All the wrong choices (Ch21 – Lies and Nightmares)

Harry stood in the kitchen as he presented the chocolate cake to his friends. They all marvelled over the cake as they sat around the table. He placed it down in front of them as he began to cut up the slices. Ron and Hermione smiled as Harry passed them their slices, them both voicing their appreciation as their forks sunk into the soft black sponge. He cut another slice and slid it down the table to Teddy and he beamed at him picking the slice up with his baby hands, his little curls still tight and green as he sat in the highchair. Finally, he looked down at the cake and found there was only one slice left. He looked up to the remaining guest at his table and smiled. He pushed the last slice towards Draco as he sat down to watch his friends enjoying their food.

He licked some of the chocolate from his finger as his eyes met Draco’s. Draco smiled in return as the fork slid from between his lips. Harry blushed as he overheard Ron talking about something random. He looked over at Ron who seemed to be holding a snowglobe.

“Blimey, there are so many,” He said his voice trailing off. Harry opened his mouth to ask when he saw Teddy with his wand. He heard his own voice escape out of the baby’s mouth.

“Sectumsempra” Harry’s eyes opened wide with Horror as he watched the flash of light, dart out at Draco. He waited for the blood to soak through the crisp white shirt but nothing happened. Draco stood, the smile gone from his face, his eyes downturned and hidden. He walked out the room without turning. Harry watched feeling his heart racing. He turned to his friends but they were both focused on the snowglobe.

“He’s going to die all alone,” Hermione said excitedly as she peered into the globe. Harry frowned. It was as if Hermione were talking about something else.

“Run through the heart” Ron replied just as excitedly.

The baby Teddy gurgled as chocolate cake slopped around the kitchen.

Harry turned to chase after Draco when he realised he couldn’t move. Coiled around his feet, Devil’s snare twisted and knotted his feet in place. He took his wand and slowly called out the incantation. It felt like the world had slowed to a crawl as everything seemed to take forever. He watched anxiously as he waited for the jet of light to shoot from his wand. Nothing happened for a handful of seconds and then finally, his feet were free as the devils snare released him. He called out to Draco as he started to give chase when the floor disappeared. The world sped up and before long he had been dropped unceremoniously on his backside. He looked around as he saw Draco with his wand drawn, a terrified look on his face. Harry stood up, hands outstretched and he faced his former enemy/lover. Draco jumped and held the wand tighter as it pointed to him. Harry was not afraid for himself. He knew that Draco wouldn’t hurt him.

“Draco, its Harry,” He said calmly. Draco’s eyes were wide as the jet of red darted straight for him. He waited for impact as he felt his heart stop. He closed his eyes. Nothing happened. He opened his eyes and looked at Draco who looked terrified. His eyes now looking overhead. Another bolt of red light flashed from his want at the unseen target and then suddenly Draco couldn’t bee seen. A gunmetal grey wing flung out at him shoving him into a rock wall. He heard Draco screaming his name as red coloured his vision. He tried to get up but the rock had turned into glue. He couldn’t move. He tried to struggle to reach Draco but couldn’t get there. The dragon turned red eyes to him as it began to crawl towards him. Harry tried to find Draco behind the coming beast. He felt a sting to his face as a white light blinded him momentarily. He looked around into the darkness trying to find something to help ground himself. He needed to get somewhere safe so that he could assess what was happening, he scrambled backwards, his feet slipping on the warm floor until his back his something firm and solid.

“Harry, its ok, it’s me.” He heard Draco say and felt his heart jump. He couldn’t seem to gather breath as he searched the darkness for danger.

“Where are we?” He panted looking at Draco. He wasn’t sure what was going on. He’s seen Draco mauled by the Dragon. He watched as Draco ran a hand through his wet hair. He felt his own heartbeat calm just seeing him unharmed.

“We’re at my new flat, you helped me move in last night,” Draco said tightening the towel. Harry hadn’t noticed that Draco was naked until that point. He watched, by the light of the hallway his hair dripping down his back. A few stray drops rolling over his smooth skin. He had never wanted to hold something so much. Draco smiled as He blushed. He didn’t want to come across as so needy “You had a-”

“A nightmare” He interrupted not really wishing to dwell on it. “yeah I know, They’ve seemed worse recently, like someone is walking around in my head showing me the worst things I could imagine” Draco’s eyes caught his own. Harry couldn’t bear to look into them yet, just in case they accused him.

“Have you always had nightmares?” It seemed like an innocent question, but he knew better.

“I’ve had strange dreams since I was about ten but the nightmares started about 4th year, I think.” He said trying to hold back his feelings. Nightmares didn’t really cover it. And he wasn’t sure exactly what Draco knew of his connection with Tom Riddle. He kept seeing images from the dream flash across his vision. Suddenly and without warning, Draco stood and disappeared out the door. Harry wanted to cry out, stopping the dream from happening again. Draco reappeared in the doorway after a few seconds. Harry closed his eyes as he breathed a sigh of relief as Draco returned to the bed and handed him a small packet. He smiled as he realised it was chocolate. This small gesture of kindness reminded him of Remus and he smiled sadly.

“Eat it you’ll feel better,” Draco told him as Harry opened the small chocolate bar. He ate it slowly as he felt the cloying, melting sweetness roll down his throat. It was true that chocolate did help and he was starting to calm down fully.

“I must look awful if you are willing to share your chocolate,” He said finally as he offered his grin, knowing just how much Draco loved his chocolate. This must have been one of his personal stashes as Harry hadn’t seen any other food around the flat yet.

He saw Draco’s lips twitch as his eyebrow raised. He felt better straight away knowing that Draco was here and with him, that every feature and expression was still possible on his flawless face. His smooth face now turned serious and concerned as he looked directly into Harry’s eyes.

“I want to talk more about this, but right now I need to get ready for work,” Draco placed his hand on Harry’s bare thigh and squeezed slightly, the warmth radiating through Harry’s cool skin. Harry nodded as Draco lit the room. Harry blinked against the light as he watched the blond man rush around getting dressed. Before long he was dressing in dark blue trousers a pale blue shirt and the green jacket that started it all. Harrys mind wandered for a moment, wondering what he would be doing right now if Draco had never offered him the jacket.

“How do I look?” Draco asked, throwing his arms out wide. Harry smiled as he took in the wonder that was Draco. Harry had to swallow for a moment as he took him in. The man was flawless and gorgeous and all him. He smiled slightly as he tried to hide his admiration for a moment.

“I don’t believe it,” He said as he tried to cover his smirk.

“What?” Draco asked nervously as he smoothed his hands down his front, looking for something which wasn’t perfect.

“That your hair is naturally that perfect. Me, Ron and ‘Mione always reckoned you must have spent hours in front of the mirror. If I hadn’t just been watching you I’d say you either used magic or it was down to styling” Draco huffed softly with a small smile on his face. Harry smiled then as a peace offering. “You look amazing” He finished, smiling. He paused for a moment before commenting “That’s your favourite jacket, isn’t it?”

He pulled his legs in close to his chest. He had wondered whether that jacket was his favourite when he returned it. If it had been then why did he give Him, his favourite jacket, not knowing whether he would get it back or not? He felt uncomfortable at that thought, of where their relationship would have been if he hadn’t.

“Why do you ask?” Draco asked. Harry shrugged not wanting to look him in the eye and spill just how much the answer meant to him.

“Just the way you wear it, I guess”

“Is it because I gave it to you?” He asked and Harry blushed, noting Draco was getting closer. “Not knowing whether I would get it back or not?” He started to say something but realised that he had nothing to add that was true. He clenched his jaw in embarrassment

“Yes, it is my favourite jacket, now more than it was before” Draco smiled catching Harry’s eye, and Harry felt the contagious smile spread across his own lips.

Draco reached for his wrapping his fingers in his hair as he pulled him in for a kiss. Harry took this opportunity to remind himself that Draco was real and alive. He pulled Draco in closer and tangled his tongue in his own as he ran his hands up inside the green jacket to hold him close. The smell of his cologne filling his nostrils making him groan. He tried to hold on as long as he could, not wanting Draco to go.

“Don’t forget our date tonight” Harry smiled as Draco began to pull away.

“I won’t, I’ll owl you later. Now go back to sleep, don’t want you falling asleep on me during dinner” Draco smiled at him, a rare sight as their fingers slide against each other before their contact was broken.

“Yes Madam Pomfrey” He joked then laughed at the look on Draco’s face.

As soon as he heard the flat door close, he felt the anxiety rise up within him again. The dream coming back to him. At least Draco shouldn’t be in any danger from Draco’s at the ministry. He stood up and began to dress and tidy. He wanted the flat to look spotless for when Draco returned. He moved the boxes from by the front door into the bedroom, he was just about to leave the room when he spotted Draco’s sketchbook.

He’d had no idea that Draco was so talented before. He opened the first page to find a picture of Ron and Hermione. It was crudely draw using just thick pencil marks, but he’d captured their likeness like only a photo could. Hermione’s eyes were downturned, but her face was pointed towards Ron. She wore Hermione’s secret smile. The one Harry only ever saw when she looked at Ron. Even after so long together, she still had that smile.

Ron’s face was more serious but was still a look that Harry was familiar with. It was the contemplative look that Ron had sometimes when he realised that Hermione had chosen him. It was a cross between being confused and thankful as if he was silently marvelling at how she could be so kind and foolish all at the same time. The picture made Harry smile. He felt so happy that they had found each other. He was amazed that Draco had managed to capture them so accurately and he was sure that they had never sat for him.

The next one was a big fluffy cat sitting on a fence. It seemed like a large cat in proportion to the fence. It was pale coloured with dark splodges on its forehead and a big, dark, bushy tail. The look on it face was the standard arrogant indifference that most cats have. It was drawn in more detail that the picture of his friends, finer pencil strokes and seemed to have been drawn with more time and care. There were no other drawings in the book as Harry flicked through until he got about halfway through. He felt his mouth go dry and he found page after page of drawings of himself. Some were just of his face, a particular facial expression or a close up of his eyes. Other were of his body as he stood or bent. Some with clothes some without. He’d known that all of them had been drawn recently as the scars from battle were there. He marvelled how he was suddenly on paper.

He felt a blush come to his face, he didn’t think he’d ever been studied before. He didn’t even think he could reproduce some of these facial expressions. He smiled as he put the book back and left the room. He knew there were chores that were needed to be done at home. With Ted going back to school on Sunday, there was laundry to sort and Merlin knew what else. He looked around the flat one last time before shutting the door behind him.

Once out in the street, he was able to apparate home. As soon as he stepped in and closed the door behind him, he heard the commotion from the kitchen. He drew his wand, a habit he had yet to grow out of. He rushed forwards hearing Teddy’s voice, high and rushed and clearly distressed.

He burst into the kitchen, not sure what he expected to find. Teddy with his head in the fire on a call was not one of them. He lowered his wand once he realised the danger had passed. He shook his head as he walked to the kettle, filled it and heated it with his wand. The sound seemed to bring Teddy back to the room. He muttered a hurried goodbye as he pulled his head from the fire.

“Harry!” He cried as he rushed to the table. He was waving a paper in the air.

“What’s up Ted?” Harry asked as he poured himself a tea.

“Have you seen the prophet?” He asked hurriedly as he threw it down in front of Harry. Harry rolled his eyes before his face caught his attention.

“What have I done this time?” He asked bored.

“I don’t know Harry, what have you done? And what are you going to tell uncle Draco?” Ted asked as he put his hands on his hips.

“Calm down Ted, Let me look, I don’t know what you’re talking-” Harry saw the headline but it took his eyes a few seconds to read it, his brain a further second to understand it but his heart understood immediately. “WHAT?” He cried as he set his tea down and ripped open the paper.

“Exclusive photo’s – Harry’s hidden hunk! Malfoy heir unaware” He felt fear sink into the pit of his stomach. He read on urgently as Ted hovered over him.

“Once again this week, Harry Potter – the ‘boy-who-lived-twice’ has been spotted out and about in the Diagon Alley area. This time, however, Draco Malfoy is suspiciously absent from his arm. In some exclusive photos taken by an amateur photographer on the scene at the time, Potter could be seen in the arms of an unnamed man outside the exclusive “Sacred28” club late Tuesday night. Reports have confirmed that the Malfoy heir and former death eater was unaware of Potters transgression.

Former Husband to Ginevra Weasley, It was reported just days ago that the Holyhead harpies chaser demanded divorce after Potter cheated with Malfoy 33. Now Draco is the second in what is sure to become a long list of spurned lovers.

Our sources reported that the “saviour of the wizarding world” was seen behaving lewdly and indecently with the unknown man in plain sight of club goers. Our anonymous source told The Daily Prophet that the behaviour that was witnessed was offensive and course for such a high-end establishment. Potter has since been permanently banned from the club.

“Things are clearly on the rocks in Potter and Malfoys lurid affair as Potter was overheard saying that Draco’s performance was lacking after spending a night at Malfoy Manor.”

Mr Potter and Wizard’X’ left the scene hand in hand and refused to comment further, Potter getting physically violent towards our reporter.

For all the most up to date news in this tale of depravity and duplicity keep reading my column.

This article was brought to you by Atlas Stringer.”

Harry sat with his mouth open, not trusting his voice.

“Harry?” Ted said, interrupting his thoughts “What are you going to do?”

“You don’t think this is me do you, Ted?” Harry asked as he rested his head in his hands.

“It looks like you but no, I know you wouldn’t do that, but I’m not sure uncle Draco will” Ted looked terrified “You know how proud he is, if he thinks that you’ve embarrassed him by going behind his back then there’s no telling what he’ll do.”

“I need to go to him, tell him it’s not true. I’ve never stayed over at Malfoy Manor” Harry shook his head in disbelieve, surely when he reads that he’ll know it’s not true.” Harry asked himself hopefully.

“Go and quickly, I’ve already told uncle Ron. He’s going to try and catch Draco before he can do anything stupid.”

“Was that who you flooed?” Ted nodded.

“Thanks, Ted. See you later”

Harry stood up and rushed out the house, barely bothering to look for muggles before he apparated to the ministry.

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