Echoes – My first competition submission. Without much editing.

The cool kiss burned as it pressed against the delicate skin behind her ear. She shivered as she was slowly seduced from her dreams. Another kiss fell a fraction lower, then another and another as they worked their way gently to her collarbone bringing her closer to the surface. The bed sheets felt indulgent and snug against her skin, as she pushed her body back against his familiar outline. She felt the firmness of him meld against her in an unbroken line, skin touching and burning down the entirety of their bodies.

A stray thought tried to push through the haze but she pushed it away. Now was not the time for thoughts.  She let her body and mind fall back into the mood.  His kisses were cool, delicate touches sending shivers through all her nerve endings. She felt her heartbeat quicken as his arms wrapped themselves around her. Strong vice-like arms hugged her to him holding her in place as he devoured her neck. She moaned quietly again feeling the teeth nibble and bite gently into her delicate skin.  Her breath left her in a long sigh as she realised she had been needing this for an eternity. One arm moved as he massaged his fingers through her hair pulling her even more tightly to him.

She could feel his cool skin against her in the early hours of the morning. The sun’s rays, still just a dream beyond the window glass. Something seemed to press at her memory but she held it at bay as she bathed in the sensations he was creating within her. She turned her head to kiss him.  His lips were feathery against hers, claiming small delicate kisses before pressing their lips together forcefully possessed by the passion building. A flick of tongue against her lips opened her eyes. The outline of him in the darkness was both tempting and intoxicating.  Her eyes fell closed again as she surrendered herself to him completely, his mouth once again on her shoulder sucking. A graze of teeth here, a swish of tongue there leaving a cooling trail in its wake.  The bedclothes had fallen by the wayside as their bodies pressed together. She plunged her hands into his hair pulling his head down towards more intimate parts. She waited for the divine sensations to rush through her but nothing happened.

She opened her eyes slightly then fully not believing her eyes. She was alone. She looked at her fingers which had been entangled in his hair which no sat empty before her. She sat up and looked around feeling her chest tightening. As her mind became lucid the niggling thoughts which had been trying to interrupt earlier came flooding back as forcefully as a tsunami crashing into her and sweeping her away into the forgotten agony. Her breath caught in her throat as her body shook, each sob jerking her heart out. The bed beside her had been cold for days the owner never to return. The pain twisted and stabbed, acute and fresh within her chest. She glanced to the wardrobe where his final suit hung, the blue pinstripe. It had always brought out the unusual blue in his eyes.

“Mummy?” came the small unsure voice from the doorway.  The sob froze in her throat as she panicked to regain her composure.

“Yes sweetie?” She sat up holding the covers to her chest. “you okay? Did you have a bad dream?” She asked as she wiped away the signs of her sadness with the back of her other hand. In the darkness she could see the small silhouette of her boy, who looked so much like his father. She shook herself mentally as she chided herself.  She needed to stay strong for him.

“I dreamt of Daddy” He said as he climbed into the bed with her. She held the covers open for him as he climbed in beside her. “He was tucking me in and kissing me night night” His voice sounded small and unsure as they cuddled in together. She held her breath and clamped her lips tight trying to keep it all in. “I miss Daddy” she could feel his face crease up against her shoulder and she felt her face begin to do the same.

“Darling, darling, don’t cry, I miss him too” she said as she soothed him. “Daddy loves you sweetie, he wouldn’t want you to be sad.”  They lay there as she let him cry. Slowly the tears slowed as he dropped off to sleep.  She pulled him closer as she wiped her own tears away.  She closed her eyes and rested her head against his. She felt sleep tugging at her, her eyes heavy and tired, swollen and sore from the tears. She felt a weight against her arm and across her back. She felt the familiar squeeze as they shared a family cuddle. She opened her eyes to see a misty figure evaporating in the growing light. She blinked a couple of times thinking she may have imagined it all.  There was nothing there.  She closed her eyes again and settled in for sleep.  Just as she was on the brink of sleep she felt his breath against her ear.

“I will love you both, always and forever. Remember me,”

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