All the wrong choices – (Ch14 – I love the way…)


The darkness outside had barely begun to break as Draco stirred. He lay in that limbo between thought and emotion feeling content and warm. He stretched his arm out luxuriating in the silk sheets. He stopped for a moment, something wasn’t right the sheets felt soft but grainy and his hands didn’t slip through. He sat up with a start or tried to as a weight on his lower half kept him pinned. He felt his heart racing in his chest as he fought against the dim light to see. He felt around for his wand, but it was nowhere to be seen. He heard a sigh as the weight shifted. He froze trying to remember what had happened.

Slowly as the sleep receded from his mind he calmed, remembering everything in agonisingly beautiful detail. He sighed as he lowered himself back down into the pillows of Harry Potter’s bed wondering what had awoken him. He liked the feeling of the cotton sheets against his skin, and the warmth they provided. He liked feeling the aches and pains through his body from their night of passion. He liked the feel of the naked man on top of him. He ran his hands down the soft and hot arms that lay abandoned on the bed either side of him. He felt Harry shudder, a fine shaking through all his muscles. He was sure that had he still been asleep, he wouldn’t have noticed. He could hear Harry’s breath becoming shaky as if running. His voice starting to form words. Draco propped himself up on his elbows to watch the Gryffindor. His face was creased and pained, a slight sheen of sweat on his brow.

“No” Harry suddenly called as he shook “No!” He shouted. Draco felt panicked not knowing what to do. Draco tried to gently shake Harry awake but It didn’t work. Harry’s arms suddenly gripped Draco tightly, his fingers digging in uncomfortably. “Not Draco!” He shouted, His body started to shake as Harry seemed to sob. Draco, terrified now, shook him again but still, the Gryffindor didn’t stir. The sobbing continued as Harry’s fingers seemed to claw at Draco’s sides. Draco ran his fingers through Harry’s hair and pulled hard.

“Ahh” Harry cried as he jumped awake. His eyes were wide and tear-soaked as he looked around. Draco loosened his grip on the black hair and he held Harry’s face.

“Sorry Harry, you were having a bad dream and wouldn’t wake up” He whispered.

“Sorry” Harry whispered back as he climbed off Draco and for a second Draco expected him to leave the room like others had before him. Disappointment filled him until Harry claimed his mouth with his own as he joined Draco on the pillow, pulling the covers with him. Harry groggily pulled Draco close to his chest as he wrapped his leg around him, completely ensconcing him. Draco felt his heart brim over with contentment and warmth at this new and alien interaction. He laughed slightly as he touched Harry’s blank face, the dream forgotten.

“Hey, haven’t you got work today?” Draco asked as he snuggled into the warmth of Harry’s arms. He could feel his own eyes fighting to stay open.

“Booked the week” Harry muttered sleepily.

“Well I do, didn’t know I’d be spending the night” Draco smiled. Harry smiled as he pulled Draco closer, his hands locked in his blond hair. Harry slowly and seductively kissed him, licking his lips and stroking his tongue. Harry pulled away just long enough to whisper.

“Pull a sickie” before smiling and reclaiming his mouth more vigorously. Draco felt his mind going blank as Harry’s hands found his own kink spots, almost rendering him speechless. Harry’s leg pulling him in closer to heaven. It took every speck of will scattered around his blown mind to rise above and fight off Harry’s ministrations.

“Harry-” Draco started.

“Mmm, I love it when you call me that” Harry growled as he slid onto of Draco.

“I need to get up and go to work!” Draco protested, smiling as he watched the darkened saviour above him.

“Mmm, five more minutes” Harry argued as he began covering Draco in kisses.

“Harry!” Draco laughed as he ran his hands through his own hair.

“Incarcerous,” said Harry and suddenly Draco felt his hands bound above his head. He felt the first stirrings of panic at the sudden turn of events.

“Harry!” Draco said, some of the panic entering his voice.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you be late for work” Harry smiled as his face disappeared from sight under the duvet. “Just lay back and enjoy” Draco tried to relax as he felt Harry moving around out of sight. He felt Harry’s breath on his knee first and suddenly jumped when he felt his tongue licking just behind it. The sensation was odd but didn’t stop Draco’s eyes fluttering into the back of his head. Harry swapped over to the other knew and again Draco quivered. Harry pushed his hands up his thighs and Draco almost shouted out. His eyes closed at the sensations rushing through him. He wanted to grab the pillow, to cover his face as he felt the heat. He couldn’t help but utter Harry’s name. After a while, it became a chant between pants and something akin to a religious experience. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see for the blinding light that filled him up and shone from behind his eyelids. His limbs became boneless and unresponsive as a warm glow filled him. He panted as Harry reappeared grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Good morning” He grinned as he kissed Draco slow and long and Draco felt the binding disappear. His arms still felt boneless as though he would never be able to use them again. Harry seemed to sense this as he pulled Draco to him, covering him with the duvet. “Looks like you’re not up to going to work today love,” Harry said smugly as he kissed along Draco’s neck, Draco almost didn’t have enough energy to shiver. He almost nodded in agreement, almost. But he could stay just a little longer.

“Harry” Draco purred,

“Mmm?” Harry replied from his neck.

“Why do you want me?” Draco asked. He hadn’t meant to ask such a serious question, and he was sure that he had ruined the moment. Harry pulled away far enough to look at him.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Harry asked incredulously, all the grogginess gone from his eyes now. Draco nodded. “It’s obvious, I want money, power and a powerful name for my children” Harry replied before a laugh erupted from his face. Draco rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe you would ask me that, have you not seen yourself in the mirror?” Harry whipped off the cover and pulled the boneless blond up. “Come on” Draco wanted to argue but didn’t as they climbed out of the bed. Harry frogmarched him to the bathroom where the mirror hung above the basin. Draco turned and looked at Harry, he didn’t particularly want to look in the mirror.


“Draco!” Harry said in a warning tone, which brooked no argument “You asked the question and I’m going to answer it, you really only have yourself to blame” Harry shrugged with a smile. He felt Harry stand behind him as he looked at the mirror. He could see the scars on his chest, some from school but most from his time in Romania. He could see some tan lines on his otherwise pale skin and his blond hair sticking up at all angles. He didn’t dare look at his own eyes.  “So… Why do I want you?” Harry started, and his hot hands touched Draco’s hips in the cold bathroom.  “I love the colour of your eyes and how they change depending on your mood, I love the curve of your eyebrows especially when you raise one to be sarcastic or clever. I love the curve of your mouth and how good it feels when you kiss me. I love how you bite your bottom lip when you concentrate. I love your hair, and how I can grab it while kissing your previously mentioned beautiful lips.” Draco felt Harry’s hands in his hair as he shivered. “I love how you cock your head when you’re about to say something teasing, I love the curve between your jaw and shoulder” Harrys kissed there making Draco close his eyes and shudder

“I love the way you react when I touch you, I love each and every one of your scars but regret the ones I gave you, I love the curve of your stomach and the roundness of your arse. There are other things, but I think I’ve said enough already” Harry smirked “Look at yourself Draco! There is not a feature on the outside which I couldn’t want,” Harry turned him around to face him and Draco looked down at the shorter man. Harry placed his hand on Draco’s chest, above his heart. “But all of that pales in comparison to this” Harry patted Draco’s heart and smiled “I want this forever, I want to hold it and keep it safe and I, one day, want you to give it to me completely” Draco could feel the tears welling up at his eyes and knew that Harry could see it.

“Very well said, Potter! Now get out so I can have a shower,” Draco said brusquely but softened it with a smile not wanting to get into any more emotional talk. Harry grabbed his neck and pulled him down to kiss him.

“Fine, do you want breakfast?”

“Godric, I even get breakfast?”

“I’d offer you lunch and dinner too, but you have ‘work’” He sneered at the last word like it was something disgusting. Draco laughed. “What would you like?”

Draco thought for a moment, but nothing came to mind.

“Surprise me” He smiled as the Gryffindor left the room.


Freshly showered and after repairing his shirt, he was dressed in last nights clothes, he hoped that no one at work would notice the jeans but he thought, being black he could probably get away with them, most wizards didn’t know what jeans were anyway. He felt naughty wearing date clothes to work especially ones which had been removed forcibly in the heat of passion. It would keep a smile on his face all day.

He walked down the stairs and corridors to the kitchen where the smell of cinnamon was filling the halls. He froze at the door, a smirk growing on his face. Harry stood at the stove wearing his apron but nothing else, his bare arse on display. Draco smiled as he walked up to the other man kissing his shoulder and neck. Harry moaned but carried on cooking.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not safe Harry!” Draco said as he cupped one of Harry’s arse cheeks in his hand.

“I do love living dangerously” Harry replied, “It’s the Gryffindor in me”

“You’re just trying to seduce me!” Draco shot as Harry turned and smirked with a raised eyebrow.

“That’ll be the Slytherin in me” They both smirked as Harry put the breakfast down on the table. “I hope you like pancakes, I added chocolate and I know you like it so much,” Harry said as he too sat down to eat. They didn’t talk for a little while, but Draco’s mind was working overtime.

“What are we doing Harry?” Draco asked finally.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I know what you said last night but is this a casual thing or will we repeat it?”

“Well, I was hoping we could repeat it. If you wanted to tell anyone that I’m your boyfriend, I certainly won’t deny it,” Harry said bashfully and Draco could see the blush on his face “That’s if you want to…”

“Maybe” Draco admitted with a small smile.

“So, can I call you my boyfriend?” Harry asked awkwardly avoiding Draco’s gaze.

“I think that might be a good idea, otherwise people will think it’s all the men at the ministry in my bed as well as Hogwarts” Draco laughed. He looked at Harry and saw the bright beaming smile. His heart melted. In fact, the whole evening had just been one surprise after another and he felt thoroughly wooed. “So, Boyfriend, when can I see you again?”

“Well, we’re still going out for dinner tomorrow if that’s still ok?”

“Yeah sounds good.”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Probably recovering,” Draco said with a laugh.

“Would you like to recover here? Or can I come to you?” Harry asked giving Draco a heavily lidded look. Draco felt the blush on his cheeks again “Ah, something I forgot, I love the way you blush when I flirt with you” Draco smiled coyly as he tried to think.

“Well I haven’t finished moving yet so I should do that I guess, but I wouldn’t mind the company”

“Sounds good, have a think about it and owl me with a time,” Harry said finishing up his food and standing to wash the plate.

Draco closed his eyes as he savoured the taste of the chocolate on his tongue and thought that there was no better way to start the day. He felt Harry’s lips on his recreating the first kiss from the night before and knew now that there really wasn’t.

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