All the wrong choices – (Ch 36 It’s Christmas/Epilogue)

He was surrounded by heat. Blistering, sweating, scorching heat. He was trapped and burning. He tried to escape but was pulled right back in. He had a glimpse of milky pink eyes and claws. He jerked awake, blinking into the twilight. The heat still surrounded him, but he immediately calmed. He threw the covers off his legs to compensate as he shifted further back into Harry’s arms. Draco could never work out what made Harry run so hot but, on those nights where his bad dreams returned, and his blood turned to ice, Harry’s fiery heat was the only thing that could assuage his fears. He loved feeling Harry’s skin against his, his searing breath against his neck; tickling the hairs and sending shivers down his spine. He sighed contently as he looked around Harry’s room lazily. It felt quite late in the morning, but the room seemed darker than it should’ve been. He slowly lifted Harry’s arm off him as he slid out of bed.

He pulled on Harry’s hideous but far too comfortable hoodie over his head to stave off the cold as he stepped over to the window. He peeled back the curtain a crack and peeked out. He couldn’t help smirking at the Muggles trying to drive in their machines, their back wheels speeding round but the cars going nowhere. The snow had only settled that morning, turning the quiet Islington street into a winter wonderland. Draco shook his head as he released the curtain and turned around. He bit his lip at the view before him and felt his heart skip a beat. Harry had always had this effect on him. Harry lay on his side cuddled up in the cover with a muscled arm and a full leg outside of the cover. Draco’s eyes followed the outline of his buttocks down his thick thigh and to his muscled calf, appreciating the swell of flesh and the toned hard muscles under that tanned skin. He licked his lips as he grabbed his wand and left the room, turning to appreciate the full view of his very fine arse as he left the room.

He smiled as he walked down the two sets of stairs to the kitchen. That was one downside to being at Grimmauld place while Kreacher was at Hogwarts. He went to the well-stocked larder and looked to see what he could make for breakfast.  He flicked his wand at the kettle, watching as it rose, filled with water at the tap and then hung over the fireplace. With another more hesitant swish, he started the fire. When the fire seemed to be high enough he turned back to the shelves and smiled at all the food. Harry had cooked so much for him since Harry had been home from Hogwarts. He even grabbed his stomach feeling the extra pounds gained. He didn’t mind too much, it was nothing that couldn’t be worked off after the holidays.

He sighed as he pondered that particular conundrum, He only got to see Harry at weekends and occasionally in the evenings even though they owled frequently and fire called every evening. It was getting to the point where Draco felt things needed to change. Now that he had been able to wake with Harry every morning and sleep with him every night, it had spoilt him. When Harry had returned back to Hogwarts after their long glorious summer together Draco had felt lonesome and restless. He couldn’t believe that he had ever been able to live that way before. He shivered despite the warm hoodie infused with Harry’s smell, like treacle, patchouli and honey mingling in a heady and seductive mix. He needed to get moving before, Harry woke up.

He grabbed the eggs and bacon, a few herbs and some bread. He wasn’t a master chef by any stretch of the imagination, however, he wasn’t too shabby when it came to breakfast. He cracked open the eggs and threw in the bacon and smiled as the delicious smell wafted up to his nose. He put the bread near the fire and the spokes twisted around making them equally brown. He heard the kettle start to whistle and with a swish of his wand a tray clattered onto the table along with a teapot and cups. He grabbed the teabags by hand as he threw them into the teapot. He magicked the plates from a rack on the wall and soon both were adorned with scrambled eggs, bacon toast, which he buttered by hand. He poured the water into the teapot carefully before calling the milk to him. A small milk jug floated over and landed gently on the tray next to the teapot. He smiled down at the tray happy with the effort he’d put in. He flicked his wand again and the tray began to float back up towards the bedroom.

Draco nodded in satisfaction as with another flick of his wand, several parcels floated up following the tray closely. He climbed the stairs and soon was at the top with the waiting tray of food. He pushed open the door and was pleased that Harry’s bottom was still on show. This time he lay face down with his whole body on show. Draco stood just for a second just admiring the view. He wanted nothing more than to kneel at the foot of that altar and worship every inch of it. He sighed as he crept slowly into the room.

“Enjoying the view?” came the sleepy reply from the bed.

“Mmm, more than you could imagine” Draco replied, a grin coming to his face. Harry rolled over, revealing the full glory and it took every ounce of strength Draco had to resist gawping. Harry grinned mischievously as he shifted over allowing Draco to climb back into bed with him.

“You look good in my clothes”

“This hideous thing?” Draco smirked as he was surrounded in Harry’s patchouli and honey scent, Harry’s arms enclosing him in the scorching heat once again and he pulled him in for a kiss. Draco groaned, the heat of the kiss warming him down to his toes as Harry ran his hands through his hair his lips slowly moving down to his neck and ear, teeth grazing and teasing the skin. Draco almost drowned in the sensations as Harry made him shiver and sweat simultaneously. “Har-Harry” He started.

“Mmm?” Harry responded as his mouth worked down to his shoulder. Draco felt his eyes roll and close. Harry always knew the spots to hit, to magic the words right out of his mind. Draco felt the smile against his skin as Harry stopped. Draco took a deep breath before blinking back lustfully at Harry. “You were saying something?” He smirked.

“I erm, yeah. Breakfast” Draco murmured. His hand, waving limply at the hovering tray and presents.

“Mmm, but I already have breakfast” Harry smiled, and Draco felt his body react in places that Harry’s lips hadn’t touched yet. Draco closed his eyes and almost whimpered as Harry’s lips lowered back to his lips. They kissed long and slow before Harry gently pulled away slowly, His hands gently brushing Draco’s hair away from his face. Draco felt the love swell in his breast as he looked up into Harry’s crystal-clear eyes, always the clearer without his glasses. “But I guess we will need the energy for today.” He leant forward and kissed Draco’s nose before slowly releasing him a little. Draco lay still for a moment as he waited for his heartbeat to return to normal.

“You are such a tease” He finally sighed.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it!” Harry said as he reached around Draco to get his glasses and wand.

Draco tried to pout but failed as he floated the tray with the food over to them but it didn’t last long when Harry smiled back at him. He felt himself blush slightly as the tray landed, followed by the presents. Harry’s face dropped.

“I thought we said no presents?” Harry said looking overwhelmed.

“We did, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s alright if you haven’t gotten me anything” Draco smiled. He had seen them and just wanted to spoil Harry. He’d heard a few of the stories about Harry’s upbringing and couldn’t bear him going through another Christmas without getting at least something. He smiled encouragingly but shortly his eyes narrowed as Harry’s face changed. Harry grinned awkwardly.

“Just as well, I couldn’t resist either” He flicked his wand and several brightly and awkwardly wrapped presents appeared from under the bed. Draco crossed his arms in mock anger.

“You promised” He huffed, a smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

“So did you! Bloody Slytherin” Harry laughed as the gifts landed next to the others. “Merry Christmas love” He grinned as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Merry Christmas honey” Draco responded.


Presents opened and food, eaten they lay in each other’s arms staring at the ceiling. Draco moaned as Harry’s fingers drew gentle circles on his chest. He turned to look at the dark-haired man and admired the content smile on his lips as he lay there, eyes closed in his new scarf. His new scarf and nothing else, the bed covers long lost to the floor. Draco’s face flushed at the thoughts that crossed his mind. Sometimes the level of need he had scared him. He must have made some movement as Harry opened his eyes, smile still in place as he rolled towards Draco. Draco suddenly felt like a deer in headlights.

“I’ve been thinking,” He said as he trailed fingers up and along Draco’s skin. Draco shivered, gooseflesh covering his skin. “It’s been almost a year. How would you feel about moving in with me?” Draco didn’t answer right away. The smile slipped from Harry’s lips. “Or we could get a new place together, we wouldn’t have to move in here if you didn’t want to?” Draco paused for another long moment, weighing up all the choices “Do you think it’s too soon?” Harry sounded nervous now. Draco rolled towards him a smile on his face.

“I love the idea, but yes I think getting our own place would be better” Harry’s eyes widened, and his face erupted in a smile.

“Do you mean it?” Draco nodded knowing it would release Harry’s inner puppy. Harry pulled him into a bear hug, all energy and love. Suddenly the energy halted as their eyes met. “It’s a big step, are you sure?” Harry asked, his eyes gazing into his own. Draco felt his breath catch at the vulnerability in his eyes. He nodded again as he slowly removed Harry’s glasses. All other thoughts lost. Harry’s teeth gripped Draco’s neck hard as Draco pulled at Harry’s hair, drawing a growl from low in Harry’s chest and a sigh from his own. That seemed to spur Harry on as he rolled backwards pulling Draco with him thigh first. “Merlin, you are so hot” Harry groaned as they groins met.

“Yes, you are” Draco smiled down at him pressing his hands to the scared chest under him. He loved when Harry did this. He felt like he was put on a pedestal and admired. He threw his head back as they began to move together. Harry’s hands holding his hips, fingers digging in as the sensations increased. It didn’t take long for the sensations to overtake them as they fell together in a heap. Panting and smiling they lay in bed, Draco pressed against Harry’s chest.

“Best Christmas ever!” Harry panted as he stroked Draco’s hair. Draco waited for the spots to disappear from his eyes before sitting up again. He looked down at Harry and stroked his face. “You ready for later?”

Draco rolled his eyes at the mention of it.

“Christmas at the Weasley’s, I can’t wait,” He said sarcastically and then grinned. “Will everyone be there?”

“I think so, Ron and Hermione, Ginny & Orion, all the kids, Teddy and probably Bill and Fleur” He nodded, not looking him in the eye.

“What about Charlie?” Draco asked

“I don’t know, it depends whether he can get the time off, he’s not always there.” Draco nodded In understanding. “Is it going to be difficult for you?”

“I hope not, I mean we were able to work together afterwards. But according to Torren, we were very awkward around each other. I still haven’t told him”

“You don’t owe him an explanation love! You didn’t have a relationship and from what you’ve said, you ended it.” Harry said stroking his thigh firmer.

“True” Draco patted Harry’s hand as he rolled off with a sigh. “I just don’t know what to expect. Maybe I should’ve told him just so that he wasn’t walking into it cold.”

“I don’t think that will happen” Harry smirked “You really think that me and Ginny divorcing and me and you getting together will have been left out of the letters to and from? Especially when Dragons were involved?  I’m pretty sure he’s known for a while” Draco felt his eyes furrow as he looked at the ceiling blindly, lost in his thoughts. “You ok?”

“Mmm,” Draco grunted as he tried to run through every possible solution in his mind. He felt Harry roll over to face him and turned his head, his eyes not focusing for a long moment.

“Would it make you feel better if I told them we couldn’t make it?”

“No, Harry! We can’t do that, Molly will have gone to so much trouble for us just to not turn up,” Draco shook his head as he went back to staring at the ceiling.

“Ok, how about we can leave whenever you want, if things start getting weird, you say the word and we’re gone. How does that sound?”

“Acceptable” Draco smiled, His mind still on later. He looked at Harry and stroked his face, a smile coming to his face when he remembered there was one more present waiting at the Weasley’s for him. “Come on then we better shower otherwise we’ll be late” Harry sighed and nodded.

“We going to share?”

“We must conserve water, the muggles are always going on about saving the planet” Draco’s smirk was answered by Harrys own as they climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.




“Are you alright?” Harry asked as he rubbed up against him.

“I’m fine” He smiled, not feeling the confidence he was trying to portray. The burrow was much too small for the number of people in it. He felt underdressed in his jeans and shirt.

“They’ll be opening presents soon” Harry smiled “What did we get Molly and Arthur again?” Draco smiled and rolled his eyes.

“We got them some Bond’s from Gringotts, they should mature soon, we thought with all the grandkids, they’d need it” He winked at Harry who nodded and smiled broadly. Harry rubbed his hand around Draco’s back, the heat making him shiver, “Seriously, how are you so hot all the time”

“Just am” Harry shrugged and smiled.

“Alright everyone, come and get your presents.” Shouted Molly from by the Christmas tree. Draco had to smile. It was completely opposite to any Christmas he had ever had at home. The Christmas tree was too tall for the low ceiling, it bent over at the top. The number of Christmas presents underneath would have been impressive had there not been so many people in the room.

The children went first, the presents were passed out like a huge game of pass-the-parcel. Then the other presents were passed out, and to Draco’s surprise, one was handed to him. He looked at Harry in shock, Harry only answered with a warm smile. He opened the wrappings after watching everyone else open theirs. Harry pulled a jumper out of his with a knowing smile. A big golden ‘H’ emblazoned on a navy blue background. Harry turned to him watching expectantly. Draco turned to his own and felt his hands tremble as he revealed the Green wool, he opened it out to find a large silver ‘D’ n the front. He couldn’t form the words, whenever he’d seen the Weasleys walking around in these hideous jumpers, He had always secretly wanted one, to belong to a family so completely. He looked at Harry who seemed to know exactly what he was thinking.  Harry pulled him in for a kiss before he pulled the jumper proudly over his head.

“Oh, my!” He heard Molly say as they turned around. “Draco, Harry Dears, this is too much,” Molly said sitting down with a hand on her chest. Arthur looked over her shoulder, his eyes widening in surprise.

“Really, We can’t except-”

“You have been parents to us all, even those who are not your own, it was the least we could do,” Harry said, covering for Draco’s lasting speechlessness. Draco nodded as he held the jumper close to him.  He met Molly’s tearful eyes over the room, and they both nodded at each other.  Any animosity between them gone completely.

Draco knew why it felt so claustrophobic in the room. It wasn’t just the amount of people trying to fit into the small space. It was so full of love it was overwhelming. He had never been under the illusion that his own parents were warm people, but he had never failed to believe that they loved him, however, the love never filled the great dining room like it did the Weasley household.

The snow was still falling as it generously covered the fields outside of the burrow. He felt the nerves boil up inside him again as Harry’s hand left him. He turned as he heard someone else step into the kitchen.

“Hey, you two,” Said Hermione as she walked over to the kitchen with baby Edward in her arms. That sweet child never failed to bring a smile to his face, with his large brown eyes and ginger hair sprouting out in all directions.

“Excuse me a moment,” Harry said with a smile “I’ll be right back” As he disappeared into the room.

“Draco? Are you okay?” Draco nodded as he held out his hands to hold him and Hermione rolled her eyes as she handed him over. “One of these days, I’ll actually get to hold one of my own children” she huffed with a smile.

“Not this day” Draco replied with a smile that was all for the baby.

“You didn’t answer my question, everything alright?”

“Everything is fine” He smiled. Hermione nodded, not like she believed him.

“You do know you can talk to me, don’t you?”

“I do, Honestly I’m fine.” She nodded again, still not convinced but she dropped it. He smiled as he kissed the baby and handed him back to Hermione who cuddled him up while he pulled her hair. She opened her mouth to speak when the front door opened ringing a chime out through the rest of the house. Molly looked up from her chair by the fire, listening to Celestina Warbeck begin her warble of the ballads. “Who’s that? Charlie?” She called.

“Just me mom” Draco felt his heart plummet. He knew it had to happen at some point or another, but why tonight of all nights? His eyes sought out Harry for support. Harry caught his eyes from across the room, letting him know he was there and aware. That made Draco feel better, He had an escape if he needed it.

Charlie Weasley appeared in the doorway and smiled his wide easy-going smile as he hugged his brothers and mother. Harry and Teddy waved from the back of the room, as did some of the others, too engrossed in their presents. Draco had never really noticed before but Charlie could have been the third twin, his build was the same as George’s and his face was only slightly narrower. George wasn’t covered in anywhere near as many freckles whereas Charlie almost looked tanned with freckles. Draco sighed as he remained in the kitchen, the only free space in the burrow to breath. He sipped on his fire whiskey as he looked out the window, the snow growing steadily worse.

“Heya,” Came Charlie’s easy greeting. Draco smiled nervously as he turned to greet his friend.

“Hi, Charlie, how are you?” He asked, and he felt it sounded genuine. Charlie pulled him in for a hug as he had for his brothers, he desperately told himself, but couldn’t ignore the fact the hug lasted longer.

“I’m good, really good, you could’ve given me a heads up about those Dragon hybrids though, they’re feisty, aren’t they?” Draco smiled but it doesn’t go to his eyes. “Oh bloody hell, I forgot, sorry, sore subject.” Charlie stuttered. Draco grimaced at the memory.

“Just a bit” Draco replied. “How are they doing?”

“Yeah the Dragonets and the hatchlings are all doing well, however the Wyrm, not so good. She’s in the infirmary at the moment,” Draco grimaced in sympathy, remembering the creature. “Looks like St Mungo’s patched you up well though, you’re looking great”

“Thanks, life in England seems to agree with me now.” He smiled looking over at Harry. Harry smiled and waved over, but Draco could see the cautious look in his eyes, looking for any hint of discomfort.

“Ah,” Charlie paused pulling Draco’s attention back to him “I heard about you and Harry. That’s great” He said, and Draco could tell he was trying to be sincere.

“Thank you, yeah it’s great.” Draco smiled his eyes drawn back to Harry and the curve of his arse in his trousers. He smiled to himself as he remembered what he looked like naked.

“Look Draco,” Charlie said with a smile, pulling Draco’s attention again “I’m sorry, about before” Draco watched the emotions on his face as he seemed to search for the words. “I know that you’re probably still annoyed with me for what happened, and I don’t blame you for being.” Charlie said as he ran his hand through his short spiky hair “If the roles were reversed I probably would be too” He opened his mouth to continue but Draco cut him off.

“I was, but I’m not anymore,” He smiled. And Charlie seemed to ease down a bit.

“I just didn’t realise what I wanted or needed. I’d just considered myself asexual” Draco felt his eyes widen at the term “Yes I know, I’ve done research” Charlie laughed as he rolled his eyes. “As I was saying, there was never anyone who turned my head, not even slightly. Then all of a sudden you show up and it’s like a red flag to a bull. It had never even occurred to me that I could be gay and when I finally wrapped my head around it, you weren’t there anymore”” He sighed as he stepped closer to Draco. “I am sorry”

“It’s alright Charlie,” Draco felt suddenly uncomfortable in the small kitchen, even though he was surrounded by people, he looked up to find Harry but he was blocked by a sea of people. Charlie’s hand touched his own, he stepped away pulling his hand with him. “What are you doing?” He asked nervously.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Seeing you again has reminded me how great it was, how you were.” Charlie kept his distance, as his eyes darted up to Draco’s face. “I don’t suppose there is any way I could convince you to- y’know-” Draco felt his mouth drop open before taking a steadying breath.

“No Charlie, there really is no chance, I’m sorry. Harry and I are buying a house together. I’m happy, for the first time in my life, I am so bloody happy that I can almost forget just how bad my life was before.” He waved absently at his left forearm.

“There was never going to be anyone else for you, was there?” Charlie said sadly “When he saved you from Azkaban he actually locked your heart away again everyone else, didn’t he?”

“No, Not then, long before then”

“So there will never be anything-” Charlie looked at the floor.

“No, Charlie, I’m sorry but no. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some air.” Charlie nodded sadly as Draco pushed past him to escape out of the front door.

Draco took a deep cleansing breath as he stepped outside, the door closing behind him. He needed to compose himself. He smiled sadly to himself, he liked Charlie, always had done but he was glad that they both had closure. He took a few more steadying breaths as the door opened up behind him. He turned to see who was joining him, he cuddled the jumper closer to himself as the snow began to stick in his hair.

“How did it go? Must admit I was starting to worry, what with him making moves on your in the kitchen and all.” Draco felt his face go slack.

“You saw that?” Harry nodded.

“I tried to get there to help but there are a lot of bloody people in that house. Looks like you dealt with it pretty well though.” He smiled. “Are you alright?” Draco nodded as Harry ran his hands around his waist. “Did you want to leave?”

“No, come on, its cold, let’s go back inside.” Draco smiled as he looked down at Harry. “I get the feeling the fun is only just beginning” Harry looked confused for a moment before turning to allow them both room to re-enter the house.

They stepped into a commotion in the living room. They looked at each other as they followed.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked. Draco looked over everyone’s head to what the fuss was.

“An owl just swooped in with another gift. For you in fact.” Hermione said cautiously. Harry’s eyes narrowed as he and Draco stepped into the crowd.

“Has anyone checked it not booby-trapped or cursed or anything?” Harry asked.

“I just checked, seems clean” Ron said handing it to Harry. Harry turned to Draco looking at him as he unravelled the red ribbon and opened the scroll.

As soon as his nose was buried in the scroll Draco made his move.

“It’s blank,” Harry said as a few gasps erupted from the room. Harry rolled up the blank scroll, looking around to everyone else in the room before HIs eyes caught Draco’s. His face was a picture of shock and surprise as He looked down where Draco was bent on one knee.

“Harry James Potter! Will you marry me?” Draco held the small red ring box open showing the golden band with a green stone inset into the centre. Draco could tell that the room had gone quiet enough for a pin drop to be heard but his eyes were all for Harry. Harry’s eyes looked at the ring and then back to Draco. His mouth was parted slightly as he raised his hand to file through his salt and pepper hair. Draco could hear his heartbeat thud in his chest as he watched Harry’s head begin to nod. He began to breathe again as the room erupted into applause and cheers. Draco pulled the ring out and slid it onto Harry’s finger. Harry looked at it again with shock as he looked back to Draco.

“Draco, Oh Merlin!” Draco pulled Harry forwards as they kissed. They smile’s growing against their will in the kiss. They pulled apart as they looked at the ring.

“Do you like it?” He asked leaning down to his ear to be heard over the commotion. Harry nodded, still lost for words.

“You boys, You’ll be the death of me, surprises like that!” Molly said as she burst into tears, pulling them both in for a hug and making them both bend down so she could kiss their cheeks. “Congratulations!”

“Seriously, you two, It’s going to be near enough impossible for Orion to beat that now,” Ginny said rolling her eyes, but grinning, much to the discomfort of Orion who had only received a scarf from Molly. Draco smirked as Ginny winked at him.

“Bloody hell, mate!” Came Ron’s bellowing voice. “Well done on the delivery! That was bloody brilliant! Didn’t see it coming at all, like a *Plumpton pass, Bloody Brilliant!”  Draco saw Hermione roll her eyes at the quidditch reference, but she smiled brightly too

“Congratulations you two, about bloody time!” Draco grinned as he held Harry close.


It took forever for everyone to offer their congratulations but slowly the evening calmed, the children were sent to bed leaving the adults lounging in the living room. Some oldies channel playing on the radio. Molly hummed quietly to herself as she and Arthur sorted the washing up in the kitchen.

Draco sat in the armchair watching them as he filed his fingers through his fiancé’s hair.  He smiled at the thought. Harry was going to be his husband. His mind wandered back to the fire as he thought of everything that needed to be arranged.

“I wonder whether we’ll be as happy as them after all the children we’ll have.” Said Harry, Draco’s head shot back, looking down at Harry

“Excuse me?” Harry’s shoulders started to shake as he tilted his head up to look at him. His face upside down.

“Well so far today we’ve agreed to move in together, get married, I thought we may as well agree on the number of children too” He smirked.

“Shush you” Draco smirked

“Scared Potter?” Harry asked a cute smile playing on his face.  Draco felt his heart swell to breaking point as he bent down to kiss his fiancé’s lips.

“You wish! Malfoy!” Draco replied with a smirk, cutting off Harry’s words with his lips and tongue. That was an argument for another day…



Mr and Mr Malfoy-Potter of Lent Lily cottage, Pembrokeshire, were proud to say that they were perfectly happy, thank you very much. They were the first people you’d expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious because one taught defence against the dark arts to the children of the wizarding world, whilst the other sought and cared for magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Their house was filled with laughter, friendship and love. All was well.


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading this right the way through to the end. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. At the moment this is the end of the story, however, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear from Mr & Mr Malfoy-Potter from My version of the Harry Potter Universe.

(Everything you recognise belongs to J.K. Rowling, everything you don’t is mine-probably)

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And Finally – If anyone was wondering, a Plumpton pass is where a seeker hides the Snitch in their sleeve to confuse the opponents.



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  1. Oh my god! That was perfectly done. I loved what you did with the epilogue and the proposal. I think the Charlie seen was pretty realistic for someone in that situation, realist enough to satisfy me at any rate. Beautiful chapter, as always. I am so going to miss this fic.


  2. I so teared up at the ending. It was an all around wonderfully wholesome and heart-warming read. I will make sure to give this a heap of Kudos on AO3 as well!


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