon!” Harry smiled. Holding Draco so close was one of the best sensations in the world. He carded his fingers through the blond’s hair, pulling their faces together gently. Draco moaned in satisfaction and agreement as he claimed his lips. The kiss was soft and sweet and possessive. Something slow-burning and sensual, making Harry’s heart beat hard and loud. Harry felt his love threaten to explode from his chest again as they slowly stopped. Draco was so close, he could feel his breath on his face.

“So you liked the Armagnac?” Draco asked drowsily.

“Oh yes!” Harry smiled, his nerves twitching at the thought of it. “Very much so.”

“Good” There was a long pause, and Harry wondered whether Draco had fallen to sleep already. “I love you, Harry!” Draco muttered finally as sleep began to overtake him.

“Love you too, Dray” Harry replied pulling the blond closer still, before letting his muscles relax and sleep carry him off.


The dream resurfaced from the darkness. He was suddenly back in Kings Cross station as he had been when Dumbledore had met him, all those years ago. This time he was alone on the platform. The shining white walls were now a grubby white as though artificial and tainted. He walked along looking for someone to explain why he was back. Noises from further down hurried his steps. There were others there this time, on the other platforms. Familiar yet unfamiliar faces,

people that left an imprint on your subconscious.

They stood looking around wide-eyed and vacant, unmoving together. Harry tried calling to them, but his voice made no impact.

The group of them all seemed to be looking at the same spot on the ceiling. Harry looked up, but there was nothing there. When he looked back down, all eyes were turned to him. Harry felt himself jerk backwards in fright.

Orion stood at the front of the group, his solid, pale, blue eyes looked so flat and dead. Harry tried calling to him, but there was no sign of recognition in those empty orbs. His pale hair, usually so carefully styled and neat was unruly and messy.

“Orion!” he tried again. This time something seemed to move behind the robin egg blue. Harry felt his stomach lurch as the group’s arms raised simultaneously covering their faces.

“Wait! Orion! I’m coming!” Harry ran, feeling as though his feet were stuck in tar. Every muscle groaned and shook as he fought to get to the other man. Now on the same platform, he could see just how many people there were on the platform. About 30 people hovered, their faces covered. He passed them warily as he looked for Orion in the crowd.

He called out his name again and wished he hadn’t. Everybody turned to face him, their faces still covered. He stopped walking, knowing he had just walked into a trap. He started to back up when the figures began to close ranks around him. Orion’s blond hair stood out at the front as Harry paused.

As if given a silent order they opened their hands. Black jets of water poured from their eyes, soaking their clothes. Harry darted to the centre of the circle hoping to avoid the flood. The figures seemed to disappear as if dissolved by the liquid. Harry covered his mouth thinking there should be a smell. Time seemed to freeze

as the black water stopped flowing towards him.

The figures were gone, dissolved, and he was suddenly, deafeningly alone again on the platform. He sighed feeling the sudden panic ease from his muscles. He uncovered his mouth a took a deep breath of relief. He paused as something caught his eye. A single black bubble popped up to the surface. Harry watched with interest as another appeared and then another.

One bubble, more substantial than the rest emerged and Harry waited for it to pop. Other larger bubbles had begun to appear in the thick tar. Harry started to feel the dread build up within his gut again as he waited for the bubbles to pop.

Pop. A creature emerged from the tarry bubble, its claws opening and closing convulsively. Harry recognised it as a fat-tailed scorpion. With a large, flat, shiny body and thick nobbled tail, Harry knew that just one sting could be deadly. He tried to back up when he remembered the other bubbles.

The all popped as he knew they would spilling these deadly creatures forth towards him. There was nowhere to run. He tried stamping on them and managed to kill a few of the eager ones, but soon, as more and more bubbles popped, there were more scorpions that Harry knew what to do with. Soon they had started to climb over their fallen comrades. Soon Harry could feel them trapping his legs, pulling him down under their weight. He saw the largest of them all climb up to face him, it’s tail, reared ready to strike.

Harry closed his eyes waiting for the strike. No strike came. He opened his eyes and saw that bright moonlight was shining in through the glass windows. The creatures seemed to squeal and cry as the light touched their shiny armoured flesh. They scattered in all directions leaving the platform clean and bare. Harry looked up at the light again and felt light he was being lifted up.

Harry woke up blinking, his heartbeat raced as his breath escaped from his chest in helpless pants. It took him a moment to realise that the blinding light hadn’t just been from his dream. He sat motionless staring at the shimmering horse stood in his bedroom.

“Harry, Come quick! It’s Orion!”

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