All the wrong choices – (Ch35 – Graduation Party)

“Only community service? Really? They should have gone to Azkaban!” Came the bitter remarks from the fire as Harry packed up his things.
“I know, however at least Malfoy Manor will look splendid again” Harry replied with a slight smile.

“I thought that had some poetic justice to it, and I may or may not have mentioned it”

“You are so devious! Remind me again why you weren’t sorted into Slytherin?” Draco’s voice replied.

“Because I knew if I was, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you” Harry smirked as he took one last look around his room. He was pretty sure he had everything. It felt weird that he wouldn’t be in these rooms when he came back. He would be the new Professor for Defence against the Dark Arts. He sighed satisfied, as he turned to the fire and stepped through.
As soon as he set his bag down, arms wrapped around him and lips landed on his. He closed his eyes as he settled into the embrace. He moaned into Draco’s mouth as they pulled away.

“When you say that, I wish you meant like this and not to throttle me” Draco smirked down at him.

“Me too, however, now that I have you all to myself, I think my hands may have a mind of their own, let’s go to the bedroom and get naked” Harry teased

“Harry!” Draco said warningly as Harry’s hands slid up his back, pulling him close for another kiss.

“We’ve got to go remember? Hermione wanted her books back the moment you landed!” He smirked and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, come on, for all she knows, I ran late, punctuality has never been my strong suit”

“Come on, we’ll only be there for a little while, and then we can come home, and you can have your wicked way with me.” Draco pulled away to grab his coat.

Harry watched him hungrily. His hair had grown back and despite it having a slightly warmer tone to it, it was as soft and fine as before. His scars had faded, for the most part, a few remained behind his right ear and at his hip. Harry liked to kiss those places the most, to remind Draco that he loved everything about him. “Come on you, go and get changed”

“Why?” Harry asked confused. “It’s only Hermione and Ron, I can go like this,” He said pointing down at his trainers, jeans and hoodie.

“Please? I’ve gone to the effort of dressing up, don’t make it look like I’ve overdressed. I’ve put some clothes out for you on the bed” Harry rolled his eyes but knew that arguing was pointless. He sighed and headed for Draco’s room.

“You know, when I said about going to your room and getting naked, this isn’t what I had in mind” He heard Draco snort in the other room as he looked at the clothes on the bed. Draco had at least picked things that Harry would be comfortable in. He quirked his eyebrow as he noticed that Draco had put out the tight black jeans from their first date. He would wear them, he knew that Draco couldn’t help but admire his rear when wearing them. He smiled with vengeful glee as he grabbed those. Then he grabbed his black shirt as he stripped everything off. He smiled again to himself as he chose to leave off the underwear.

Once dressed he pushed the sleeves back, baring his forearms. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He didn’t look too bad, but the test would be what Draco thought. He stepped out of the room silently as he caught Draco looking out of the window.

“Well?” Harry asked, A devilish smile dancing on his lips.

“Dear Lord, Harry I said ‘dress up’, not cause a stir” Draco smiled, a hungry look in his grey eyes.

“This is revenge isn’t it?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Might be” Harry admitted smugly as Draco walked over to him, grabbing his hair and pulling him in for a lip crushing kiss.

“Merlin!” Draco exclaimed, “Have I told you how much I like the beard?” He said as he stroked the thick hair around his jaw.

“Maybe once or twice.” Draco pulled away from him and gave him another look.

“Damn it, Harry! I demand that you go back to our bedroom and change!” He even stamped his foot making Harry laugh. “No, I mean it, I will not be held responsible for what happens if you leave the house dressed like that”

“You know me, I like to live dangerously” Harry winked pulling Draco back to him. He had missed being able to run his hands through his hair, but now that it was back, he used it to his full advantage.

“Harry” Draco groaned as their lips met again. “Merlin’s beard, what you do to me! It must be some sort of dark magic.”

“Don’t worry, I know one or two things about that, I’ll keep you safe” Harry smirked and knew he looked mischievous.

“Come on, before I change my mind!” Draco said pulling himself away before they got carried away.

“Yes sir” Draco growled at him again before stepping up to the fire. His face was automatically transformed into one of discomfort and fear, and Harry’s mischievous mood evaporated. “We can apparate if you want to?” He said. Since the event with the Dragon, Draco had shied away from fire, not bearing to fire call or floo, He was currently trying to overcome it, but some days were better than others.

“Please? I can’t do this today” he said waving his hand at the floo.

“No problem” Harry smiled as he held Draco’s hand and grabbed his bag, “Let’s go” The familiar pull behind the belly button felt as disconcerting as normal, but it was over shortly as Ron and Hermione’s house came into view. It didn’t matter how many times he saw it, he always thought it looked perfect for them. A small thatched cottage with a high hedge that bore blackberries at the end of summer, and a small, white, wooden gate. Harry turned to Draco and took his hand. Draco smiled back at him with one of his pure and fully happy smiles. Harry cherished those smiles along with the ones only he got to see.

They walked down the path towards the little white gate and pushed it open with a creak. The smell of honeysuckle filled his nose and he smiled.

“I’d love to live in a house like this one day,” Harry said as they got closer to the front door. Draco just smiled but didn’t say anything. “Are you sure they’re expecting us? The house is dark”

“They might be in the garden around the back.” Draco offered as he started walking around the house, pulling Harry with him. The warm hazy afternoon air was like a dream as it gently pressed against his skin. Bee’s and butterflies littered the air above the smell of fresh cut grass. Harry took a deep breath and smiled again.

He watched Draco move in front of him and thought about taking a picnic somewhere and making love to him in the middle of a field. He blushed at the thought but resolved to tell him about it later. As they rounded the white cottage there was another gate, which Draco stopped at. He rattled it but it wouldn’t open.

“Harry, could you open it for me? I forgot my wand” He said with a gritted jaw. Frustration on his face.

“It’s unlike you to forget your wand” Harry smiled as he squeezed his hand, as Draco moved behind him to allow him in front.
Harry pointed his wand at the lock,

“Alohomora,” He said and heard the lock clank and snap open. He smiled back to Draco as he pushed the gate open.
“SURPRISE!” Harry felt himself stumble backwards slightly, only bolstered by Draco grinning behind him. He looked around at all the smiling faced and felt himself blush harder. There was a banner hanging from the trees which said congratulations. In large moving letters, which then changed to an image of Harry wearing his graduation gown.

Harry was speechless as he stood taking everything in. He felt his eyes prick at the love he felt. He had never been thrown a surprise party before. He looked around at the faces. All of the Weasley’s and spouses were there, all the children too, with the exception of Charlie. Teddy with his orange hair, which he’d stuck too for months since seeing Draco’s. Rolf, Luna and the twins, and some other faces he couldn’t quite place. He even spotted Ginny and Orion in the far corner. She offered a gentle smile.

“Come on Harry” Draco urged as he pushed him forward lightly.
“You great big git,” He said to Draco as they got closer.
“Believe me, after your wardrobe change, I didn’t want to share you!” Draco snickered as he pushed him into the crowd of people.
“Harry!” Came Hermione’s voice. He turned to look at her and take her in, She was huge and pregnant and beautiful. Her face was glowing and full, Ron stood behind her with a huge grin on his face. He pulled them both in for a hug, struggling to get close to Hermione around her bump.
“Well done on your N.E.W.T’s! I knew you’d do it” Hermione beamed proudly.
“I couldn’t have done it without you or Draco” he smiled.
“Hey! What am I? A chopped flobber worm? I helped” Ron whined behind her.
“And Ron for making the tea and bringing food” Harry smirked, as Ron smiled smugly.
“Harry!” He heard his name and turned as he was faced with Molly and Arthur. “Well done my boy, knew you could do it!” said Arthur clasping his shoulder.
“We bought you a gift, Every professor needs one.” Molly handed him a parcel wrapped in brown paper. He unwrapped it carefully to reveal a leather-bound book with golden corners. He tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. He looked up to the Weasley’s with a confused smile. Arthur and Molly looked at each other and laughed.
“Sorry Harry, It’s a new range of stationary that George has brought out. Inspired by you I might add. It’s a secret keeper diary. It’s password protected. And if the wrong password is given there’s a booby-trap.” Harry looked up and over the George who raised his glass of champagne in salute. Harry smiled.
“I won’t risk setting anything off now, I’ll look at it later when it’s safe.” Harry laughed nervously.

“Thank you,” He said as he pulled them into a hug.
“Harry Dear, we are so, so proud of you!” Molly said as her eyes welled up. She sniffed, her bottom lip quivering as she nodded with a smile. Harry smiled back to the only mother he had ever known and felt his eye pricking again. He cursed himself internally. He felt something cold pushed into his hand as another hand pressed against his back. He looked around to find Draco with a glass of champagne. “So who organised all of this for me?” He asked and there were a few sheepish looks.
“It was Draco’s idea,” said Neville from behind him. Harry smiled surprised as Hannah leant forward and kissed him on the cheek. The people around him nodded but his eyes went to Molly, who hadn’t always been so approving of the Slytherin?
“Yes. It was Mr Malfoys idea, He got everyone together and it all went from there.” She said with a forced smile. Harry smiled at her, silently thanking her for being nice. She nodded again.
Harry looked up at Draco and almost fell into his grey eyes, Draco smiled and looked away, just a quick twitch of lips, telling Harry that he knew the effect he was having on him. Harry wrapped his own arm around Draco’s back and threaded his fingers into the waistband of Draco’s jeans. Admiring the shirt and waistcoat.
“Hi, Harry, Sorry for interrupting” Came a dreamy voice he would know anywhere.
“Oh Hi Luna, Thank you for coming”
“Not at all. Well done on your graduation. Two E’s and four O’s, nicely done.” She smiled.
“Yes! Well done Harry” Said Rolf a moment after.
“Well, I couldn’t very well fail Care of magical creatures with your’s and Draco’s help. Neville would never have forgiven me if I failed Herbology, And Defence and Transfiguration well…” Harry smirked
“True, Draco does have a lot to answer for, However with how good he and Hermione are with Potions, I’m surprised you didn’t get O’s in that”
“I was never going to get an O in potions” Harry laughed.
“And yet, the man can cook brilliantly” Draco pitched in, drawing his attention away from Neville.
“Really?” Rolf said as he raised his eyebrows.
“Really! We’ll have to have you around for dinner soon” Draco said as he took a sip of his wine.
“Sounds wonderful. Let us know when.”
“Probably won’t be until August now. Harry and I are going to go travelling for a few weeks,” Harry paused and looked at Draco. Draco smirked.
“Ah” chuckled Rolf “I take it this is news to Harry?”
“It bloody well is” Cried Harry before turning fully to Draco. “We’re going Travelling? Where? What for?”
“For your birthday, and where ever you want to go.” Draco smiled as he looked down wrapping his arms either side of Harry’s face. Harry felt excitement and energy building up inside of him as he stared up into the pale grey eyes smiling down at him.
“How long have you been planning all of this?” Harry asked.
“A little while, you were doing so well with your revision” Draco grinned bringing a blush to Harry’s face as he remembered their revision sessions usually ended up with them in bed together. “That I thought a holiday would be a good place to start, maybe go to a beach somewhere for a little while, then maybe go looking for some exotic creatures. We could do some muggle activities too if you’d like?”
“Who are you and what have you done with Draco?” Harry smirked “Muggle Activities? Really?”
“Congratulations, Harry,” Said a voice Harry didn’t immediately recognise. Draco dropped his arms as Harry turned.
“Thank you,” Harry said Politely “Thank you for coming”
“Draco invited us, I hope you don’t mind?” Harry shook his head as he looked at Torren and Cosima who were holding hands.
“Why would I mind?” Harry smiled as he leant forward to give Cosima a kiss on the cheek.
“Oh, just in case I steal Draco away” He winked and smiled. Harry turned to Draco and scowled.
“I say one thing, one thing and it gets rubbed in my face” He laughed.
“Sorry love, it was so adorable, I’ve never had anyone be jealous over me before.”
“It’s alright Harry, Draco was never my type” He winked again as he looked down at Cosima who giggled.
“So Cosima, found your own knight have you?”
“Not a knight, no” She paused for a moment “Don’t have to worry about the armour” They both sniggered at that leaving Harry and Torren looking between them.
“So what are you both up to?” Harry asked ignoring Draco.
“Cosima is going to come up and meet the rest of the family, then we’re going to go over to the Romanian reserve, Cosima has decided she wants to learn more about it so Rolf has put her on a three-week course over there.”
“Sounds great,” Harry said with a smile.
“Foods up” Molly called from the other side of the garden and people started to move away.
Harry quickly squeezed Draco’s rear as they began to casually walk over to the crowded table.
“Uncles!” Harry and Draco turned around simultaneously with smiles only to be blinded by a flashbulb.
“Teddy!” Harry cried as he rubbed his eyes.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” He said with a less-than-sincere smile. “aww look, you both look brilliant” Teddy pulled out the picture and handed it to them. Harry blinked at the picture, and sure enough, it was a great picture. Draco’s eyes seemed to linger on Harry before looking up and Harry’s hand was still on Draco’s bottom. The figures moving before them. Harry blushed, he didn’t think he would ever get used to wizard pictures even after all this time. He looked up to Draco again, who looked down heavy-lidded and smiled.
“Great picture,” Draco said as he smiled at the picture.
“So, Professor, what are we learning next term?” Teddy asked cheekily. Harry went to open his mouth as a cry came from the other side of the garden. Harry’s head whipped around to find Hermione, red-faced and a soaked skirt.
“‘Mione?” Ron asked as he rushed to her side.
“It’s alright Ron. Her waters have broken, best get her to bed. I’ll be up in a moment” Said Molly taking charge of the situation. Hermione looked up at Harry and mouthed her apology. Harry smiled and shrugged as Ron helped her waddle inside.
“So, shall we go home?” Harry heard some people say.
“Let’s stay, it’s her third, she’ll probably have had the baby in the next hour,” Arthur said quietly.
“Do they know what they’re having?” Luna asked
“Nope, they’re doing it the wizard way.”
“Having children must be great?” Draco said suddenly, making Harry’s heart jump.
“You getting broody on me?” Harry asked with a soft smile on his face.
“No!” Draco said quickly without meeting Harry’s eyes. “Malfoys don’t get broody” he muttered before raising his voice so everyone else could hear. “My money is on a boy,” Draco said louder to the others.
“I’ll take that bet Malfoy,” said George from the food table. “3 galleon wager?” Draco nodded his head.
“I reckon she’s having a girl, she’s carrying high” Said Angelina, Fleur nodded too.
Luna tilted her head thoughtfully, “I’m with Draco, I think it will be a boy.”
“Have they thought of any names?” Harry asked.
“Not that they’ve told us, said we might pinch them,” said George, as he rolled his eyes.
Harry cuddled closer to Draco as Draco bent his head to kiss him. It was just a quick peck, but it made them both smile. He heard someone clear their throat and turned his head. Ginny stood in front of him with a sheepish smile on her face.
“Hey Harry, Draco” She nodded to them, blushing slightly at interrupting their intimate moment.
“Hey Gin,” Harry smiled knowing what was coming.
“I’d like you to meet Orion,” She said carefully, as the man stepped up from behind her and offered his hand. Harry looked at it for a second before taking it.
“Nice to meet you, Orion, I’ve heard so much about you” The colour seemed to drain from his face and Harry smiled. “All good things, don’t worry” He clarified.
“Hi Harry” He stuttered looking between Harry and Ginny. “Sorry, I’m really nervous,” He said, “I just wanted to say how sorry I am, for the last time we met”
Harry chuckled. Remembering him falling out of the bed completely naked as Ginny protested. Harry looked at Ginny who had started to blush.
“Does he make you happy?” Harry asked her and she smiled and nodded.
“Orion, no hard feelings, I wasn’t doing my job as a husband very well, for obvious reasons” He pointed to Draco who just smirked. “So I’m glad she has someone that can make her happy” He smiled as Orion smiled,
“However,” Draco interjected, “He is also the man that defeated the dark lord, If you’re going to mess with her emotions, He’s going to find out about it,” Draco said as he leant forward and shook hands too. Orion stood there with his mouth open in shock.
“Draco!” Ginny warned with a slight smirk on her face.
“He’s not wrong Gin, If he hurts you, I can make it look like an accident,” Harry said with the best blank face he could muster.
“You know what?” Draco asked looking at Harry “Ron and Hermione told me the same thing” He grinned.
“Yes well…” Harry paused and smiled.
“But yeah, Orion, nice to meet you, be good to her!” Harry said. Orion smiled uncertainly as he stepped away. Ginny narrowed her eyes at him but the smile told him that they weren’t in trouble.
“Well We’re going to shoot off, Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you Harry” She stepped forward and hugged him. She pecked him on the cheek and held his face for a moment. “You’ll make a great defence teacher, just try not to kill any of the students, I’ve heard it doesn’t work out well for you if you do” She winked and they both laughed,
“See you both soon,” Harry said as they walked away back towards the garden gate. Once they were out of earshot, Harry looked at Draco “You’re pretty scary, you know that?”

“You’re not too bad yourself” they smiled at each other as Draco wrapped his arms around Harry from behind and rested his head on Harry’s shoulder. It wasn’t long before Harry felt his lips against his neck and couldn’t help but close his eyes. Draco smiled as Harry tilted his head slightly, giving Draco more room.
“When we get home, I’m going to take your school tie and I’m going to tease you with it.” He whispered into Harry’s ear. Harry growled quietly at the thought, desire pooling within him.
“Guy’s come on, get a room!” said George from the other side of the garden.
“We’ve got one, you’re in it” Harry replied back with a laugh. “However, Teddy!” Harry called when he saw Teddy at the back of the garden with Victoire. They were doing nothing more than kissing, but they were engrossed.
“Mon Deu!” Exclaimed Fleur “Victoire, you stop that this instant!” The rest of the family just giggled between themselves.
The couple pulled apart reluctantly, with equally red faces as Molly stepped out of the house. She instantly had everyone’s attention as she smiled.

“Well, woman, what has she had? I’ve got money riding on this” Called George. Molly waved him off with a roll of her eyes.
“Edward Harry Granger-Weasley has just been born, weighing 7lbs 12oz.” She smiled as she clasped her hands together. “Harry, they’ve asked you to go up.” Molly smiled at him as he and Draco stepped passed.
“I’ll wait down here,” said Draco his hand sliding out of Harry’s. Harry glanced at Molly who seemed to be deep in thought.
“I won’t be long.” He smiled down at him as he climbed the stairs. He heard murmured words from below before he reached their room. He knocked first waiting for an answer.
“Come in” He pushed the door open to find Hermione in bed holding the little bundle, as Ron grinned lopsidedly in the chair next to the bed. It reminded him of the time he had taken to love potion when they were at school. He cleared his throat to stop from laughing.
“Harry,” Hermione said quietly “I’m sorry, we ruined your party, Where’s Draco?”
“Don’t be silly, this is the best party ever” Harry looked at the bundle in her arms and smiled.

“Draco’s downstairs, Molly only said for me to come up” He could already see the tell-tale signs that he was a Weasley.
“Do you want to hold your godson?”
“My What?”
“Godson, Mate!” Ron said finally.
“Are you sure? What about Bill, or George or Percy?”
“Rose has got Bill and Fleur, and Hugo has George and Angelina for their sins. We wanted-” Another knock came at the door.
“Come in,” Ron said looking confused. Draco opened the door looking confused.
“Draco,” Hermione said happily as Draco joined Harry. Hermione handed the baby over the Harry as Draco stood over them.
“As we were saying, We wanted the both of you to be his godparents” Draco went oddly still, his knuckles going white as they held onto the chair.
“Both of us?” Harry asked as he looked down at the new life in his arms.
“Well, He is a Weasley and let’s be honest, he’ll probably outrun just you Harry, you’ll need the back up” Ron commented with a smile.
“Draco?” Harry said as he glanced up at his lover. “You alright love?”
“Here Draco, take a seat, you’ve gone really pale.”
“Yes, Sorry” He muttered. Harry looked up at Draco as he sat down. His eyes boring a hole through the blanket at the baby.
“Can Draco hold him?” Harry asked. Hermione smiled and nodded.
“Come here Draco, Hold him like this.” Harry got out of his chair as he guided Draco down and then carefully handed the baby to him. Draco looked down into the baby’s face and Harry could see colour appearing on his cheeks. His face seemed to soften the longer he looked at the baby. Harry felt his heart melt. One day, he might suggest they adopt their own. Draco looked u and Harry could see the twinkle in his eyes from unshed tears.
“He’s beautiful” Draco croaked “You both must be so proud”
“We are, he’s going to be a handful, He’ll need you both to be on top form” Ron smiled.
“Are you serious about me being a godparent too?” He asked. There was no hesitation in Ron or Hermione’s face.
“It is an honour and a privilege!” He said his voice breaking. Harry couldn’t help but tear up too.
“Both of you stop otherwise I’m going to cry too!” Ron said finally, making them all laugh.
“Boys!” Hermione sighed with a laugh.
“Come on Draco, there are going to be others that want a look in at the new addition” Draco looked lost for a moment when he looked up. Then nodded before handing the bundle carefully over to Hermione again.
“Right, we just wanted to wait to make sure the labour went alright. We’ll help tidy up and then we’ll go.” Harry said with a huge grin.
“Alright Mate, enjoy travelling, we’ll catch up when you get back”
“Even they knew?” Harry asked smirking as he turned to Draco. Draco didn’t respond as his eyes were glued to the baby. He tutted and laughed and he pulled Draco out of the room. “Come on you, we can see little Edward soon” Draco nodded slowly.
They turned and left after saying their goodbyes and began to help tidy up the party as more people left. Soon it was only them left as the sky started to darken.
They both lay on the ground looking up at the stars, hand in hand as they felt the last of the summer heat leaving.
“Are you alright?” Harry asked “You’ve been very quiet”
“Sorry” He replied giving Harry’s hand a squeeze.
“What’s up?”
“The moon, stars, planets, some muggle inventions call pl-”
“Draco! Please tell me”
“Molly talked to me before I came upstairs”
“And?” Harry felt nervous knowing that Molly wasn’t the most friendly towards him.
“She told me that she had never seen you so happy and that if you choose me, then so does she”
“Really?” Harry asked, sitting up on his elbows.
“Wow, that’s great news”
“Yeah” There was a silence between them again. “Harry?” Draco asked eventually.
“I know he’s not ours, but we have a godchild together” Harry smiled at that.
“Yes, we do,” Harry said gripping his hand again and raising it to his mouth.
“Would you-” he started. Harry waited for Draco’s bravery to pick up steam. “With me”
“Sorry?” Harry asked. He was pretty sure he knew what Draco was trying to say.
“Do you want children someday?”
“I would like to have children, yes” Harry smiled.
“Would you” He stuttered again “Want to have them with me?” Harry felt his heart overflow as he leant down.
“Who else would I have them with? Silly git” He pressed his lips against Draco’s feeling the answering warmth against his own. The kiss deepened as Draco pulled Harry down with his hair.
Harry didn’t think he had much fight left in him to resist. “Come on, let’s go home”
“Harry?” Draco smiled.
“I love you” Harry smiled and squeezed his hand as they apparated home.

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