For all the right reasons (Chp1 Disappearances.)

Thank you for visiting, The following story if a sequel to my previous fanfiction “All the wrong choices” Which, chapter 1 can be found here

This story can be read as a stand-alone however there will be references back to the original story which may require some explanations.

It is a “Drarry” fanfiction, which means that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are in a romantic relationship along with some other main characters which aren’t necessarily HP canon. If this isn’t something that interests you then consider this your one and only warning as there will be details and suggestions of a mature nature. Comments of an insulting or “ship-bashing” nature will be ignored and deleted.

I do not own Harry Potter and anything you recognise from the Harry Potter universe is owned by J.K herself or Warner Brothers. I write this as a non-profit exercise, for fun and entertainment.

There are darker themes in this plot so please, be aware anyone who has triggers when it comes to abuse, drugs and torture.

Well, that’s it for all the warning and legal jargon. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave your comments below, letting me know what you thought.  Thanks again.



“Left a bit.” huffed Hermione biting her lip. Draco sighed and rolled his eyes.

“I still don’t understand why you don’t have a house elf to do all this for you.” He smirked as he waited for the dirty look. “Or, if you’re really desperate, Ron!” Draco grinned as he waved his wand to the left.

“He can’t,” She stated matter-of-factly, ignoring the comment about house elves.

“Then why am I being made to suffer exactly?” Hermione sighed her satisfaction with a nod, as she admired the heavy Gryffindor-style curtains they had just hung. Her arms crossed, and wand shoved in her hair. She smiled with triumph as she looked at him.

“Because, unlike Ron, you aren’t currently working your arse off.”

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled, “Well, excuse me if my close shave with death has put a slight dampener on my boring and safe career” Hermione snorted and rolled her own eyes. Draco smiled as he looked back at the curtains. He pondered them for a moment before speaking again “I wouldn’t mind, but why did the curtains have to be so… grotesquely Gryffindor?”

“Just lucky I supposed,” She replied as they sat back down at the breakfast bar, and as if it had been planned, picked up their mugs and sipped in odd synchronicity. Draco gazed out of the large window above the sink, the sky was dark and tempestuous, the trees rocking violently from side to side in the large garden.

“So, when does Teddy come back?” Hermione asked.

“Next week, I believe. My aunt has taken him to Prague to visit some family.”

“Family? Of yours?” Hermione asked, surprised.

“Indeed, apparently some of the more distant Malfoy relations weren’t hell-bent on world domination or blood purity.”

“Will wonders never cease?” Hermione said with a grin, Draco chuckled wryly.

“Although it is strange being alone in the house, it’s just as well, what with Harry working so much at the moment,” Draco muttered glumly. “Speaking of which, has Ron told you anything about the case yet?” Hermione’s face had set into a grim line as she shook her head, her voice raised to be heard over the rain that began pummelling the window panes.

“Nothing much, just little bits here and there, what about Harry?” Hermione leant forward, her bushy hair barely missing the countertop.

“Again, just involuntary hints,” Draco paused as he stared blindly into his mug, the coffee was black and strong, the hot bitterness soothing his insides. “Things left unsaid, half-finished sentences that trail off, the colour draining from his face in Diagon Alley. He would be dreadful at playing cards!” Hermione smiled sadly, nodding her head in sympathy and agreement. “I can’t believe the Minister is letting Harry work so hard, he’s not even an Auror!” Hermione murmured her agreement.

“Yes, I have asked him about that, but he hasn’t been very forthcoming in his reason thus far.” Hermione pursed her lips in consternation before she continued to talk, her eyebrows still furrowed “And as for Ron, he hasn’t been a subtle as Harry,” Draco snorted into his cup and Hermione smirked in reply.

“Subtle?” Draco muttered with a chuckle.

“Yes, yes. About as subtle as an erumpent in the department of mysteries!” Draco snorted again and nodded “He’s pigheadedly overprotective. No one can go anywhere alone. He even insists on coming with me muggle shopping, which he hates. When I ask him why he’ll just say ‘because!’.” She sighed resignedly. Draco nodded his head.

“Now that you come to mention it, Harry’s been unusually clingy.” Draco frowned as he nursed his coffee. “I wish we knew more. I for one, can’t wait until school begins again!”

“It’s got to have something to do with the recent disappearances, it’s the only explanation for it!” Hermione determined, her eyes gazed into the distance as her hands gripped the mug.

“Disappearances? There’s been more than one?” Draco asked, leaning forward.

“Yes, I think there’s been three now, Gwendolyn Balker, Algernon Merka & Titus Thindrel.”

“Thindrel’s gone missing?” Draco felt a knot of fear roll over in his stomach. “He works in the office opposite mine, in the Centaur and Goblin liaison office. However, I thought Merka was just on holiday?”

“Oh, really? Maybe just the two then. I know Gwendolyn, she worked in the ‘improper use’ office.” They both sat in silence for a moment before the chiming clock made them look up.“Five o’clock already?” Hermione said shaking her head. “Peace will be over shortly, Molly’s bringing the kids back soon.”

“No rest for the wicked!” Draco smiled before downing his cooling coffee. “I had better get home soon too, Harry should be back on time tonight.

“Oh yes, I forgot! Orion’s Stag do” Hermione exclaimed before smiling warily. “Hopefully Ron should be home on time too.” She paused for a moment before raising her finger “Keep an eye on Orion, I don’t think he’s a big drinker!”

“Oh! The responsibilities of being a designated disapparater!” Draco rolled his eyes “I am only interested in looking after Harry! I think Orion’s fate is sealed anyway! They’re starting out at Georges house.”

“Oh, Merlin, no!” Hermione covered her mouth to hide her smirk. Draco nodded knowingly.

“Oh, yes!” He went to stand “As I said, I am only concerning myself with the one man I have any control over,” He smiled feeling a small blush warm his cheeks.

“Indeed, I’ve heard all about your ‘control’!” She smirked, her face also blushing slightly.

“Only what I want you to know” He laughed with a wink as she stood too. “Say hello to Ron and the kids for me, albeit I’ll see Ron in a few hours” He paused as he leant in for a hug. She smiled as he pulled away “If you hear anything new, keep me informed.”

Hermione nodded as they turned towards the fire. Draco eyed it nervously and then scolded himself for being ridiculous. Of course, Hermione caught the hesitation.

“It’s alright Draco, you used it to get here, you’ll be fine, the more you do it, the easier it will get each time!”

Draco nodded and huffed annoyed with himself. Who knew getting over your irrational fears could be almost harder than ignoring your real ones.
“See you Sunday,” He nodded. She smiled and nodded back as he grabbed a handful of powder. He took a deep breath before throwing it in. He stepped into the green flames, his eyes clamped together tighter than his teeth. He called out home and soon felt the spinning sensation as he was whisked away from Compton Pauncefoot. It didn’t take long before he stepped out and found himself back in his living room. He took a deep, shaky breath as he stepped away from the fireplace as quickly and gracefully as possible.

He took a deep and steadying breath as he tried to ground himself in the safety of their home, something he found helped when he was made to use the floo. He took in the scene before him, remembering what his pain had earned them. Thanks to more than a few expansion charms, their charming little country cottage was a palace within the same small walls. He smiled at their shared trinkets, which dotted the room. Harry’s snitch collection, his own hand-carved dragon and a few other muggle things that Draco hadn’t yet asked about in great detail.

Harry had left him in charge of decorating, which suited them both and if he did say so himself, he had done a fantastic job. The living room was a navy blue with parquet flooring, a bold look which, if the living room had been its original size, wouldn’t have worked. Their pale sofas with a few patterned scatter cushions were to one side. Draco smiled at them, remembering many rainy days, curled up together watching muggle movies amongst other activities. He covered his mouth as if to hide that guilty smile.

His eyes caught sight of the kitchen to the far end of the living room, the one place that Draco had as little input in as possible. That was Harry’s room. The blue followed into there too, however, was a few shades lighter where it was diluted further by the millions of shelves with herbs and spices, cooking utensils and dinnerware.

It was one of Draco’s favourite rooms. In the morning it flooded with sunlight, and there was a clear view across the valley to look at if he could bear to tear his eyes away from Harry cooking. He felt another smile add to his collection. Almost everything in the house had that effect. The photos, muggle and magical alike, littered one wall. Draco stepped closer watching the figures in some of them move. Pictures of them at the Burrow when he proposed, others at various ministry and Hogwarts events and Draco’s most and least favourite photo. He held his heart in his chest again as he looked at it.

Ron had taken it while he had still been in hospital after the incident with the hybrids. He and Harry were both fast asleep in each other’s arms. Harry held Draco tightly in his arms, his palm pressed to his ugly orange face. He hated seeing himself look so vulnerable and orange but loved the way they clung together even in sleep. Draco sighed contently as he turned back to the room. His eyes panned around, discarding the kitchen only to catch something out of place.

Harry’s messy salt-and-pepper hair was the first thing that caught his eye, followed immediately by his tired, dopey smile. Draco felt his heart leap as he pressed his hand firmly to his chest to keep it from jumping out.

“Hey, Pumpkin,” Harry said quietly.

“You scared me!” Draco replied, moving from the wall towards the large grey armchair which Harry favoured.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt your grounding ritual” He smiled and the lines around his eyes crinkled. “I selfishly love to see your face when you think no one is watching.”

“Don’t study me, Potter! You won’t graduate!” Harry snorted at Draco’s reply.

“I’m okay with that, I’ve heard that effort is attractive!” Draco rolled his eyes as he stepped closer. He felt his smile fade as he noticed how tired the other man looked.

“Are you alright? You look dead on your feet!” Harry nodded as he opened his arms inviting Draco to join him.

Draco walked over and sat on his lap, Harry’s arms enveloping him in his warmth immediately. Any lingering discomfort Draco had from the floo was erased within seconds of smelling Harry. Patchouli and honey surrounding him and filling his senses, his smell was home. Harry lifted his head for a kiss which Draco couldn’t deny him. Their lips touched, and just like the first time, the kiss seemed to steal all his breath away and awaken every nerve in his body. Kissing Harry always felt like kissing life itself.

Draco felt Harry’s head pull away gently, his lips suddenly alone. He held his eyes closed for a moment longer, savouring the memory and regaining his breath.
When Draco finally opened his eyes Harry was watching him, a painfully affectionate look softening his face. Draco raised his hands to push his messy hair away from his face. Just running his fingers through the thick, soft hair and feeling the heat beneath made him smile. He studied the smooth, tanned skin, noticing the new wrinkles creasing around his beloved’s eyes, the lines appearing between his eyebrows. His eyes looked red-rimmed and bloodshot as if he had been rubbing at them, they were dry so not from tears, not today. He looked like he was ruined. The concern must have shown on his face as Harry looked away, grabbing Draco’s hand and gently pulling it from his face.

Draco sighed as Harry held his hand, ready to utter the words he’d said many times before. He opened his mouth to speak, to say he was worried, to beg him to quit. Harry, moving in a flash, put his finger over his lips, halting the pleas before Draco could utter them.

“Please,” He said, and his voice sounding hoarse. Draco closed his mouth as Harry removed his finger “Please, no nagging me tonight! It’s been a very long day!” Harry let his head drop back against the chair back, his eyes closing. Draco paused to see the broken man below him and huffed. He rolled his eyes as he tried to climb off, but Harry’s hand held him tightly. “Please, Pumpkin? I just want to sit here and hold you for a little bit longer, don’t get mad!” Harry pleaded. Draco huffed as he let Harry hold him.

“Well excuse me for caring about your health! If you’re going to work yourself into an early grave, I refuse to stay around and watch!”

Harry chuckled at his neck making gooseflesh rise along his skin.
“Are you threatening to divorce me, again?” Harry asked, his voice muffled between kisses. Draco felt his mind go blank as he shivered.

“Don’t push me, Potter! I’ll do it!” Draco whispered, the words empty of venom.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Harry asked, sliding the collar down on his shirt giving him access to the sweet spot on his neck.


“We’re not married yet,” Harry replied.

“10 points to Gryffindor for your astute observational powers!” Draco muttered making Harry snort, the moment lost. Draco shivered as the fresh air replaced Harry’s lips and his sense returned.

“Please love, can we just cuddle a bit longer? I just need to feel your skin on mine.” Draco turned to look at Harry and felt any remaining frustration seep away under the intensity of Harry’s gaze. Draco sighed with resignation as he stood up. Holding out his hand to Harry he smiled with a roll of his eyes.

“Merlin! It’s fortunate for you that, not only are you rich and famous, you also happen to be gorgeous and great in bed; otherwise, I’m not sure how long I’d tolerate your crap!” Harry laughed at that as Draco pulled him up from the chair and led him to the bedroom.

“I’d like to think that they’re not my only redeeming qualities!” Harry chuckled as they climbed the stairs.

“I’m sure you would!” Draco smirked back as he narrowly avoided a playful swat to his backside.

“Hey!” Harry said in a fake sad tone “Don’t be mean to me!”

“Don’t confuse me being mean for me not caring!” Draco said as he pulled Harry into their room. “They are mutually inclusive.”

Draco felt Harry drop his hand before feeling hot hands run around his waist as Harry pull him in for a hug. The line of Harry’s body pressed firmly against Draco’s back.

“I know you care about me!” Harry said, “But don’t be mean!” Draco smirked hearing the pout in his words.

“Yes, yes. No being mean to the chosen one! Now strip!” Harry’s arms loosened as Draco took the opportunity to step away and face him.


“Merlin, Potter! You’re lucky you’re pretty!” Draco smirked again as Harry started undoing the buttons on Draco’s suit. “Not me, you dolt!” Draco laughed as he tried to swat Harry’s hands away. Harry smiled, some of the life returning to his features.

“You need to be more specific in future!” Harry chuckled as he continued to undo Draco’s clothes. Draco rolled his eyes again and smiled, letting Harry have his way. Harry pushed Draco’s suit jacket and shirt over his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

“Don’t even think of leaving that there, you animal!” Draco warned with a raise of his eyebrow. Harry snorted again as he started on Draco’s belt.

“Mmm, I love you!” Harry uttered as he loosened the belt and started on the trousers.

“A horrible decision really!” Draco replied as he started to undo the clasps on Harry’s robes. Harry’s hand stopped as he looked up at Draco. Draco’s smirked

“I love you too!” Harry smiled as he continued to undo Draco’s trousers.

Draco let Harry’s robes fall to the floor as he admired the bare skin beneath his hands. Scars marred the tanned skin under the dark hair. Draco let his hands wander following the line down to Harry’s trousers where he started at the buckle.

Harry hooked his fingers into Draco’s underwear and started to slide it down. Draco grabbed his hands. “No, underwear stays on!”

“What?” Harry asked, surprised.

“We have about two hours before we have to leave to get to the Leaky Cauldron” Harry’s eyes still showed his confusion. Draco smiled and kissed Harry’s forehead before slowly removing his glasses and placing them on the side table. “Everything I want to do to you will take more than two hours, and you need rest! You can have your wicked way with me later” Harry huffed but nodded. They continued to take their own trousers off, and Harry climbed into the bed while Draco hung their clothes up and put their wands next to Harry’s glasses.

Draco slid in against Harry, the temperature of the sheets against his bare skin making him press tightly against Harry’s searing flesh. The room had darkened considerably as the rain lashed the windows. Harry rolled over pulling Draco to him, tangling their legs together. Finally, Harry stopped fidgeting and calmed as Draco carded his fingers through the dark hair.

“I’ve missed you!” Harry muttered sleepily against Draco’s throat.

“Well, that’s hardly my fault! I’ve been waiting for you to come home every night.”

“I’m sorry” Draco smiled but rolled his eyes as he heard Harry dropping off. He wasn’t angry, Well, not with Harry. Ron had been struggling with a case, and Harry had seen it as an opportunity to learn more about dark magic for his students. Draco wasn’t even angry at the weasel for pulling him in, Hermione was having a difficult time raising the children without Ron, it was difficult for everyone.

Draco looked at Harry again, and sighed, revelling in the heat and texture of his skin against his own. He pulled him in closer and closed his eyes. A nap sounded like a great idea!

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