All the wrong choices – (Chp12 – Elderflower Wine)

((Authors note – Whilst none of my writing is pornographic or overly graphic in nature, there are some scenes and suggesting bits in this chapter which may offend if you do not appreciate male/male romance – however, if you do not, it does beg the question of “why are you reading this story in the first place?” either way I thought I would give you the heads up! I suggest you skip forward to chapter 14 once it is posted if this is the case.))

Draco couldn’t help but look at the clock.  It was as though, since their kiss, the world had ground down to a halt. Minutes getting bogged down and turning into hours as the clock slowly, torturously ticked away.

When he arrived back in the office, it took every ounce of will not to smile or touch his fingers to his lips. He wasn’t completely sure he’d succeeded, once or twice he glanced up and caught people watching him.  Within moments he would feel the rebellious and incriminating smile sliding from his face. With the sudden realisation, he would look back down to his work again and try to keep his mind off the boy who kissed him.

It was easier said than done as he read and reread the sentences on his reports. It had been so long since he’d had a tender embrace or a loving caress. His heart quivered sadly at the thought. The last time someone embraced him, pulling him into their arms was the drunken fumblings of Charlie Weasley, who had hurriedly tried to deny it had ever happened at all, the morning after.

He had put behind himself a lot of his arrogant and prideful ways in the many years since Hogwarts, but he refused to be anyone’s dirty little secret. He had tried to make amends for what he had done in the years between the war and himself and he felt that he deserved to finally be someone’s even if it was only for a little while. He thought of Harry disappearing in the cloak and wondered for a split second whether Harry thought of him as someone to be kept hidden. But the doubt was soon appeased when he remembered sitting in the coffee shop with the easy conversation and the gentle flirting. Harry had also been the one to visit him at his desk. This time he felt the traitorous smile reappear on his face he enjoyed it for a second before hiding it again.

This felt different, he knew they were avoiding the reporters to make it easier for everyone, Draco included. This felt like their own secret world. His fingers rested on his lips while he tried to read the document for the tenth time. He sighed as he really tried to concentrate. But as his finger rested on his lip he thought about that soft lingering kiss that was something to remember him by. He took a deep breath knowing that he wasn’t going to get any work done.  He looked up once again noticing that Cosima had her small beady eyes on him.

“Do you need something Cosima?” He asked. He drew on his years of practice at being aloof and cold as he used his mask of indifference to speak with her.  He turned through the pages of the report to see how many pages he still had to go through.

“I need you to come clean and admit that you’ve got Harry Potter under the Imperius curse,” She said haughtily.

“And why pray tell, would I have Harry Potter under that particular curse?”

“I’m not sure yet, but then you Slytherin’s are all alike aren’t you?” She spat.

“What? Clever? Rich? Extremely good looking? I can’t imagine why Mr Potter would voluntarily come and see me… can you?” Draco raised his eyebrows as if expecting an answer to his rhetorical question. He was surprised when her face flushed pink.

“Draco?” Called Rolf from the other side of the office causing Draco to look up, back stiffening. He looked across the eyes of the other wizards in the office to see the man leaning out of his office.  He smiled as he waved a hand ushering him towards the office.  Draco nodded, stood and strode towards the office.  He felt every eye in the office on him but instead of feeling nervous, he felt smug, a feeling that he hadn’t felt in such a long time. He tried to keep the mutinous smile from his face as he entered the office.

“Shut the door please” Rolf winked at him as Draco pulled the door closed. Rolf was sat on his desk with his legs crossed. Draco was taken by how it reminded him of Luna as it was such an odd thing to do.

“How’s Luna and the boys?” Draco asked, genuinely curious.

“Good, good. We’ve got auguries in the garden and they’re making some racket at the moment but other than that, we’re all good. Lysander caught his first gulping Plimpy the other day. Luna was overjoyed” He smiled.

“Wonderful” Draco said without asking for more details.

“Now, Draco as I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve narrowed down the area where we think these dragons are. And luckily it looks like they’re not too far away from the sanctuary at Ben Hope. I’ve had a word with the Ministry bigwigs and they’ve asked me to send my best people up there to document the dragons whilst we try to relocate them.”

“Go to Scotland?” Draco asked surprised. “Sounds like a brilliant opportunity. Potentially discovering a new species is very exciting indeed” Draco rubbed his face as he thought about the ramifications. “When would you like me to leave?”

“Well as soon as possible obviously, however unlike the ministry, I am aware of certain…” Rolf paused as he waved his hands around trying to find the right words “commitments you may have to honour so I would say by Monday at the latest if that suits?”

Draco sat for a moment as he tried to understand Rolfs meaning.

“Commitments?” Draco asked his eyes narrowing in curiosity.

“Indeed, commitments which are perhaps a recent development?” Rolf smiled a knowing smiled as he leant forward. Draco didn’t know whether Rolf was fishing for information or whether he knew more than he was letting on.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Draco said cautiously.

“Have it your way Draco,” Rolf said kindly “However, Please, advise Mr Potter that halting the lift for reasons that are not an emergency is considered a misdemeanour and he could be fined up to 50 galleons” Draco sat and felt his face redden beyond beetroot.

“As you may already be aware Draco, Harry is a close personal friend of Luna and myself, your secret is safe with us, but tell him from me that frequent distractions at work are not professional” Draco nodded, his head still reeling in shock.

“So, am I to believe that you do not think I have Harry under an Imperius curse?” Draco asked carefully.

“An interesting theory, however, I believe Harry was able to resist that curse whilst still at Hogwarts”

Draco rolled his eyes for a second “Of course he could, bloody boy wonder” Rolf laughed at this, but tried to cover it with a cough.

“So If you can ensure that you are ready to travel north by Monday at the latest, I will ensure that all of the necessary reservations etc are made for you.” Rolf smiled again. He leaned forward reaching towards Draco. Draco leant back away from him, causing Rolf to tut. “Trust me Draco,” Draco leant forward again cautiously as Rolf fiddled with his collar. “There, you look almost like your immaculate self. The messed up collar was almost a dead giveaway” Rolf winked and Draco felt the blush return.

“Now, go on. Finish that report tomorrow. It’ll be home time by the time you reach your desk.” Draco stood and nodded nervously.

“Good night Rolf, and thank you, it won’t happen again.”

“Don’t count on it, you and I both know, Harry has always been a rule breaker, by me saying not to, will probably only encourage him to do it more” He laughed a hearty laugh as he climbed off the desk.  Draco managed a weak smiled and nodded as he left the office. “I’ll get the paperwork on your desk for tomorrow” Rolf called after him as he walked through the office, eyes watching him surreptitiously. Sure enough, when he reached his desk a clock somewhere chimed for the last time that day. Draco began packing up his things, nerves bubbling up inside of him as he thought of the meal.


He was surrounded by clothes when he realised that he still didn’t know where he was going. Some clothes hung on hangers, untried and waiting, whilst others were strewn over the recently transfigured bed, tested and found wanting. He left, shirtless to send an owl, He wasn’t even sure what kind of dinner it was supposed to be, relaxed and casual or more sophisticated. He fetched his quill and parchment out of one of his yet-to-be-unpacked bags and wrote a quick note before attaching it to his owl’s leg. He watched as the owl soared away out of the window before he turned back to the room.  He smiled to himself as he felt the cool January air rush over his bare back.

He felt sick with excitement which bordered on unpleasant, but he still couldn’t keep the smile from his face. If the kiss in the lift had been anything to go by, it was going to be an excellent night. He touched his lips again as he pulled his fingers through his hair, raising shivers up his shoulders as he remembered. He sighed as his eyes closed, this infatuation with Harry bloody Potter was out of control, and had been for years. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he’d ever be in this situation. He walked back to his room where he stood glaring at his clothes. It was such a momentous occasion for him and he felt he just didn’t have anything up to the task. He heard the hoot of his owl and rushed back into the kitchen where the large eagle owl sat looking unimpressed. His fingers trembled slightly as he unravelled the parchment from the owl’s leg.

“Draco, Sorry for not owling, I got caught up getting ready for tonight. My address is 12 Grimmauld place. Wear whatever you want, we’ll be staying in, so something comfortable. Looking forward to later! Yours, Harry.”

Draco held the paper again and light-heartedly cursed the boy who kissed him.  Did he have any idea how vague that instruction was and how little it narrowed down his choices? But his already shy smile was reignited at the mention that Harry was looking forward to it too. He sighed as he disappeared back into his bedroom to find something that would make Harry’s jaw drop at the sight of him, He smiled secretly to himself, maybe something which could easily be removed…


He took a deep breath as he looked at the black door, the big brass knob in the centre, shiny and clean. He tried to focus on boring inconsequential stuff as he controlled his breathing.  He wanted to make sure he seemed smooth and confident as Harry opened the door. He looked out into the street as he heard movement from inside.

He heard the door open and he turned expecting to see a pair of glasses. He was confused for a moment as there was no one there but then he looked down. A gnarled and grumpy house elf peered up at him.

“Greetings Mr Malfoy. Please do enter,” He said as he held the door wide. Draco stepped in and nodded thanks to the creature. “Master Potter said to go through to the kitchen,” His voice was low and gravelly as he tottered through leading Draco along. Draco looked around at the bright walls and high ceilings, a few pictures and portraits on the walls. Draco paused for a moment wondering why the pictures weren’t moving and then realised they were muggle paintings.  The stillness in them was peaceful and unjudgmental, Draco found that oddly refreshing.

He knew he was delaying the inevitable when he turned to find the house elf peering at him at the end of the corridor. He pulled himself away and followed. They eventually came to a large and eclectic room, darkly painted with ceiling-high shelves full of plates and pots and ornaments. There were other shelves filled with books and other utensils and Muggle tools which Draco had no names for. A large and cluttered table sat in front of them with dishes filled with the most wonderful foods that could be seen in the best restaurants. Draco was used to lavish meals during his childhood, but this was something else. It took him a while to realise that Harry was in the room too.  He was bent over retrieving another dish from the oven. Harry stood up and Draco smiled, the look on his face had been worth the agonising choice over the outfit.

The wine-coloured blazer over a bright white shirt open at the collar, and under that a medium grey waistcoat the same colour as his eyes. He had also worn something new, which he had never worn before but was glad he had, a pair of black jeans. Harry stood for a moment just taking him in, his mouth parted in obvious awe, heat blatant in his gaze as it worked up and down his body. Draco saw him swallow as he gazed, Draco shivered at the attention.

“Bloody hell, Potter, how many people have you invited tonight?” Draco said as he moved closer to the table to look at the food.

As if remembering himself he ran a hand through his hair, covering him in flour. Draco smirked as he noticed the way Harry’s eyes continued to follow him.

“Does it look ok? I didn’t know what you liked” He smiled nervously. Draco looked up at him, letting his eyes linger over his comical apron and smiled, letting him know that he liked what he saw too.

“Looks delicious” He watched as an adorable blush spread up his cheeks.

“I meant the food,” He said quietly with a shy smile.

“As I said, looks delicious. Did you make everything?” Draco gave Harry a moment to compose himself as he looked at the dishes. There were things he recognised and a few others he didn’t

“Yeah, by hand” Draco raised his eyes, impressed.

“So Mr Potter, who was rubbish in potions! Knows how to whip up a…” He looked around just taking the sheer amount of food “Oh Merlin’s beard, are they chocolate soufflés?” He asked, feeling his heart rate accelerate.

“Yeah, I’ll put them in the oven after we finish eating mains,” Harry said as he washed his hands at the sink. Draco looked up admiring Harry’s rear. He was wearing the same tee shirt and jeans he’d been wearing earlier at the office, and for a brief moment, he wondered whether he had overdressed, but the lost look on Harry’s face when he had walked in had been worth it.

Harry turned catching Draco looking at him.  Draco smiled as Harry blushed. “I lost track of time so I didn’t dress for the occasion, mind if I go up and change?” He asked his hands resting on his jeans.

“If you want to,” Draco replied with a shrug, as obsessed as he was with his own clothes, he wasn’t that interested what other people wore.

“Where did you want to eat? We can eat down here or we can take things upstairs?”

“Upstairs? Harry, that’s very forward!”

“That’s not what I meant!” Harry protested as he took off his apron. Draco just smiled as he watched Harry get flustered.

“Upstairs would be nice,” Draco said finally, He looked up at the Gryffindor again, Harry’s blush reddening. Harry gave the shyest of smiles before he disappeared from the room.

Draco looked at the food one more time and felt his stomach roll in hunger. The food looked like a cross between a medieval banquet and a Mediterranean buffet.  There seemed to be an antipasti selection alongside pasta dish. There was a roast creature of some description, Draco thought it was Duck which was adorned with tiny red pomegranate beads and orange. Everything smelled divine, however as he reached the far side of the table his mouth began to water. There were several dishes that looked suspiciously like chocolate. He leaned forward to get a closer look when he heard a shuffling at the door. He looked up as he stood straight.

“Mr Malfoy, Master Potter requested your presence in the formal dining room” came the house elf’s announcement. “Kreacher has been asked to escort you.” Draco nodded thanks and followed Kreacher again.

After climbing the stairs Draco found himself in a dark grey dining room. What struck him first was that even though it was grey it wasn’t dull or dank. The walls were a dark, storm cloud, grey accented with yellow and green completely changing the rooms feel. The table was long and broad suitable for accommodating all the Weasley clan and more. Harry stood in front of one of the cabinets that surrounded the room, its door swinging open.

“So, is upstairs better?” Harry asked without turning. Draco raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“It’s very nice, not what I expected”

“Oh? And what were you expecting? Gryffindor colours throughout?” Harry smirked as he turned, and it was Draco’s turn to appreciate the view.

“Something like that,” He said as he wet his lips with his tongue. “Nice outfit,” He said finally.

“Thanks, I was just going to throw on something, but you upped the ante, and anything less wouldn’t have been appropriate. Can’t let the Gryffindor side down” Harry smiled and winked as Draco looked down again.  Harry too was wearing black jeans, very tight black jeans. Draco swallowed as his eyes travelled up. The black shirt was tucked in and was tight enough to show that his body, despite working a desk job, was still as lithe as it had been in his Quidditch days. Harry had rolled the sleeves up exposing muscled forearms. The shirt was open at the throat framing his Adam’s apple and jawline. Draco could feel the heat charging the room as they admired one another. “So, are you hungry?” Harry asked huskily.

It took Draco a few moments to realise that Harry meant actual food. He smiled with a small blush of his own.

“About that…” Draco said stepping closer to the table and pulling out a chair. He saw Harry’s eyebrows rise in curiosity. “Have you been following me? Getting Weasley to investigate me?” He watched as Harry’s face became confused and slightly worried. He sat down in one of the chairs leaning one elbow on the table.

“No, why?”

“Don’t worry Harry, it’s just downstairs I noticed what appears to be a roast duck and an array of chocolate desserts.” Harry held up a finger as he grabbed a couple of glasses from behind him. As he turned he held two glasses of white wine. He handed one to Draco, their fingers grazing each other in the transfer. Their eyes met and the fire between them threatened to boil over. Draco smelt the wine and knew it smelt familiar, He brought it to his mouth and took a small sip. “And Elderflower wine, right Potter, who have you been talking to?” Harry had the good grace to look sheepish.

“Your Nephew Teddy Lupin” Draco’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Ted? Why Ted?”

“He lives here where he’s not at Hogwarts”

“I didn’t know that,” Draco said as he took another appreciative sip of the wine. “And He knew why you were asking?”

“He actually volunteered the information, and I’ll be honest, he only told me about the Chocolate addiction and the wine. The roast duck was sort of an accident” He ran his fingers through his hair again and looked slightly embarrassed.

“How so” He raised his eyebrow as he waited for the explanation.

“Well I remembered eating it one night in the great hall at Hogwarts, and I think it was probably the first time I saw you and thought you looked…” Harry seemed to scrabble for the words “I guess when I noticed you properly for the first time” Harry glanced up at his as if gauging his response.

“Interesting,” Draco said as he smiled looking down into his glass. “I was actually surprised there wasn’t any treacle tart down amongst the banquet”


“That’s your favourite isn’t it?” Draco asked as he leant back in the chair.

“It is, but how do you know that?” Harry asked as he sat down opposite him.

“You weren’t the only one watching from the other side of the hall” Draco looked down and felt his face go red “I used to love watching you lick the fork” He grinned as he watched Harry’s face. Harry grinned and nodded.

“Well you might be able to see that again if you’re lucky” Harry winked again.  His wand appeared from nowhere as he twirled it making the food which had been downstairs, appear before them.

“It really does look delicious Harry, you must have put so much effort in” And Draco meant it. “Where did you learn to cook?” Harry grimaced slightly, and Draco stopped. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah but the story includes Ginny, do you still want to know?”

“Harry, it’s not news to me that you were with Ginevra, only tell me if it’s easy on you, Only easy conversations tonight” Draco smiled.

“Alright” Harry nodded as he started to dish up the food, motioning to things for Draco, and Draco accepting them as he talked. “Well, as you’re probably aware things between me and Gin haven’t been great for a while, No real arguments or rows but just a growing distance and lack of communication, so we both agreed to try some couples classes in a few things and one of them was a cookery class.”

He laughed briefly “She didn’t get on very well with it, it was a muggle class and being a pureblood she didn’t have the first clue when magic wasn’t involved. But I really enjoyed it and I started taking lessons and cooking a bit at home” He smiled “It was a way to be creative and some of the techniques were quite good for venting out on” Draco sat and listened, even though the tone was easy he could hear some pain in Harry’s voice. He slid his hand out, open as an offer.  Harry saw it and after a moment and a reassuring glance at Draco, he took it. That touch between them was warm and solid and it was clear neither wanted it to end. Slowly, after a long moment, they released each other reluctantly.

“It looks amazing. My mouth is watering just looking at it. However, I hope you have room on your sofa as I may be too wide to fit through the front door later” They laughed. “I am still confused how someone as dreadful at potions as you were ever got into a hobby that includes mixing ingredients together.” Harry gave him a wry smile as he handed Draco another plate

“Not all of us were favoured by Professor Snape,” Harry smiled sadly. Draco nodded in understanding.

“So, who did your decorating?” Draco asked changing the subject gently.

“I think Ginny got some fancy interior designer in to do the whole building. To be honest, if it had been down to me, it would probably still look how it had when the Black family lived here for the amount of time I feel I spend here. It was very dark and sinister, and it also took the interior designer a lot of time to remove some of the…features” He smiled sardonically.

“What?” Draco asked not understanding. “What features?”

“Well, there used to be a portrait of Mrs Black in the hallway who would scream and howl whenever anyone of less than pure blood stepped over the threshold. As you can image, that needed to go”

Draco nodded, knowing the company Harry kept.

“At the manor, there is a portrait of my Grandfather, Abraxas Malfoy, he can be the same, however, he’d never do anything as wild and uncouth as shouting and screaming. He is much more the type to make snide and rude remarks, things to belittle you. Much like my father, come to think of it”

Harry nodded as the conversation paused they both looked at the food and smiled.

“Hungry?” Harry asked.

“Famished! Some guy at work invited me out at lunch but then neglected to feed me” Harry’s face was wide with fake shock.

“Oh, how dare he!” Harry said with a smile. “Your lunch break wasn’t completely wasted though, I trust?”

“Not completely, no, however, I got stuck in the lift” Draco smirked as he cut up some of the duck. “Which my boss told me was never to happen again unless it is an emergency!” Draco warned with a smile

“Oh, how terrible,” Harry said in exaggerated incredulity as he stifled a chuckle, obvious that he was mocking Draco, as he put some food into his mouth. Draco followed suit and felt the orange and duck mingle on his tongue and couldn’t help closing his eyes as he savoured the taste.

“Mmm, Harry this is amazing!” Draco said as he cut up more.

“Well, now that I know” Harry smirked as he took a sip of the wine. “I can always make it again”

“Keep spoiling me like this and I may not leave,” Draco said without thinking.

“Oh no, now that would be terrible,” Harry said sarcastically. “How ever would I cope?” Draco raised his eyebrow in a warning.

“Don’t tempt me, Potter, I haven’t had any chocolate yet, that might just push me over the edge!” Harry laughed at that as he tucked into some pasta and salad.

“So what is it with you and chocolate?” Harry asked

“What do you mean?”

“Well Ted said you didn’t really like milk chocolate,” Harry said as he picked at his food. Draco noticed he wasn’t eating a lot.

“I don’t see the point of milk chocolate, it’s not as rich and luxurious as dark chocolate nor is it as sweet and smooth and white.” Harry nodded not as though he understood.

“fair enough, I’ll remember that” He smiled as he took a sip of his drink.

“So why aren’t you eating much?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“I am, I’ve been eating bits and trying bits as I’ve been cooking to make sure it all tasted good.”

“Oh” was all Draco said, feeling slightly disappointed. He was hoping that Harry had something planned for after the food portion of the evening.

“Are you enjoying the food?” Harry asked eagerly.

“It’s amazing, seriously, what’s in the pasta?”

“Mozzarella and Chorizo,” Harry said with a smile. Draco realised that Harry was enjoying the show, watching Draco eat the things he had lovingly created, but he knew he was running out of space.

“It is divine,” He pulled the fork out of his mouth slowly, making sure it was clean. Harry’s face had become serious and the look of wanting was clear. Harry cleared his throat as he glanced away. “I think, though, I’m ready for something sweet if that’s ok?” Draco leant forward gazing into Harry’s face and for a moment Harry looked lost.

“Yeah, sure” He stammered as he waved his wand again.  The savoury food disappeared to be replaced by the sweet. In front of him the table filled with several treats and cakes. Draco recognised a chocolate fudge cake, White chocolate mousse & strawberries coated in chocolate. There also appeared to be a raspberry and chocolate tart.

“You really went all out on the chocolate, didn’t you?”

“I knew you liked it, so I made a few things so that you could choose, I don’t expect you to eat all of it,” Harry said with a smile as he stood up. “Do you want more wine?” Harry asked as he walked to the cabinet,

“Please, in fact, just bring the bottle around,” Draco said as he looked at the desserts tempting him.

Harry nodded as he walked around with the bottle. “Now sit down,” Draco ordered. Harry did as he was told, curiosity on his face.

“I need your help! You’ve made so many wonderful things I can’t decide. I need you to help me choose what to eat” Draco said in what he hoped to be his most innocent and sincere.

“Alright…” Harry said warily.

“So, the mousse first I think.” Said Draco as he picked one of the small glasses containing the white foam.

Draco took a spoon and slowly scooped out a spoon’s worth of the white mousse and held it out to Harry. Harry looked at the spoon and hesitantly opened his mouth. Draco pushed the spoon in and once Harry closed his lips, he pulled it out again slowly. Harry still looked unsure and shy. Draco felt his pulse quicken as he watched those lips. He watched the tongue snake out to collect any bits missed, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. Harry nodded slowly

“Nice” He paused, obviously not sure what else to say. “You know I tried everything before I-” Draco didn’t let him finish the sentence as he pushed forward and claimed Harry’s mouth with his own.

Harry made a noise of surprise which was quickly replaced with a moan of pleasure. Draco tentatively pushed the tip of his tongue in, not waiting for permission but not waiting for an invitation either. He could taste the sweet, heavenly tang of the white chocolate mingled in with the taste of Harry. He felt himself moan as he pulled Harry forward trying to taste him bit by bit. Harry, as though awoken by this sudden pounce started to respond in kind. Draco felt Harry’s hands at his waist, tugging at his shirt from his jeans. Soon it was free and Harrys hands were on his skin like burning irons, sending chills and shocks through him where they touched. Draco pulled away breathlessly.

“Can we take things upstairs?” Draco asked in a whisper.

“Upstairs, Draco? That’s very forward” Harry grinned an unfocused glint in his emerald eyes.

“Scared Potter?” Malfoy asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“You wish” Harry smirked as they both stood up, hands intertwined.

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