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For a change, this is nothing to do with my writing or at least not directly…

I know I have a few people who follow me and do their own writing and I thought this site might be a useful tool for you.

If you are anything like me, you can pick up a pen and the best thing you can draw is a weird ‘S’ shape as seen below:


That ‘S’ thing that almost everyone in school was able to draw. Well if you have a bit of free time and possibly money – depending on what you need it for, as you can do it for free. You can create some awesome images using

Its great in a pinch if you just want something eye-catching for when you want to post an update about something, it’s also a great tool if you want to create some graphics for your website.

some of the designs I’ve made you can see throughout my blog, but there are also others I’ve made for facebook groups I’m part of etc. Please see some examples below…



Now… the information about price.  Some of the images you have to pay for to use however you can pay a monthly fee and get extra benefits, however, I have so far spent nothing as some images are free and you can upload your own.

I just wanted to share this tool with you as I thought It may be something that can help any aspiring authors, bloggers etc out there.

Thank you for reading...

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