All the wrong choices (Ch19 – Two Boxes)

Two boxes. That was all Draco had wanted to bring with him. Harry wasn’t sure how he felt about this. When he had been out in the wild search for Horcruxes there had been so few things that he had felt he needed. As he grew older, the list of sentimental items increased. With every Christmas Ron and Hermione shamed him with how well they knew him with one or two sentimental gifts that he couldn’t bear to be without. The thought that Draco, the boy who had grown up with everything, felt he had nothing of value felt alien to him. On the other hand, it showed Harry just how much the Slytherin had changed by how many of his personal belongings he had left behind.

There were things that, as Harry had sat on the bed watching Draco collecting his things, he had felt certain would find their way into the boxes. He saw Draco’s old Nimbus 3000 remain against the wall, covered in a fine film of dust that the house elves hadn’t removed. There were potion supplies and books which Draco hadn’t even lingered over.  Harry had felt awkward watching what he felt must be a painful process.  He knew that all the things from school must have held a painful essence to them, reminding him of the bad times, lingering like a bad smell. Draco had grabbed a few clothes, a few photos and a couple of well-worn books. There was a roughly carved Dragon which Draco carefully placed into the top of the second box once he was done. He looked around the room once more and nodded solemnly. They left shortly after, passing empty portraits as they descended the stairs.

Once outside again, the crisp wind biting their skin, they smiled at each other as they held hands. The walk from the manor hadn’t felt so oppressive, even in the dark. Once off the grounds, they apparated to Draco’s new flat in Horizont Alley. They remained strangely quiet as they climbed the stairs and entered the flat. Harry looked around again as they placed the boxes down. Draco disappeared into the hallway for a moment as Harry removed his scarf. He stepped over to the window, looking out into the deserted streets. Thanks to everything that had happened to him at school, he had become suspicious and cautious by nature and deserted streets were usually the exact opposite.

He felt Draco stepped up behind him, His hands landing gently on his shoulders.

“What you looking at?” he asked quietly.

“Nothing” He lied as he turned his head.

“I think we’re safe for now” Draco replied with a small smile. Harry smiled, not surprised that Draco understood.  They had both lived in that world and the horrors it held. Harry turned around fully to gaze up into those soft grey eyes. He felt a shudder as Draco gazed down at him intensely, making him forget the world outside. “Do you trust me?” Draco asked so quietly Harry almost missed it.

He nodded in reply, feeling his brow furrow quizzically.

Draco smiled again as he reached for Harry’s hand. He started to pull him through the room. “I want to test a theory”

Harry shrugged as he was pulled from the room “Sounds intriguing” He mutters, causing Draco to laugh.


He felt his heart hammering in his chest as he teetered on the edge of his fight or flight response as stray thoughts flitted through his mind. He waited for something, anything as his eyes blinked against the silky material of the Slytherin tie. It turned out that Draco had transfigured the bed whilst he had been surveying the street. Harry now lay topless with his wrists tied firmly to the posts of the new bed. He felt a shiver of anticipation run down his spine as the rope bit into his skin.  He bit his lip at the sensation, a sigh escaping.

It felt like an eternity, his ears straining against the silence of the room, but this was something else he secretly and guiltily enjoyed. For him being able to hand over control to someone else and then not knowing whether they would take advantage or not. Needing to trust that what Draco wanted to do would be something he liked but the danger and thrill of knowing that if it wasn’t, there was nothing he could do to stop it. His breath rushed out faster as the fantasies hit home, and he felt his pulse spike for a moment. The silence returned, and Harry wondered whether Draco had left him there defenceless and alone.

There! Was that movement he just heard? Was it a rustle of cloth? He lifted his head from the silk pillows, ignoring how good the silk felt against his bare back. The silence returned but Harry struggled to hear anything over his heartbeat and breath. He wondered whether Draco was waiting for him to beg. He opened his mouth to call out as he was not above begging, not for Draco, not for this. He felt a weight on the bed as the mattress moved under him. His call became a whisper.

“Draco” he sighed before he felt the weight at his waist. He Jumped slightly as he heard the first of his buttons pop on his fly shift. Then another as the weight descended. He felt the adrenaline rush to his nerves as he waited painfully for the next pop. Another long and agonising eternity later there came another pop as the third button popped open. His nerves were on fire as the anticipation gathered. Another pop and he shivered and bucked his hips as he tried to make contact with Draco. Another pop and he whimpered. There were no more buttons to pop and no more weight on the bed. He longed to feel Draco’s skin against his as he waited alone and burning, a cool draught blowing across his skin. He jumped suddenly as his jeans were torn from his legs leaving him naked to the room.

“Mmm, no underwear Potter?” Harry jumped as he felt the warm breath on his ear before Draco nibbled on his earlobe. Just that one touch sent fire racing through his veins. He sighed and moaned until Draco disappeared again. Harry whimpered at the lack of contact again. The silence returned, ringing and deafening above his racing heart.

“Please, Draco, Please” Harry begged finally. He needed to feel his skin, his own craving it like a thrumming ache.

He blinked against the light as the silk tie was pushed up his face. The room was blurry, his glasses discarded somewhere in the room. Draco’s face came into view, blurry around the edges but his eyes as clear and as piercing as knives, the grey looking at him softly as a loving sneer appeared on his lips. Draco stroked his face gently and leant in to kiss him. Their lips touched unleashing fire across Harry’s skin. He felt Draco pull away as he lifted his head to follow. Draco laughed lightly as Harry’s head fell back down.

“Just lie back and enjoy Harry” He smiled fondly as he lowered the tie, Harry closed his eyes and waited to feel the darkness return, but when the tie brushed the tip of his nose he opened his eyes. He heard Draco laugh as the tie was pushed into his mouth. Harry tried to complain but instantly felt his saliva soak into the tie material. “And no talking” Draco whispered, “Otherwise I might lose my resolve and let you go” Harry felt a shiver run down his spine at the thought, he would have to do this to Draco at some point. He heard Draco mutter again and suddenly the darkness was back as Draco cast the Obscuro charm.

Once again, devoid of sight and now without the ability to talk he did as he was told. He felt the ropes bite with each spasm. He wished he could see what was going on but knew that the sensations would be distracted by the visuals. He bit down on the tie more than once wishing he could cry out or plead with Draco. With each touch and caress, he felt his anticipation rise higher and his need increasing beyond what he knew what to do with. Knowing he could do nothing to stop what was happening, and not knowing what to expect next had him teetering on madness. Finally, Draco allowed him release. When the sensations washed over him, he wanted to scream out and tell the world how much he loved the Slytherin, his heart bursting with every emotion he had ever felt. He was thankful for the ropes keeping him tethered and grounded. By the time Draco had removed his gag, blindfold and ropes, he just lay there waiting for his soul to re-enter his body. He didn’t know how much time had passed but as the tears started to roll down his cheeks he felt Draco curl up against his side, anxiety in every movement.

“Harry?” His warm hand touched his shoulder “Harry? What’s wrong?” his worried voice broke through the haze as his chest shook with emotion.

Harry struggled to form words and just placed his hand over Draco’s for a moment while his body remembered how to work. He felt the silent sobs wrack his body and he wondered distantly, why he was crying.  This was the happiest he had ever felt. As his body came back to itself he threw his arms around Draco and pulled him close.  He captured his lips with his own, running his hands through the soft blond hair and held his head there so that Draco couldn’t pull away. He kissed him as if it was air that he needed after being submerged for so long. Draco’s fingers were playing with his own hair as they slowed down and finally pulled away from each other. Harry opened his eyes remembering the tears as the cold air cooled the tears against his skin. Concerned grey eyes looked at him as if waiting to be told some horrible truth.

“I’m sorry” Draco blurted.

“Don’t you dare” Harry replied drowsily, his fingers still immersed in the silky strands of his hair.

“I shouldn’t-” Draco started but Harry cut him off.

“Shush Draco,” Harry forced his eyes open. “I’m not sure why I cried but all I can say is wow” Harry shook his head as he remembered. He shivered and smiled as he remembered. “That was amazing”

Draco didn’t look convinced “I’m being serious, that was the best I’ve ever had and right here with you is the happiest I’ve ever felt”

Harry could see from the parting of Draco’s lips and the lines appearing on his forehead that he wasn’t convinced.  Harry smoothed his hand over his face, cupping his cheek. “I don’t know what made me cry, I think it was disbelief that I never knew it could be this good” He smiled as he tried to put it into words.

“Promise?” Draco asked. Harry smiled and felt his cheeks hurt with the force.

“Promise!” Harry confirmed. Draco’s lips twitched slightly.

“So the best ever, eh Potter?” Draco asked after a while

“Shut it Malfoy, don’t let it go to your head” Harry smiled back as he rolled on top of Draco pinning him to the bed.

Draco’s eyes widened slightly as Harry smiled. “I thought to myself, as my mind was scattering to the four corners of the universe, that at some point I will have to do that to you…” Harry smirked as he leant forward for another kiss. “The thoughts of watching you lie there, helpless while I have my wicked way with you. Gagging you so you can’t make a sound…” He saw Draco’s pupils dilate and smiled. “I think someone likes the sound of that” Harry smiled as he stole another deep and passionate kiss. He pulled away slowly “And I will do exactly that and more when you least expect it” He smiled as he watched Draco pout slightly “Don’t we have some boxes to unpack,” he asked as he started to pull away to get off the bed.

“There’s only two bloody boxes Potter. Get your arse back here!” Harry smiled. He did love it when Draco swore.

“I love it when you curse!” Harry teased as he climbed back into bed. Draco smirked as he pulled Harry in closer. Them both just enjoying the feeling of each other. Their lips never parting for long.

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