For all the right reasons (Chp3 – Aguillon’s undoing

The Gamps old gregarious pint challenge remained unbroken, Draco thought as he watched Orion’s head disappear into the bucket after a mere two sips. Draco smirked but said nothing as he would be roped in next to try it if George had anything to do with it, the competition being all but null and void.

Draco turned to look at Harry whose weight was pressed comfortingly against him as he spoke to Ron. Draco noted that the double he’d bought him was almost gone and his fingered were playing absently around the rim of the glass. Draco secretly smiled to himself as he waited for the drink to kick in properly. He reached up and began playing with the hair at the base of Harry’s neck, and smirked when the shorter man shivered and sighed. Harry gazed up at him, and Draco could see that the drink was already taking effect. Harry’s pupils were blown wide, and a blush was dusting the apples of his cheeks. Draco bit the inside of his lip as he took in Harry’s face. Draco hoped Harry would look at him like that later, in hopeless abandon.

“Are you well, darling?” Draco asked smugly. He loved watching how Harry’s eyes darted to his lips as he licked his own.

“I am love. Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?” Harry asked,

“No reasons I can call to mind,” Draco replied smoothly. Harry was well on his way to tipsy, the effects of the drink were becoming clear to anyone watching out for them. “Why do you ask?” Draco looked deep into Harry’s face, taking in every feature and flaw.

“What am I drinking?” Harry asked, “What did you do to it?” Harry asked, his eyes narrowing.

Draco pulled away and faked a shocked expression at the suggestion before laughing as Harry took another deep gulp leaving only dregs.

“Would you like another?” Draco asked with a quirk of his eyebrow. He studied Harry’s face, and he could tell that the shorter man was considering saying no.

“What is it?” Harry asked again.

“It’s Armagnac,” He said simply and waited for Harry to ask more. Harry smiled as his eyes narrowed. “Would you like another?” There was a second of hesitation and Draco could see the battle being fought within him. But as if a decision had been reached Harry knocked back the dregs in the glass and handed Draco the glass.

“Only one, otherwise I’ll have to ask you to take home” Draco tilted his head as he waited for Harry to elaborate but Harry just smiled warmly, the alcohol soothing him into his stupor.

“Maybe that is my evil plan” Draco smirked before turning back to get more drinks. He felt Harry follow behind him.

“What?” Harry asked, stumbling slightly as he tried to keep up.

“Maybe I want you to take us home,” Draco smiled.

“But we’ve not been here long!”

“I am aware.” Draco nodded without looking at him as he raised his hand to catch the bartenders attention.

“We can’t go home yet” Harry tried to object. Draco leant in close, his nose touching Harry’s skin.

“Maybe not immediately, but soon you’ll be begging for me to take you-” he let his breath dance across Harry’s skin making the shorter man shiver again. “Home.” Harry’s pupils seemed to dilate further before his eyes closed. Draco sighed as he looked at the needy look on Harry’s face.

“Why?” Draco pulled back far enough to look Harry in the eye.

“Oh love, I would never be so crass as to talk dirty to you in public!” Draco said smoothly, knowing that wasn’t what Harry had meant at all.

Harry opened his eyes with a look of frustration as he levelled his emerald eyes at him.

“You knew what I meant!” Draco chuckled quietly as he hid his mouth behind an elegant hand.

“I said that I wouldn’t ask to go home. However, I am not beyond making you want me to take you home.”

Harry’s brow furrowed as he tried to follow the logic.

“So you have done something to this drink? And you think I’m going to just up and ask you to take me home even though that’s not what I want to do?” Harry crossed his arms and Draco could tell that he was deciding whether he wanted to be angry or not.

“Bring on the veritaserum. I have done nothing to your drink. However, I bet all the clothes you are wearing, that by the time you finish this next drink, you will be begging me to leave!” Draco crossed his arms as he waited. He watched as Harry tried to make sense of what he’d just said. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but Draco cut him off. “And yes, in theory, if you have a will or iron, you could take all the time in the world to finish your drink; however, the longer you take to drink it, the more you’ll want to drink it” Draco darted in and stole a kiss from Harry’s parted lips before he straightened up. The bartender appeared with another double of the amber liquid and Draco watched as Harry eyed it hungrily. He placed down seven galleons and took the glass up. Harry’s eyes followed it as the bartender rolled his eyes and walked away. The addiction had well and truly kicked in. He wasn’t worried though, he knew that the effects would wear off as he became sober again or gave in to his lustful urges. Draco smiled as he watched Harry struggle with his thoughts, each playing transparently on his face.

“What is it really?” Harry asked again, his hand now on the bar picking at the wood as if distracting itself from the liquid but still closer to the glass than it had been.

“Armagnac, as I said”

“Brandy? But I’ve had brandy before. It’s never felt so… what is it?” Harry stumbled for words, his eyes still pinned to the glass which Draco had lifted to his nose.

“It is as you requested, ‘elegant, sophisticated and addictive’”

“Please love, It’s making me… I feel weird!” Harry said awkwardly, causing Draco to really look at him. He smiled and sighed.

“Alright, ruin my fun! It’s called ‘Aguillon’s défait’, which is French for ‘Aguillon’s Undoing’. Draco smiled again as he placed a hand against Harry’s neck, he was silently pleased with the flush of Harry’s lips and the way Harry pushed himself into his palm. “It’s a temporarily addictive aphrodisiac. By the time it’s taken for you finish that glass, you’ll be begging me to take you somewhere more private” Draco gauged Harry’s face who blinked heavily.

“You manipulative bastard!” Harry said, a grin growing on his face. Draco smiled, knowing he was off the hook.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing!” He kissed Harry again, slower this time, tasting the brandy from his lips with his tongue “Now for the fun part, you are going to take this drink, fully knowing what is going on and being able to do nothing about it. You are going to try as hard as you can not to drink it, all whilst thinking about what I intend on doing to you when we get home!” Draco smirked as a look of false anguish filled Harry’s face. “And all whilst trying to maintain conversations with your friends” Harry looked up at Draco then, eyes narrowed. “And the best bit is that you are completely helpless against it, it’s almost as if I’ve tied you up and started to tease you already” Harry exhaled slowly, and Draco watched as his chest began to rise a fall rapidly. He smiled, knowing that some imagery would make it even more difficult for him to concentrate.

“You are a cruel, cruel man!” Harry whispered softly.

“And that is precisely why you love me, now go on! go play!” He winked at Harry as they moved away from the bar and back to the crowd.

“Harry, Draco!” George called “We thought you’d gone home already!”

“No, Harry was just telling me how he wanted to stay out as long as he can” Draco smirked as he felt the withering look he was getting from Harry at his side.

“Excellent!” George shouted back, Lee and some of the others cheering too.

“Go on love, go mingle,” Draco said as he pushed Harry towards his friends. Harry was about to sip his drink when he caught himself and stopped. He looked back at Draco and scowled, the grin still in place.

“How many has he had?” Came a voice from behind him. Draco paused for a moment before turning. He knew that voice, from many years ago. He turned around, entirely taking in the dark figure before him. Draco swallowed and tensed imperceptibly as he nodded.

“This is his second double” Draco replied

“Aguillon’s defait, I take it?” Draco nodded as Blaise Zabini stood next to him nodding. He stood looking like a carved deity, perfect lines and angles. He smiled slightly as he offered Draco his hand. Draco paused for a moment before taking it. The handshake was firm and sure just like Blaise.

“When I read the paper, I thought it was just the Prophet being its usual scandalous self! Malfoy and Potter, together. Who would have believed it?” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Certainly not me!” Draco said enthusiastically. Blaise snorted before sipping his own whiskey.

“So, how have you been?” He asked genuinely. Draco nodded as his eyes drifted to Harry, who stood talking to Percy and Oliver as he sipped his drink, then, as if suddenly remembering, pulled his glass away, his eyes finding Draco’s in mock menace before he turned to continue in the conversation. Draco smiled while he laughed to himself.

“Do you remember when we-?”

“Indeed, you were cruel as a teenager” Draco chuckled.

“I’m cruel as an adult too! You were hilarious!” Blaise’s chuckle was like a deep double bass.

“It was less than amusing at the time!” Draco cringed at the thought.

“What year were we in again?” Blaise asked

“Fourth!” Draco replied coldly.

“Ah, yes. The Durmstrang boys.”

Draco could feel the heat creeping up his face at the memory. He looked at Blaise who watched him with alert and observant eyes. A smile building on his lips. Draco remembered why it had been so long since he’d seen Blaise. Even though he was an old school friend, his loyalties were his own, and he had a penchant for exposing other’s insecurities. Something which Draco had valued when they were at school. Draco shook his head as he forced himself to smile, knowing the best way to stop Blaise in his tracks. He saw the confusion briefly light up the dark brown eyes.

“Indeed,” Draco lingered on the memory for a moment “The Durmstrang boys” Blaise shifted, looking at Draco as if seeing something that hadn’t been there before. He licked his lips before trying again.

“What was his name again?” He paused, and Draco could tell it was for effect. “Thomas? No. Timur? Timofey!” He wagged his finger as he pretended to remember the name. Draco inwardly rolled his eyes. “Timofey! How is he?”

Draco knew he wanted to see him squirm uncomfortably with the memories, it was the way Blaise worked. He was a needler, he would poke and prod until he found a chink in the armour. That information would then be stored up for later use. If he got no reaction, he would move on to other subjects or someone else. So far, he had never really used it on Draco to any great extent; however, Draco remembered his sometimes-brutal treatment of other students. Draco smiled knowing that Blaise hated a tough nut. He smiled slightly at the darker man.

He hid the cringe deep down. His first ever sexual experience and it had been in a broom cupboard with the Durmstrang boy, Timofey. It had been an uncomfortable and rushed affair thanks to the addition of Aguillon’s defait. Knowingly, Blaise had supplied it and, unknowingly Draco had consumed the strong lust beverage. Poor timid Timofey never stood a chance.

“I wouldn’t know, after our brief tryst in one of the broom cupboards, we never spoke again, shame really.” He watched with an apathetic look as Blaise looked confused. Draco sipped his drink as he looked away at Harry. His tight jeans were doing something strange to his insides, and he had to wonder whether he had consumed too much of Harry’s Armagnac. As his eyes travelled up the length of Harry’s body, he realised that Harry was watching him also. Harry’s glass was about half full, but his eyes were full of hunger.

“Indeed” Blaise replied, drawing Draco’s attention again.

“So how do you know Orion?” Draco asked trying to avoid Harry’s attention, knowing that would drive him slowly insane.

“I’m a model,” Blaise said smugly.

“Perfect profession for you!” Draco nodded.

“It certainly pays well enough, and the attention from the ladies is always welcome” He smiled cheekily. “Did I read correctly, you’re a world-leading Dragonologist now?”

Draco ran his hands through his hair nervously and smiled what he hoped was a confident smile.

“I’ve taken a break from it all at the moment after – erm” He paused as the memories came back. He cleared his throat as he struggled to carry on.

“Oh Merlin, yes I read about that! Was it as horrific as the Prophet made out?”

“I’m not sure what was reported to be honest but, it was most unpleasant!” Draco snorted “I’m currently a consultant with the ministry, still trying to get back on the dragon as it were. Especially when it comes to field work, not that there is much currently needed here” Blaise nodded solemnly then smiled.

“And what did your father say about you running off to do manual work?” Blaise smiled mischievously.

“His portrait was less than impressed” Draco nodded wistfully as he sipped his drink. “But luckily Mother’s put him straight.”

Blaise snorted and looked like he was about to say something but an argument draw their attention.

Ron stood, face level with George as he shouted at the remaining twin. His face was red and blotchy partially to alcohol and partially to rage.

“You are not going there!” He spat at his brother. “You can’t go in there!”

“Awww is Ickle Ronnikins getting his robes bunched up?” George teased, his face full of humour as usual.

“You’re such a git! Just listen to me for once! Do not go there!” Draco’s eyes narrowed, he glanced at Blaise before moving closer along with the rest of the group. Orion still had his head in the bucket and Draco had a sneaky feeling that he had fallen to sleep.

“What’s going on?” Asked Percy loudly, which reminded Draco of the days when he was an annoying prefect.

“Orion said he wanted to go to the Night ministry” Lee explained nervously.

“The what?” Draco heard himself saying.

“The ‘Night Ministry’. It’s a new nightclub which has opened up in Knocturn Alley.” Zacharias replied quietly.

“So? What is the problem?” Percy asked again.

“You shouldn’t go there!” Harry muttered, his eyes still lingering on Draco. Draco smiled at him before averting his eyes.

“What? Why?” Oliver asked. “A nightclub sounds like a great idea!”

“No, no, no!” Ron argued, his words jumbling slightly. “That place is no good!”

“I think it sounds like a fun time” Blaise cut in.

George looked around, as he spoke “Right! Let’s put it to a vote! All those in favour of going to the club, hands up” Draco looked around, Blaise, Oliver, Zacharias, George and Lee had their hands up, and Lee was holding up Orion’s. “And all those against?” Ron and Harry shot their arms up as did Percy. The group looked at Draco as he also raised his hand.

“That’s democracy” George laughed with a clap of his hands. “So I reckon another round, and then we move on!” the group cheered as Harry sauntered over to Draco, his eyes dreamy and warm. His glass was empty.

“Draco, I think we need to go!” Harry said as if through gritted teeth. Draco could see the lust fighting with something else in his eyes.

“But the fun has only just started,” Draco said teasingly, trying to ignore the wary look. “Are you alright?”

Harry stepped closer, pressing his mouth next to Draco’s neck. Draco smirked as he felt Harry’s breath hitch slightly as he placed a hand on the other man’s neck. He shivered as his hot breath dusted the hair and skin beneath his ear.

“Draco, I need-”

He was cut off as another commotion caused them both to look around. Three beautiful witches apparated into being before Orion. Draco inwardly cringed as the women started to dance. Harry’s eyes were captivated as their scantily-clad bodies gyrated to a silent rhythm. Draco felt a pang of frustration at Harry’s sudden distraction. He needed to do something otherwise his plans were ruined.

“George! Strippers? Really?” Percy demanded angrily.

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